Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ivy's 1st Birthday

September 12, 2014 we got to celebrate a cute pie turning 1! Our friends, the Avarell's invited us over to celebrate Ivy turning 1! I can't believe our littles are growing up so fast!

The cutest birthday girl ever!

Ivy & Breck playing cars together

Makena and her AMAZING decorations! She is so crafty!

Could these be any cuter?!

Jax & Zoie are ready to head to the garden and catch some bugs!

Cameron & Makena had bug antlers, nets to catch the insects with and wings for each of the kids. They led them on an insect hunt and the kids loved it!

Berns wanted to be part of the join and grabbed himself a sweet set of wings!

My cute little bug catcher!

The whole gang! Are they  not the cutest group of kids you've ever seen?!

The bday girl LOVED her new toy!

Berns wishes he was a kid!

This girl is just too darn cute!

Getting ready to dig in to her bday cake!

The cake was a success! I think she loved it!

All trying to get out of the trampoline!

We have the cutest littles around!

Cameron playing with the babies...they love him!

Breck's "Get me out of here" face!

We had a WONDERFUL time celebrating Ivy's birthday! Thanks for all the fun Avarell Clan!!!

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