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Jared & Tianna's Engagement Story

On November 14, 2014 Jared Blake proposed to my sister Tianna Farley and they are getting married!!! Can you believe it?! This is the most exciting time in their lives! I wanted to do something special and unique. I asked Tianna and Jared to both write their versions of the proposal. They are compiled below with a list of pictures. This way anyone and everyone can come here and read their adorable and romantic moment over and over again! 

Tianna's Story:
So it was a typical Friday, I had worked from 7:30am to 4:30pm.  I had plans later that night for a girls night out with Nicole (my now future sister in-law), Natasha (my older sister), and Tanessa (my younger sister). I’m a pretty big homebody, but it was getting me out of the house and getting me to do something.  Us girls went out to Starbucks, and got some drinks, I was a little bummed because if you know me I love my food.  I hadn’t eaten since lunch at work and I was STARVING! And these cute girls were totally content with having a drink at starbucks before we ate actual food, while I was over there feeling like the hulk cause I was hungry “you won’t like me when I’m hungry”.   So we sat and talked for a bit, and throughout the night my sister Natasha kept asking me how Jared was.  Well he’s 10 hours away in Idaho, I was pretty bummed especially since I had to wait 2 more weeks to see him at thanksgiving. She kept asking me what he was up to or how he was and I was pretty confused because she never had asked this much but I just brushed it off.  Then once we were there for a while we decided to figure out what and where we wanted to eat.  Pizza was suggested and I am always up for pizza so the option of Papa Murphy’s came up and I said Great! But then Nicole and Natasha start weighing options so they say dominos, I say GREAT! But then there’s pizza hutt….i say GREAT! But then not everyone likes pizza hutt….this debating goes on for quite a bit, but finally we came to the conclusion of Papa Murphy’s.  Thank Goodness, I was confused at why it took so long to figure out something so simple as food but I was okay because I was going to get my food.  So we go get the pizzas and head home.  Once we get to the house Natsha tells me to put the two pizza’s in the oven upstairs and they’ll put the other one in downstairs.  As I walk to the door I can see a candle in a jar and rose through the window to the dining room table.  

My first thought was oh how cute Stewart (Nicole’s husband) must have set something up for Nicole.  I go into the kitchen and there’s another jar with a candle and a rose with a note.  
As I get closer it has Jared’s handwriting on it.  (whenever I was away from Jared, and it was a holiday or something he would go through people and have them set things up and send things with them to give to me.) So I thought okay he must have given this to Stewart to Set up.  I didn’t think Natasha or Nicole knew what was going on so I quickly put the pizza’s in before seeing what these vases were about. Once the pizza’s are in I start on my scavenger hunt. (ridiculous I know ha I should have just left the pizza’s)  Each vase had a number of roses and a note, the first was 5 Roses: For the 5 years we have been together.  Then it said go to the dinning room, where there were 4 roses: for the 4 months we are apart while he is at school. Then it said go to the tv room where there were 3 roses: For the 3 words “I love you” then it told me to check my room where there were 2 roses: for the 2 years I waited for him while he was on his mission. Then it said check the sliding glass door, well we have 3 sliding glass doors in our house so I go to the first one that came to mind and I ran to the living room where….it was a dead end, nothing!  So then I suddenly realize that I have one in my room, I run back to my room and it says check downstairs, so I run to the door to downstairs, at this point I am finally thinking that it could be possible that Jared is actually here! 

But I didn’t want to get my hopes up for nothing, but I open the door and there are candles on the stairs leading down into the living room where he was standing! 

I was in shock I couldn’t believe he was there, standing right in front of me! (our song “can’t wait, be my wife” was playing) After all the happy tears, hugs and kisses, and shock that he was there he kneels down on one knee and asked me to marry him, of course I said YES! 
(this was the way he first asked me to be his girlfriend, he gave me three roses each had a reason and the last was to ask me out)  It was the best night! He most definitely surprised me and made my weekend! Come to find out Natasha and Presten, Stewart and Nicole, and Jared’s parents all knew about this, they later laughed at me for putting the pizza’s in before, but they weren’t complaining when the pizza’s were ready ;)

Jared's Story:
My story of how I proposed to Tianna Farley.

I started by planning with Natasha and Presten Dickinson, (Tianna’s sister and brother-in-law) Nicole and Stewart Blake, (my brother and sister-in-law) and my Mom and Dad (Janelle and Brad Blake). I was going to fly in on Nov. 14th and so I had to figure out a way to get Tianna out of the house. So Nicole suggested that she could take Tianna, Tanessa, and Natasha out for a ‘girls night out’, and my parents would take Doug and Carol  (Tianna’s parents) out for dinner so the house would be empty. So I had the idea to do something with mason jars and tie a purple (Tianna’s favorite color) bow around the mouth and fill the bottom with sand and put a candle in it. 

So my mom got all of those ready. Next I wrote out 4 little notes, starting with #5, (for the five years we have been dating)

 #4, (for the 4 months I’m away from her at college) 

#3, (for the 3 words, I love you) 

#2, (for the 2 years she waited for me on my mission). 

And on each one I left a hint of where the next one would be. Then I needed a window marker.

So the day came, I had to sit through the 2 longest classes of my life!! When I got out I went straight to the airport. As I sat in the Idaho Falls airport I was a little worried that I would miss my connecting flight in Denver due to weather. So finally the plane got to Idaho Falls and we all got on and we got in the air. When we got to Denver we were a little late and I was still a little bit worried I would miss the flight so I ran down the airport and as I got to the gate, the lady told me that I just made it so I ran down the stairs and out to the plane and got on the plane quick!
When I arrived in Durango my dad and brother were waiting at the airport to pick me up. They took me home and I got all the roses ready and I tied the notes onto the roses and loaded everything up in the truck. Once I got the word that Tianna was out of the house I jumped in the truck and went over to her house. When I got there I quickly unloaded everything into the kitchen and took all the jars with candles downstairs so that Presten and Stewart, could start setting them up. I ran back upstairs and put #5 tied to 5 roses in the kitchen with a candle light mason jar next to it. Then #4 tied to 4 roses on the kitchen table with a mason jar. Then #3 with 3 roses in the movie room, and #2 tied to 2 roses in her room. Then I wrote ‘Check downstairs’ with the window marker on her sliding glass door. 

After double-checking everything I ran back downstairs to help finish setting up the other jars. When we got all of them lit, we were ready. I synced the Bose speaker to my phone and it was time to wait for the text to let me know Tianna was on her way into the house. As I sat and waited I tried the Bose one more time to double check and... it didn’t work. So I tried to get it to work and all of the sudden I heard footsteps upstairs. I thought it might be someone else just walking around upstairs so I walked to the bottom of the stairs to see if I could hear them. Then I heard someone run upstairs then down them. I thought, no that is Tianna for sure (so in the basement of her house there is like NO service so, like 4 hours latter I got all the texts telling me she was in the house) so I run over and click on the camera to record, then I got ready to play the music from my phone. As I hear someone open the door and start to come down the stairs I start to play our song, ‘I can’t wait (be my wife)’, and I stand in the middle of the room with one rose and the ring in my hand. As she turns the corner she is super surprised and asks ‘what are you doing here?!?’. As she runs over and hugs me I respond, ‘I just had to come and surprise you!’ after all the tears and hugs and kisses, I give her the last rose and tell her ‘this is for you’ and I kneel down and say ‘this is for you too’ and ask her ‘will you marry me?’ and she said yes !!!  

Here is the room set up. Jared had the candles outlining a walkway that lead her to the living room in the basement. He was in the middle of the circle waiting for her.

Tianna said the lights, the fire, the was all so perfect and so romantic!

The hallway

The stairs

When the parents all arrived back to the house after dinner Tianna was SO excited to show them her ring! Everyone was beyond thrilled and so happy for them!

The adorable couple!

The gorgeous engagement ring!

I hope you enjoyed reading both sides of how the proposal took place! It was so fun to be a part of! We are so happy to welcome Jared into our family, although it was as if he already was! Congratulations to Tianna & Jared! We love you both and couldn't be happier for your new adventure!

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