Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Shenanigans

July is such a wonderful month! It's the 4th of July, Presten and I's Anniversary and it's the middle of the summer which means nothing could be more perfect! There's so much fun to have in July! We made to sure to have that fun! After a long day of fun we got home and decided to do a movie night! Well I got this crazy whim of an idea to go all out for a movie and Presten loves me so much he did it with me! We grabbed our big blow up mattress, rearranged the living room and set up our bed to watch a movie! Breck thought it was pretty cool and watched the movie with us too! Such a chill baby! 

Sunday Best!

These two are so stinkin' cute! 

I don't think Jane like his bowtie too much because she kept trying to tear it off his neck ha he wasn't too thrilled with that lol

Jane Jane!

Bubba Boy

Aww HUGS!!!!

I don't think they could get any cuter!

This is how we arrive home...half naked lol

So there is this thing here in Durango called Mondays On Main. I thought it would be SO fun to go! Our friend Shea Costa runs it and she knows how quiet Presten can be. Throughout the performance they pick random people in the audience to go up and participate...Well needless to say Presten was not a random pick, Shea told them to grab him. He told the guy 4 times he was not going up there. Tianna turned around handed Breck to him and said, come on you can do it! Being such a good sport and such a good Dad he got up there and participated! He had to say "Vroom Vroom" for the song. He never even broke a smile hahah it was the most hilarious thing ever! I was so proud of him and boy was I dying! I was laughing so hard. He sat down after and informed me that we were never going back again. And we have not gone back haha But the pictures were so worth his embarrassment! 

Doesn't he look like he is just having SO much fun?!

Just out shopping! Breck likes to sit like this...apparently it's more comfortable than regular sitting. 

Bath Time!

Makena (Kenya as Shea refers to her) invited us over for a girls craft day! It was so fun! we made some cute cards and boxes and these wonderful decorative pinwheels! The downside to these cute pinwheels...They didn't actually spin. I was a little sad when I found that out but the girls informed me that's why they are called decorative ha It was so fun none the less! Who knew I could be so crafty? We will have to get our craft on more often!

The kids had so much fun while we were crafty...can't you tell?

Breck and Ivy....the sweetest little babes ever!

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