Friday, May 30, 2014

Brandon & Beyleigh Come To Visit!

Today was Breck's 9 Month Check Up! I Can't believe that It's already been 9 MONTHS!!! He is supposed to be a little baby still and not this big boy who looks like a toddler! It's so insane how fast he has grown! Well he is super duper healthy! He is in the 97% and one very tall little guy! He is the most curious little guy you ever did meet! Oh and have I mentioned how insanely smart and aware of his surroundings he is? You can't even try to trick him. He knows exactly what is going on. He is for sure is father's child!

Besides eating the regular fruit and veggies and other healthy food he is really into eating rocks and bark. I guess it has some kind of protein and iron right?
Happy 9 Months Breck Guy!!!!

The end of this month we got a super fun visit! My brother Brandon brought his girlfriend Beyleigh down to Durango for the weekend. It was a crazy busy weekend so she basically got to meet everyone and their dog! haha No but really she met almost everyone! We started off with our cousin Staysha's graduation from Durango High School!

On our way to the graduation! Breck felt the need to pop his collar!

What a Stud!

Yup, that's my hubby hiding from the camera behind the polka dot umbrella!

Only because I love Beyleigh so much am I adding this ADORABLE face that she gave. I'm calling this her stalker face...yup! She's gonna love me for this!

The gang playing games and eating Aunt Suzy's cookies while waiting for the graduation to begin


Party Time!

Beyleigh & Nessa

He loves me...I promise!

The next day after graduation our long time family friend Mark Webber was getting married. We got ourselves ready and all done up and headed up the mountain for his wedding. So...our family is mostly girls, and we can be a little overwhelming I'm sure. When we get ready we kind of have a system. Tianna does everyones hair, I do everyones makeup, and Tanessa and I Mom benefit from it all ha Since Beyleigh was there with us I think we scared her into letting us but either way we got to doll her up too! We did her hair and makeup and the best part, everyone kept saying how much she looked like she could be Tianna & Tanessa's sister! It's true...i'm the odd ball out yet again! ha 
 Now when I say headed up the mountain, I mean headed up the mountain. You had to have some kind of 4 wheel vehicle to get there. My family took the RZR's and thank goodness we had the jeep because when we got there we didn't have to get muddy or dusty or gross or anything! Yup we were a little spoiled and I was ok with that!

Now...before we were able to head to the wedding there HAD to be a volleyball game! So everyone went out to the sand Volleyball Court at my Dana & Papa's house and played some volleyball! Me being such the pro volleyball player, I didn't want to make anyone feel bad so I sat on the side and watched with Bubba ha ;)

He was LOVING his Graham Cracker!

Action Shots!

Dana & Breck

Breck thought the Lady Bugs on Dana's shirt were the coolest things ever! Kept him entertained for quite some time!

Beyleigh & Bran!

The Brown's & The McBride's

Nessa & Beyleigh

My Bro & Dad! They are the BEST

Tanessa looks over and she sees Presten with the diaper bag over his shoulder, and Breck on his shoulders and tells me, "Tasha you married a like model dad! That is something you would see on the cover of a magazine!" It's true I married my very own model and he is the best Dad ever! AHHHH I love him!

Breck thought Dad's ears were really cool!

And then he wanted to explore the rest of his face hahah

Can't you tell he is so gentle!

They kept telling me this was the MOST AWKWARD picture! 
All I wanted a pic of them with Breck ;)

Our View during the wedding. Absolutely GORGEOUS

After the wedding we headed back home guessed it. Played some more volleyball! Everyone had SO much fun! After volleyball we went into town and spent the evening on main. We had dinner from Nini Taqeria and Sizzling Siam. Super Delic! After dinner we walked up and down main, showed Beyleigh the highlight of Durango and then got ice cream and headed home for a movie!

Tianna said she felt all alone because everyone had a hand to hold, so Beyleigh held her hand so she didn't feel all alone ;)

Tianna trying to be just like the mannequins!

I think she nailed this one!

The Fam!

We took a ride up La Plata Canyon! We borrowed Aunt Suzy & Uncle Tracy's RZR and all headed up for a Saturday Night ride! SO fun!

Mom & Dad Selfie! haha oh man!

We all had so much fun together! We were so sad to have to say goodbye and to see them leave! Can't wait until we get to see them again in June for Vegas!!!!

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