Saturday, June 14, 2014

Activity Days Daddy Daughter Rodeo 2014

This Post I have been looking forward to! I really wanted to do something fun for the girls that would spark their interest and really get them to want to come to Activity Days. After a lot of planning and putting things together we had a SUPER Successful Activity! We planned a......
Kristen, who I get to work with, let us use their family farm to hold the activities. The monday before we got the girls together to tie up some loose ends.  My Aunt has this really AMAZING machine, called a sissix (I think that's what it is). You basically take any image you want and it cuts it out for you perfectly! Using her machine we made these adorable sheriff badges for the girls. Each of them got to decorate it the way they wanted and put their name on it. 

I think they turned out amazing! Not to mention I might be wanting one of these AMAZING machines! It literally blew my mind at how quick, accurate and easy it was to use! 

The girls then got decorate posters! One poster was a sign for directions so people knew where to go

The other was a sign they got to use in their pictures with their dads. 

I put together an invite that told them to wear their best cowboy outfit! 
The Dad's were such good sports and dressed up with their daughters. We had a total of 22 people show up! For our small town that was AWESOME! We had a BLAST!

Here is our adorable group of girls!

To start off we played The M&M Game. Each person grabbed a handful of M&M's and whatever color they had the most of they had to tell us something about themselves.
Green - Most embarrassing moment
Red - Favorite Hobby
Orange - Favorite Food
Yellow - Favorite Movie or TV Show
Blue - Favorite Song
Brown - Something fun you did over the summer

We thought that game was a great ice breaker and a great way to get everyone laughing comfortable with each other!

After the M&M Game we headed out to the lawn for some RELAY RACES!!!! The first race was the 3-legged race. Dads that brought more than one daughter had two options. They could either do the relay race twice, once with each daughter, or they could put a daughter on either side and try running all together. We had a couple of dads opt for that choice and it was SO funny to watch them go!

After the 3-legged race we played what is called the Brown Bag Race. You have 2 teams. Each team has a brown bag. We had the girls come up with 5-10 ideas for each bag. So if they put "break dance" in one bag, they had to do the same in the next. Some examples they came up with were 20 summer saults, 15 jumping jacks, say the alphabet backwards etc. One team member would go at a time. Once they completed the card they drew from their bag they had to run to their team and tag the next person in line. The team that made it through all of their team members the first, won. 

Our next relay race was played with big beach balls. I found these at walmart for $.97 cents which was well worth it! This was done in 2 teams as well. Within the 2 teams each person needed a partner. To start off, the partners needed to hold the ball between them back to back as shown below. 
We (the leaders) positioned ourselves so many feet from one another. We were the "mile markers" Once they reached us then they had to change.  From hold the ball between their backs they had to switch it to where they were holding it with their elbows, WITHOUT using their hands to touch the ball. 

After they carried it with their elbows they reached the next mile marker and had to move it from their elbows to their hips and take it to the finish line. The whole object was to move the ball without touching it with their hands. 

Once they made it to the end they had to run the ball all the way back and give it to the next group and try to get their team to make it through all their team members! They had SO much fun with this and it was so awesome to watch! 

After the relay races we had a "shooting arena" We kept everyone in two teams and lined up soda cans. Each person got to pick up 5 rocks and try to "shoot" their teams 3 soda cans. The first team to get all 3 soda cans one the game. 

After shooting we had the girls learn how to rope! Kristen set up some hay bales, and put an iron steer head on top and taught everyone how to rope. Everyone got a chance to rope.

While they were roping we were stealing one dad and daughter at a time to take a daddy daughter photo shoot. We had a fun one where they could use props, and then a cute one. Below is an example of the fun one.

Once our photo shoot and roping lessons were complete we dragged everyone back over to the grass for one last game...The water balloon toss! They were paired up with their Dads and had to toss the water balloon over to their partners across from them without popping the balloon. I think we may have had one or two successful ones haha but the girls had SO much fun! After that they just decided to start a water balloon fight and the girls ganged up on their dads. It was quite the site! 

At the end everyone got to get some water and M&M's and then we had root beer floats for dessert. It was SO much fun! The girls had an absolute blast and this is def. one activity that I would like to make a yearly thing of! Thanks to everyone who came and participated and thanks to everyone who helped set it up and make it happen!

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