Monday, October 27, 2014

The Rest of October

The third week in October my brother Brandon and his girlfriend and his roommates all came to Durango to visit! They came in early Friday and were able to attend Tanessa's football game and watch her dance! They spent the weekend riding Rzr's and checking out Durango. We had so much fun having them with us, I hope they had just as much fun!
Papi & Bubba

The give me the funniest faces sometimes!

Brandon & Beyleigh!

Am, Justin & Tianna

They are a goofy bunch!

Breck loved having a front row view to watch the game!

Papi & Breck watching the football game

The girls gave a great performance!

I love this man of mine!

The next week I got to watch Lydia, Stewart & Nicole Blake's daughter. She is about 2yrs old so close to Breck's age. We had a blast with her. Breck enjoyed having a playmate for the day. They played cars, puzzles, and played with everything they could get their hands on. We ventured to the mall and did some shopping as well. They were SO good and we had so much fun!

I even got to do her hair all cutesy! 

When we went to the mall I didn't have a double stroller so these kiddos got to share a stroller together. I don't know how much they enjoyed that but it worked for me!

Look at those cute kids

At the mall they had a carousel...unfortunately it wasn't plugged in or working, but the kids LOVED it none the less! So we put them on and let them have their imaginary fun!

I had a SUPER awesome surprise! My best friend, Kim Montoya, came into town to see her lil Sis, Chancie, and they invited Pres, Breck and I to their bday dinner! We ate dinner at East by Southwest...they have the BEST sushi in town, and we eve got dessert there. We had SOOOO much fun! We practically laughed the whole night and made wonderful memories! I love these girls so much and I am so glad that they allowed us to share in their special night! 

The gorgeous Birthday Girl!

Yay for Chancie!!!

Not the best picture, but this is me and the bestie!

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