Sunday, August 31, 2014

Miscellaneous Happenings of August 2014

This month we got a super fun surprise! My Tio Oscar, Tia Sonia, and cousins Kristian and Joshua got to come to Durango and were able to stay with us for 2 weeks! It was SOOOO much fun to be able to have them! They live in Cali, so we don't get to see them as often as we want to, so we LOVED having them here! It was SO awesome!
The group playing Curses. If you have never played this game, then you need to go out and buy it. It is such a fun game for a group of people and it gets you on the floor rolling with laughter! We love playing this game!

Aunt Sweety and Breck taking a stroll outside! 

Our long time family friend, Jared Blake, came home from his 2 year LDS Mission on July 30. He served his Mission in Puerto Rico. Brandon & Beyleigh got to come down for his home coming which was super fun! Breck loved having his Uncle Bran here! We got everyone together and headed to the Bar-D! We just love the Bar-D!!!
Breck with Uncle Bran!

Lydia and Breck hanging out together!

Ness, Bran and Beyleigh! These three are crazy!

Some of our lovely group! I Love my family!

Joshua LOVES his Coke haha this kid is my fav! He is HILARIOUS!!!

Tia Sonia and Aunt Sweety

Breck with Tio Oscar!

These are the faces they give me, then these will be the faces everyone gets to see haha I know I'm so evil!

I love these two cuties! They haven't seen each other in 2 years! I think their smiles show how stoked they are that they get to see each other face to face!

Stewart, Nicole and Lydia. Such a sweet family!

My adorable parents!

The cute Brad & Janelle Blake!

Uncle Tracy & Aunt Sweety...He smiled for me, proof that he hearts me!

Koleman is beyond thrilled to be at the Bar-D with us, can't you tell by his face? haha

I love this sexy stud of a man! He makes my life so wonderful!

The Larios Fam!

Love my Bubba!

Uncle Bran and Bubba having computer time together!

Saturday we spent the day at Santa Rita Park. Half of us played sand volleyball while the other half of us were lazy and we stayed on the grass in the shade. I was part of the lazy half and hung out with Breck ha. After everyone got all hot and sweaty we headed down to the river. No one stayed dry for long. Brandon Tanessa and Beyleigh took car of dunking each other and pushing each other in the river, and the water was FREEZING!

Breck absolutely LOVED the river! He loves water and was super thrilled to be able to play in the water. 

They were soaked!

Is it just me or do they look like twins?!

Breck and Honey

Papi, Breck and Honey...I love this pic!

While everyone was here the Connie Mack World Series was taking place in Farmington, NM. We headed down there one night with the fam and got to watch 2 baseball games. I've never been to a baseball game before so it was kind of neat to go and watch one, especially for the Connie Mack World Series!
My hubby was SUPER excited to be there. He's a baseball guru!

Tianna and Jenna striking a cute I know!

Group hug!!!!!

Jared, Tianna, Jenna, Kristian, Tanessa & Seth
Group Date Night! 

The Fair!!! The fam all went to the fair for one evening, and you will never believe this, BUT Uncle Tracy offered and WANTED to push Breck in his stroller! Can you believe that?! I have pictures to prove it! Uncle Tracy is getting soft, and that's ok because WE LOVE IT!!!!!

He's gonna make the cutest/sweetest grandpa!

Bia Costa Turned 4!!! We got to celebrate her birthday with her. The kids got cute little rubber unicorns to take home...Breck liked his so much he just had to eat it!

Eden loved the face painting portion of the party! She makes a beautiful butterfly!

Breck and Daddy having story time before bed. Seeing them together and how cute Presten is with him just warms my heart. They make my life so happy! I am one lucky girl!

So while I was in the bathroom doing my hair and make up I heard the metal on the tile. I look over to find this! Breck's ball had rolled underneath the towel rack. He is SO smart that he moved the whole towel rack and got to his ball. He was pretty proud of himself. I can't believe how smart and strong this little guy is! 

This month I had the wonderful opportunity of babysitting the Costa Girls! We had SO much fun! Breck wasn't quite sure how to handle all the girls in the house but we had a blast! We started the day off playing legos and doll house!

These two are so cute I could just squish them!

After legos and dollhouse we went downstairs and had some breakfast. After breakfast we went upstairs to the movie room and watched Princess Sofia. Makena brought her sweet kiddos over and they got to stay and play for a little bit too which was so fun!
Jane, Zoie and Ivy

After TV we had lunch and then the girls wanted to play dress up. They picked multiple dresses and wanted to do a fashion show for everyone. We turned on some music and they came waltzing down the stairs and danced for us! It was SO cute! We loved it!

Even Jane and Breck wanted to join in on the fun!

Beautiful Hair for Beautiful Princesses!

We spent some time outside. The kids loved the trampoline!

After trampoline time we had a nail painting party! Tanessa and Mikayla came down and helped me. We painted their toe nails and finder nails. The girls loved it!

We enjoyed some otter pops while watching Finding Nemo and then we headed outside for some sidewalk chalk art!

We had such a fun filled day! It was fun to have them and they were SO good! It was fun to do some girly things!

On August 30 Breck turns 1! Presten and I found the perfect bday gift for him! We found a little tikes truck! I just have this amazing feeling that he is going to LOVE it!!! Before we could give it to him Presten had to clean it and by clean I mean detail! He went to work on it and made it look amazing! It's cute to see this sexy man of mine so invested in our sons bday and his bday gift!

This little guy fights sleeping so bad! He tries so hard to keep his eyes open haha so funny!

Our little man in his new baseball PJ's! He's pretty much adorable!

Sundays our kids don't like to sit still and be quiet so we spend time outside in the halls where they can be good little munchkins and play with cars! We call this prenursery haha They are too fun!

Lydia and Breck playing together! They love cars!!!

Breck got a little T-Stand for his bday! He's not quite sure what to do with it but Dad is pretty excited to teach him and play with him!

Sweet Bubba Boy had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease so his hands and feet were always in socks and I always had him in long sleeves and pants. Poor little guy didn't feel good, as you can tell from his sad/tired face. He's a little zoned out in this pic. 

When you don't feel good and slip on the floor the only thing you can do is just lay there and hope that someone will come over and pick you up! 

He LOVES bath time!

Breck's new backpack that he got for his bday from the Blake family!

Family Picture Time!

He's so cute I just can't help but take pics of him like ALL the time!

Bubba Boy on his 1st Bday!!!!! He's SO big! We got to spend his bday in Utah and had a blast!

My little cousins! They are like the cutest ever! Love their outfits!

So Thug!

Bike ride with the cousins!

Breck loves his Uncle Bran

Uncle Bryan and Breck...I was lucky to get this pic. Normally Breck screams, he's a little afraid of Uncle Bryan but this pic is proof that he is getting better and warming up to him. Before we know it he will be SO excited to see to him! 

Late night run to Walmart...can you believe we were actually up and awake so late?!

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