Sunday, November 30, 2014


Every year we switch off Holidays between Presten's family and my family. This year it was Thanksgiving with my family, and it will be Christmas with Presten's family. For Thanksgiving we got to head up to Utah to spend it with my Mom's sisters and their families! It was SO much fun! Tianna stayed back in Durango to spend Thanksgiving with her soon to be in laws, The Blake's and Brandon lives in Utah so we got to spend it with him! 
Our little family of 3 on our way to Utah! 

Preparing the pie the night before

Tanessa was in charge of baking an Apple Pie! She did awesome! My mom and her even made it look all fancy like!

Here's my mom and Aunt Katrina getting the stuffing ready. I've never made Thanksgiving Dinner before, this was my first time helping out. Can I just say that I did not realize how much work goes into it?! I was up at 6:45am and in the kitchen cooking and didn't leave until like 2:00PM! CRAZY!

Here is a delicious Pumpkin Pie!

The grand Turkey!

The first time making homemade rolls by myself! I used my Aunt Suzy's recipe and they turned out AMAZING!!!!!!!

Here's how they turned out after being baked. Everyone loved them! I was SO happy!!!!

While we were all in the kitchen making dinner Tanessa was super awesome and took care of all the kiddos. 
Yup, we fed them Cinnamon Rolls and Orange Juice for breakfast, we are just that awesome. 

Brandon and Dad on their usual ha

Loves all these ppl!

Even my dad got in the kitchen to make some YUMMY mashed potatoes!!!!

Tanessa took Breck outside and played hide and seek with him. He LOVED it!

Mack with his Papa (Ned) playing catch. 

Making those mashed potatoes was hard work!

My Handsome!

Just look at that AMAZING work of art!!!!

Here is table 1

Table 2

And Table 3 (the kids table) with Sophia watching football!
We are super fancy and like to use paper plates and plastic cups! I know, everyone wants to be like us! I love it because it means less clean up haaha

The feast is ready!!!

Uncle Bryan welcomed everyone to his home and then shared some wonderful things that he was Thankful for.  We then went around the room and a few of us shared things that we were Thankful for. It brought a nice spirit into the home, and I am so grateful that Uncle Bryan and Aunt Katrina opened their house up to ALL of us! I'm so grateful for them and for all the love they have for us! 

Breck, Landon & Emerson could care less about listening ha they just wanted the toys lol 


They were still preparing last minute things...and we ate at 4:50PM. I'm telling you it takes FOREVER to prepare!

My studmuffin son!

Snuggle time with my boy before dinner. I can't ever get enough of his snuggles. 

Can you believe these two ladies are Grandmas?! They don't even look it!
From left to right, Tutu and Honey with Landon, Breck and Emerson.

After dinner we all relaxed and sat around being lazy, until bed time came. I realized I didn't have any diapers for Breck and had to go to walmart....Yup I planned that at well. Headed to Walmart in Orem, UT at 10:45pm on Black Friday Eve. Well Presten wasn't feeling good so I called up my cousin Jessica and her and I had a cousin date to walmart! We had a blast! I was so glad that she came with me and that I didn't have to go alone! I miss cousin time with her! 

The next day was Black Friday. We spent all day shopping our little butts off! We started at 8:00am and shopped until about 3:30 - 4:00pm. It was quite the work out! We scored some awesome deals though! We also got to see SANTA!!! I'm pretty sure Presten and I were more excited about seeing him than Breck was. Breck screamed the whole time he was in his lap. I would go over and pick him up and as soon as I would grab him he would stop immediately, then when I would start to move him away he would start screaming again. haha silly kids! Even when Santa gave him a See's sucker he wouldn't stop. But just so you know, when we left Breck def made sure he had that sucker in hand. What a crazy little man. So needless to say, this years Santa picture is a typical "screaming child" one! Merry Christmas!

Here he is enjoying his sucker. He had it EVERYWHERE!!!!


That night we left Breck with my parents who were super awesome to watch us for him, and Presten and I met up with my friends!!!! We had dinner at Wingerz in Provo and then headed back to my Aunt's house and played card games until like midnight. We had SOOOOO much fun! I miss my girls! I worked with these lovelies at Olive Garden back in 2009. We created such an amazing bond and I love these girls so much! Since working together we have each found our spouses and Pres and I had a baby! So much has changed and it's all been great changes and our husbands all get along great! I just love these people! They are beyond amazing! If you don't know them, you should hunt them down and get to know them, because they will change your life for the better! We were missing one of our girls, Haley Dos Santos because she lives in California, so hopefully we will get to see her beautiful face soon!
The coolest Christmas Tree in the mall!

I was pretty stoked about it!

I love this man of mine!

From Left to Right.
Kenny & Ashely Jones
Mikey & Maddi Heyn
Natasha & Presten Dickinson

Love these ladies!!!!!

The next day was filled with more shopping and errands. When we got back to the house I had to run some errands on my own and left Presten to put Breck down for his nap. I got back and found my adorable boys sound asleep! Aren't they beyond precious?! My heart swells with love for these boys of mine!

I let them sleep and cleaned and vacuumed the house and watched some TV for a little bit. 
For dinner we headed to the Shops and Riverwoods down in Provo and met up with the Patane family! We had Chinese food and it was beyond DELICIOUS!!!! We had SO much fun with them! They are such an amazing family! I'm realizing as I write this post, that I am surrounded by the most wonderful people and they have blessed my life in so many ways!

The Shops at Riverwoods were decorated with GORGEOUS lights! I was in awe at the amazing decorations they did! It was beautiful!

I love this tree!

After dinner all of us hanging out by the fire pit

So there is a really awesome story behind this pic.... So I was looking for a random person walking by to take a picture of all of us for me. There were some people coming and so I got everyone positioned to where I wanted them and when I turned to ask the people they were gone. So I look over and saw a couple close together. I approached and as I approached they were getting ready to kiss. I couldn't just stop and stare at them while they kissed because that would have been super awkward, so I did the next best logical thing...I interrupted their kiss to ask them to take a picture for me hahaha yup EVERYONE gave me such a hard time and told me how I ruined their "perfect" moment...what can I say, I'm here to give people a good laugh in life lol So that's my story...really awesome huh?! lol 

We had so much fun with everyone! It was sad to leave but we had to head back home and get back to our life. 
My sweet Bubba sleeping on the drive. 

Seriously, is it just me or are babies completely PERFECT when they sleep?! 

When we got home the next day, Breck was super happy to be home. I found him laying under the tree just staring up at the Christmas Lights. He absolutely LOVES Christmas lights!

He seriously is just way too cute! I almost can't handle his cuteness!

My naked stud! We had his 15 month DR. Visit this month! He is the height of a 2yr old! He is in the 90 percentile! I can't believe he is growing so fast!

love this dude!
Hope everyones Thanksgiving was as amazing as mine!