Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beginning of October

I love the month of October! It's a wonderful month! I get to decorate for Halloween, I get to plan costumes for us and I get to enjoy the changing of the colors! It's just a great month full of so much fun! The beginning of the month Presten's Mom (Frances) and youngest brother (Bryten) came and stayed with us for the weekend. Friday morning my Aunt Suzy, Breck's Aunt Sweety, was SO awesome and offered to babysit Breck for us while we attended the temple! I was excited because it has been a while since Pres and I have been to the temple so I was really looking forward to it. We planned to attend the 8:00am session. The closest temple to us is the Monticello, UT temple. So we woke up super early and left our house around 6:00am. Dropped Breck off and were on our way. We made it to the temple no problem, except when we got there, there were NO cars in the parking lot. Like completely empty! I suddenly got this sick feeling and pulled up the temple schedule to find that the first session was at 10:00am. SERIOUSLY?! I didn't even think to check because on Saturdays when we go to the temple we attend the 8:00am session and all the other temples I have attended have had early hours as well. We were super bummed! We had driven 2 hours there though and so I called my Aunt and asked her if it would be ok if we stayed for the 10:00am session and if she would be ok with watching Breck for a bit longer. She said not a problem and so we stayed. We went and grabbed some breakfast and attended the session and it all turned out perfect!
Aunt Sweety sent me a pic of him sleeping. We woke him up so early that he passed out happily!

Crazy faces on our drive! More like I'm the only one doing the crazy faces. My hubby doesn't like to 

Friday night Bryten's football team played Bayfield High School's football team. Gunnison won that weekend so Bryten was pretty happy about that! Below are some action shots Presten got during the game. Bryten is #16

Breck and I had lots of fun walking around trying to stay warm ha We wimped out and headed to the car after half time lol

The next day was a Saturday. My parents were out of town but my Tianna and Tanessa were here. So we loaded the cars and all headed to Mesa Verde for the morning!
On our way to Mesa Verde this song came on the radio and it could not have been more perfect! For those that don't know, my husband's super quiet! When he was younger his sister gave him the nickname possum. So this song came on and the lyrics just fit him so well, that I have decided this is his new theme song!!!! It's the best!

On our way down to the ruins Tianna and Tanessa decided that playing leap frog down the steep walkway was the smart thing to do!

Our fun gang for the day!

There was a fun little hole that you could climb down into and explore. Tianna and Tanessa made it down there first. We were all about to follow when a HUGE foreign tourist group ran over and all began climbing down into the hole. Bryten and Presten joked that it was like a clown car, let's see how many people you could fit into a small hole. Tianna and Tanessa were standing under the ladder waiting for a chance to escape. They finally had to just push their way through, and when they got out they said the space down there was super small and could not fit everyone! We were laughing so hard!

Tanessa escaping the madness!

He preferred walking over the stroller...who does that? ;)

Our posing models...aren't they so pretty!

Walking with Aunt Tianna. 
After Mesa Verde we headed to Cortez to eat at Pizza Hut for Lunch. After that we all made our way home and relaxed for an hour or two. After relaxing we got ready and headed into town. My amazing sister Tianna was SO wonderful and took Bryten's senior pics! His pics turned out beyond awesome! I love them! Our favorites are all below...

I'm not gonna lie, this is probably one of my most favorite pics! Tianna did such an AMAZING job!

Then that night we helped Tanessa and her friends get ready for their Homecoming dance! Yup, we had quite the busy day! Can you believe it?! We got to do the girls' hair and makeup! They all turned out gorgeous! 

After Saturday came Sunday. It was General Conference weekend so we got to spend time at home which was nice, but after the first session we had to say goodbye to Frances and Bryten. It was so fun to have them stay and to be able to have such a fun filled weekend with them! We love having them!

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