Friday, October 31, 2014

October - Preparing for Halloween

I love Halloween as I have mentioned before, and all the fun festivities that come with it! Here in Durango they have a Halloween Carnival in Three Springs. They had TONS of activities for the kids. There was a bouncy castle, face painting, a pumpkin patch, petting corner and so much more! The best was Day Time trick or treating. Breck thought it was so cool and he had the cutest costume ever! He was Captain America, he makes the cutest Captain America if I do say so myself!

Breck and Daddy picking out a pumpkin together.

Out Trick or Treating

We had a blast out there together! It was such a fun day and Breck's favorite part was the candy!

The next day we got to carve pumpkins! Breck thought the pumpkin guts were pretty gross and wasn't all that interested in carving, but the pumpkins turned out awesome! It was way more fun to carve them this year because the hubby pulled out his tool bag! It's so much easier to carve with heavy duty knives instead of those cheap pumpkin carving kits ha

My superstar Hubby!

Here's our finished product! 

I love how they turned out!

Breck thought the finished product was pretty cool!

That night, poor Bubba Boy got sick with a fever. We didn't go to church because we didn't want to spread our germs. We spent all day snuggling and cuddling. As you can tell from the pics below he was not feeling good at all. Thank goodness it was a quick one, but it was definitely no fun at all!

Monday Night they YSA (Young Single Adults) invited us to a Murder Mystery Dinner. We got to dress up as characters and eat some delicious food! It was so fun! We had to leave early to get home to Breck, but the food that Jared Carillo had made was so beyond good and we were surrounded by great company! It was fun to be included with the cool kids!

Jared had the room decorated all halloween like! It was perfect! He did such a great job!

So super heartbreaking story here... On Thursday Oct 30, 2014 we had to say goodbye to our dog Lexus. He was 7 yrs old in human years. It was unexpected which made it even harder. In the period of a week in a half he degraded super fast. He wasn't eating, he could barely walk and was in so much pain. It was so hard to say goodbye. We all loved him so much and not having him around is kind of strange. We know he is in a better place though and no longer in pain, and that is what matters most. Losing a pet is losing a member of the family and just gets harder and harder.

Breck got to help Papi in the backhoe bury Lexus. 

He was pretty stoked to be in the backhoe with his Papi. 

Later that day we made our way to Utah for the Halloween weekend. We were super stoked to be able to spend Halloween with our family in Utah! It was so fun! Breck was Captain America for Halloween. During the day we went to our cousins school to watch their Halloween Parade. We got to see everyones outfits!

My studmuffin!

All of us making our way to the school to watch the costume parade.

Mack was a Garden Gnome, Lily was Anna from Frozen and Sophie was Elsa from Frozen. While watching the parade I counted how many Elsa's there were. There were 48 Elsa's! And I missed the beginning of the parade and some of the ending so there could have been more. 48! Can you believe that?! It was def the Halloween of Frozen this year!
There is Sophie as Elsa! Just in her class there were 6 of them! They all lined up together! So cute!

There is Lily as Anna! She is in the pink cape!

Mack as a Garden Gnome!

After the Halloween Parade we all went to In-N-Out for lunch. Yup, we all love might be an addiction ha After lunch we went home and hung out for a little bit and then headed out for Trick or Treating!
Tianna and Jared were Duck Dynasty, they borrowed Koleman's camo because neither of them owned any haha

Cutest Couple Ever Award!

Tanessa and I didn't have costumes so we headed to the Dollar Store and got glow sticks and made ourselves into stick figures! Presten and Tianna did such an amazing job at making our glow sticks stay on us! They rock!

The fam bam all out together!

In the neighborhood we were at there is a house that is the most POPULAR house. Everyone said it was the spookiest house on the block and sure enough it was! They went ALL out and I guess they do every year. They have people hiding in the yard, and their decorations are beyond AMAZING!!!! So many kids wouldn't even venture past the gate! They cried and stayed outside while they sent their parents to get their candy. It was pretty awesome though! The pictures don't even do it justice!

Singing Pumpkins

The Chainsaw Man

We had so much spending the weekend in Utah! I just love being able to visit with family and I loved that Breck got to Trick or Treat with his cousins. It made for fun memories and pictures!!!!