Sunday, August 24, 2014

Breck's 1st Bday Party

I can't believe it! We celebrated my baby's 1st Birthday!!!! How has a year already gone by?! I honestly can't believe that he is so old! I feel like I just had him. He should still be a little baby. Yet he is my little walker and talker. He loves to learn and is growing SO fast! He is the cutest little munchkin ever, and yes I am pretty bias! 
Just look at my sweet little guy! He's so cute I could just squish him! Oh wait, I squish him every chance I get!

We celebrated Breck's birthday on Saturday August 23rd. His birthday is August 31, over Labor Day weekend and we had a feeling a lot of people would be gone on vacation so we did it a weekend early. His Birthday theme was Baseball! If any of you know my hubby you know that he LOVES baseball! He may be a little obsessed ha. His hope is that our son has the same love of baseball that he has. My friend Callie Bond offered to make the cakes! Can I just say she is beyond AMAZING?!?! I could NEVER come close to making the master pieces that she made for me.
This is the personal cake that she made for Breck. Is this not the cutest cake you have ever seen?!

Look at all the detail she put into it? AGH! I just can't get over how cute and perfect it turned out!

You didn't think it could get any better did you?! She made this amazing baseball cake for everyone else! The cakes and cupcakes, yup she made cupcakes too, were a cherry filling with an almond frosting. The big baseball cake has a marshmallow fondant over it. Talk about the most DELICIOUSNESS you have EVER tasted!

Instead of food we decided to do a concession stand theme. We had all sorts of treats and desserts! Yup, we may have put the kids on a sweets overload!
I made funfetti and chocolate cake balls. They didn't look so pretty so everyone called them cake drops ha

We had candy bars for the adults

We had popcorn to add a little salt to all the sweetness

Here is our baseball chalkboard we used to let everyone know some fun facts about our 1 year old stud!

The kids got wiffle balls and sporty pin ball toys as their take home toys. 

Presten made these "Baseball Cards" of Breck for everyone to sign when they arrived at the party. 

You can't have a baseball themed birthday without Cracker Jacks!

We had a container filled with water

Another container filled with water and juices

The day started out so perfectly! The set up went smoothly, everything was coming together so perfectly. That was until 2:00pm arrived. Yup, the same time that the party was supposed to start it began to rain. When I say rain, I mean a huge downpour! It rained for 30 minutes. That's Durango for you! After the rain storm it became sunny and super hot! Thank goodness we had an EZ UP that covered the food and decorations. It also kept us dry!

Some of the group hiding from the rain storm

My poor birthday sign was wilted from all the rain and humidity. It was cute though!

The Birthday Boy and his mama!

My Uncle Tracy with Aunt Sweety's infamous chocolate chip cookies!

Sweet little Swift!

I love Stryker's face in this pic!

My poor little guy! It was his bday party and he didn't feel good. We got through it, it just was so sad to see him not his usual happy self!

Presten's cousin Tabitha got to come and celebrate with us! It was so fun to see her!

Moving all of our set up over to be closer to the covered tables!

Apparently taking pictures of these two together is some tough work!

Aunt Sweety and Breck

Fixing Bubba's hair

He loves when I spray his hair...NOT!

Teryk was a definite fan of the concession stand!

My dad brought his volleyball court and it was a HUGE hit! Everyone loved it! They had so much fun! It was super fun to see everyone having a great time together!

When it came time for Breck to eat his cake it was more than he could handle. We tried a cupcake to see if he would want his cake...good thing we did because as you can see from the picture above, it was more than he could handle. He did not want his cake. Poor little guy!

Don't worry though, Daddy letting him play with the candle made it all better!

I thought it might have wanted a cake pop instead...wrong! He just didn't want any kind of sugar!

My adorable friends! These two are adorable!

Honey with her Bubba Boy!

Austin & Zoie

He loves me, he really does!

Sexy Angie!

Run Berns Run!

The grass was so wet that when Trent ran for the ball he slipped and fell, slid across the grass and lost a shoe! It was quite the play!

Tenley and Jane

Tianna even slipped herself! She ran to grab the ball and ate it! Yup, that's her sitting by the tree laughing at herself!

Tabitha, Uncle Mike & my MIL Frances

I ask them to smile and Tianna gives me this face!

All the kids were so excited for Breck to open their gifts! They just couldn't help themselves! Everyone wanted to help Breck open every gift! It was too cute!

Honey & Papi got him the CUTEST shoes ever! That's my "ADORABLE" face!

Stewart, Nicole and Lydia Blake got Breck a Tonka Truck! This was his most FAVORITE gift he got! After he saw that one, he didn't want anything else!

Thank you to everyone that came and helped us celebrate! It was SO much fun and we had an absolute blast! Even with all of the small hiccups that I thought were going to ruin the day, we ended up having the best 1st Birthday I could have ever asked for for my little guy! Happy 1st Birthday Breck Guy! You are SO loved!

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