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Newt & Maddie Wedding Weekend

WARNING: I have TONS of pictures! If your bored of seeing pics then you might not want to read this post ha!

This month (July 26th) Presten's cousin Maddie got married! So we got the wonderful opportunity to go to Gunnison and spend a long weekend with family! It was SO wonderful! We had a complete blast and Breck had SO much fun with his uncles and Grams. 

We got in to Gunnison Wednesday night after Presten got off work. We got in kind of late so we just got settled in and went to bed after a short visit. Thursday we had a relaxed day with the bros. Mom had to work from 12:00PM - 2:00PM which was lame but what do you do right? So we hung out with the boys and met up with her later. We did some window shopping that morning and then picked up McDonalds for Lunch and ate lunch at the park. After lunch the boys played catch and then we headed to the batting cages where they practiced their batting skills. 

Afterwards we headed back to the house and got cleaned up for a family dinner at the park! The park was the place to be! We got to meet Newts family and see all of our extended family that we haven't seen in a while. It was so fun to see everyone. 

The boys playing ball

My bros, aren't they cute?!

Trent, Maddie and Bryt

Bubba and his daddy

Breck and Punka

Punka & Bubba

Maddie and her nephew Alex

Uncle Trent & Breck

We had such a good turn out for the dinner! 

Punka with the bride to be!

Newt, the lucky groom to be!

Grams and bubba

Aunt Debbie made car noises too, which bubba thought was pretty cool!

I love this pic of Aunt Debbie and Bubba Boy

Friday we got the best treat ever! Trenten and Bryten headed to Montrose for some errands to run. Mom didn't have to work so Presten, Breck and I got her ALL day to ourselves! We spent the whole day in Crested Butte. That was the first time I have ever been and oh my goodness, I can't believe I have never gone before. It was the most ADORABLE little town ever! Everything was so cute and neat! I loved visiting there and hope to visit there more often. We walked all around town, checked out the ski resort and summer activities they had going on. It seriously was just so stinkin' cute! if you have never been I am telling you now you NEED to go soon! It is just so cool to visit!
Mom and her boys!

Our little fam! I just realized we were all wearing blue and I didn't even plan it that way ha!

Main Street

I just LOVE those blue eyes!

Apparently you can park in the middle of the street when there are no other open spots and it's totally legit. Only in Crested Butte haha

A garden on Main Street

One thing that was super cool was their art work all over town. It's all made out old car stuff, like license plates bumpers etc and they make chairs, statues etc. It is the coolest thing ever!


I loved seeing all the BEAUTIFUL flowers and colors

The Bees were ALL over the flowers. They loved them

The views, seriously, the views I just could not get over. So so pretty and amazing. Everything was so rich in color!

Check out these statues! When I saw these ones I fell in love! The most amazing artwork ever!

Can you believe the detail?!

Look at all that green grass, and that gorgeous view!


I just thought this house was ADORABLE! so cute!

After exploring all day we had dinner there too. It was such a wonderful day and I was so glad we got to spend it with Grams. I know I'm super selfish but it was fun just the 4 of us! And we definitely wore poor Bubba Boy out!

Late that night Josh, Kristin and the kids got in to Gunnison from Wyoming. The next morning we all got to see each other and it was SO fun to have everyone together! Saturday was the day of the wedding but it wasn't until the afternoon. We thought it would be a good idea to take the kids to the River Park that morning. Do something fun with everyone, and it was fun! The Kids loved it! The water was SUPER cold but that didn't stop the kiddos at all! Taylin was the bravest! She actually dunked her head under and swam in it! Go her! Breck was so happy, he is such a water baby!


Bryt was beyond ecstatic to be at the water park with his nieces and nephews, can't you tell by his expression?

Layla and Josh


Kristin & Josh


Breck and his cousin Layla (They are 2 Months apart)

Presten was SO cute! As I stated before, the water was cold,  so Presten dug up and made a small little pool in the mud so the water would be warmer for Breck to play in. He really is the worlds BEST DAD! What a great man he is and I'm SO lucky he is mine!

Isn't he just the greatest?! Breck thought it was pretty rad!

Uncle Josh & Breck

Kristin caught herself some minos! 

She was PRETTY EXCITED about her catch! Go Kristin!

Even Layla liked the pool Uncle Pres made!

The boys skipping rock across the river...what else would they be doing?

She is our little swimmer!

Trying to catch Minnos

Layla and Kristin

So, the reason Breck is in a diaper is because he was standing on the river bank and reached up for Grams and did a full on summer sault into the river! It was HILARIOUS! Bubba unfortunately did not think it was hilarious and was completely done after that, so we dried him off and put him in a diaper. 

He was loving all the mud

Aww Brother Sister Pic! So cute!

After he got all muddy we had to leave being the super awesome parents that we are washed him off in the freezing cold river.

Needless to say he was NOT happy with us!

Good thing he loves us!

It's so hard being little

After the river we headed home. When we got home Punka and Grandma along with Aunt Madge and Uncle Bus were there! We were all excited to see them! We hadn't seen Aunt Madge & Uncle Bus since February so we were pretty stoked to se them again!

Punka & Layla

Taylin & her momma

We had a nice but short visit with them and then we all headed inside and began getting ready for the wedding! With that many people all under one roof you have to start getting ready early!
The wedding was held at the I Bar Ranch. When we got there dark clouds started to roll in. We were all hoping it wouldn't rain but it did anyways. What was super neat though was that it rained and it poured for like 5-10 min and then as soon as the bridal party started to walk out it cleared up and the sun came out from behind the clouds and it was so gorgeous! It was like the sun was coming out to congratulate Maddie & Newt too! The rest of the wedding part itself was clear and then as soon as we made it to the covering it started to rain again. It could not have been more perfect!

The Hatch Fam! Aren't they cute?!

Mom and Bryt

Grandma & Punka

Maddie & Newts Pastor. 

Look at Trent! What a stud!

After the Wedding we walked to the covering where dinner was served and there was toasting, dancing, laughing and fun! It was such a beautiful wedding and everything turned out wonderful! We are so happy that Newt is part of the family and so happy for all the adventures they get to enjoy together!
Alli & Breck! He just loved her necklace!

Layla with her Uncles

Bob, Alli & Breck

Cousins! Ben, Taylin & Alex! They are BEST FRIENDS

Their wedding cake!

The happy couple!

Bubba loved having his grams all days!

He snuggled her the whole time! So cute to see!

Aunt Madge & Breck

Aunt Kristin & Bubba

Grandma and Bubba

Alex trying to teach him how to dance ha

Since we were all together and it was so pretty outside I asked Uncle Jim to take a picture of us! The pictures turned out SO cute! I absolutely love them! We are a pretty good looking bunch if I do say so myself!

Uncle Steve with his new Son In Law Newt! Happy Fam!

Blue Steel Pose!

Uncle Steve giving his speech

Let the dancing begin!!!!

I snuck outside and found these two chillin' on the bench watching the fire. It was the CUTEST thing EVER! They are best friends! I hope they stay that way!

Too CUTE!!!!

Bubba & his cousin Tay

Breck sleeps through receptions ha it's how we roll!

We stayed until about 10:30pm and then headed home and to bed. It was was such a fun filled day! What a great wedding and party! We were so glad we got to be apart of it!
When we got home Tay came in and played with Breck, oh man he thought she was the coolest person ever! He could not get enough of her! He giggle and laughed so hard! She was so funny! It was so cute to see the two of them playing together! Warmed my heart!

The next morning (Sunday Morning) we got up and headed to church. Bryten, Presten, Breck and I headed to Sacrament meeting and afterwards went to Main Street. Newt told everyone that he was going to put Maddie in a wheel barrow and push her all the way down main street! He totally did and it was so cute! So fun! 

The whole group that followed them down main!

Tay Tay!


Cousinly Love

These kids are too precious!

Dickinson Family Lovin!
Presten, Kristin, Maddie, Trenten, Bryten & Alli

They weren't too sure about each other but they eventually warmed up to the idea of it!

Aww loves!!!!


You give this kid a steering wheel and his life could not be any better!

haha he loves turning the sound dial because it clicks...ahhh the cutest kid ever!

The bummer part about the day after the wedding...everyone has to say goodbye! Darn goodbyes! We had to leave too which was a bummer. It was so fun to see everyone and to make such wonderful and lasting memories! 

What an extremely wonderful weekend we had in Gunnison! It was so fun to be able to see so much family all at once and to be able to create such wonderful memories! Congrats to Maddie & Newt again on their marriage! Such an exciting time for them! We are so excited to see everyone again in December! We wish it were sooner but we are looking forward to Christmas! I just LOVE family get togethers! They make for the best times!

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