Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Parks In April

This month we got to spend lots of play dates at the park with the Avarell Clan and Costa Clan! Yay for summer days!
Eden & I

I got to babysit Lydia (Stewart & Nicole Blake's daugther) one day and she got to come to the park with me. She was too fun and SO good!
Lydia & Jane


The infamous Makena & Shea! These two are AMAZING! Heart Them!

After the park we came home and Lydia thought Breck was the coolest! They had so much fun playing together! It was the cutest thing ever!

She even tried to pick him up and carry him around. Breck wasn't too keen on the idea but Lydia was all for it!

After play time we had nap time! Love nap time because you get to snuggle and love on those little babies!

His face is priceless!

We got to have a BBQ with the Blake's! The food was super delicious and the company was awesome! 
Breck & Lydia

After dinner these two were super juicy and dirty so they obviously needed a bath!

When they are all grown up they are gonna LOVE these pictures I'm just sure of it! ha

Bubba got some new PJ's and they could not be cuter on him!

He's a big kid now!

And we have a stair crawler! I think it's time we finally try to babyify the house!

First time eating spaghetti! Yup he is IN LOVE! He just loves food in general!

RZR rides baby!

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