Monday, June 9, 2014

Las Vegas

The first weekend in June we took a family vacation to Las Vegas!!! We had so much fun! We definitely wore ourselves out! We shopped, and walked the strip and visited all the fun free places! We went swimming, played racquet ball, played ping pong, foosball etc. The list goes on and on! There was non stop fun!

Tanessa's victory dance! I got her mid dance haha

Racquet ball baby!

Daddy & Breck watching racquet ball

Toes are his new fav chewing toy

This is the BEST racquet ball posture I have ever seen! Go Beyleigh!

Someone had way too much fun swimming that he just passed out in Honey's arms.

They were trying to see if they could plug their nose with their top lips...It didn't work too well ha

She likes to pretend she is the creepy girl off of The Ring

The girls all dolled up for a night out on the strip!

Chicken Fight! I don't remember who won, I think it was Brandon & Beyleigh

Reese's...his FAVORITE chocolate!

We share the same love for Peanut Butter & Chocolate

Tower made out of Hershey's Chocolate

Tanessa just wanted a taste of the Jelly Belly's

Trying on hats at the Rain Forest Cafe

I heart these two!

Best Picture Ever! Presten said he was an excited princess while Tianna was a stoned Bob Marley ha

Breck wasn't too sure about the mechanical elephant

At the end of the night we got to listen to a DJ play the saxophone, DJ music, Sing AND Dance! He did all of the above and was WAY good! Everyone gathered to listen and watch him and join him in a street dance! It was SO fun!

Breck enjoyed it by sleeping through the whole thing!

At the Aria Hotel there is an amazing water wall! We just HAD to go check it out!

It's official...I need to buy him a Fedora. He's just too cute in it!

The Best Chicago Pizza Ever! We went to "Amore Taste of Chicago" In Las Vegas. They have the BEST Deep Dish Pizza I have ever had. If you are ever in that area you have to give them a try! You won't be sorry! Just a side note though, It takes 45 min to cook the pizza so call a head of time get it going and then get there so you don't have to wait the whole 45 min at the restaurant ha

Breck tried his first lemon while we were there...He wasn't too impressed ha

We had such a great time together in Las Vegas! Loved getting some sun and having some fun adventures with Breck!

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