Saturday, November 8, 2014

Kaitlyn's Baby Shower

On November 8th, 2014 Nicole Blake and myself threw a baby shower for my cousin in law Kaitlyn Tuck! She is due January 31, 2015 and they are having a baby boy! While trying to decide what theme to do and what decorations we should do we came across the "Construction Theme" When Nicole and I saw the pictures and decor we just knew that that was what we were going to do. After setting and decorating everything came together SO perfectly! We were so excited! I couldn't wait for the party to start! Everything looked so cute and I was excited and hoping for a fun party and that's exactly what I got! 
The front entrance!

Hobby Lobby had the most PERFECT construction themed party decorations! The trucks that are on the pot holders are from there and were a perfect touch to the front!

I used pinterest and made a construction wreath! I was SO pleased with how it turned out!

Jenna Tuck, Kaitlyn's Sister In Law and my cousin made this ADORABLE diaper cake for the mom to be! It was SO cute!

The food table we made super delic of course! We had the baby shower at 10:00am so we planned for breakfast items. We had fruit cups and used a cupcake holder to add dimension to the table! It turned out super cute! Thanks to my Aunt Suzy for the cup and cupcake holder idea! She's so smart!

We had frest fruit with a yogurt dip. There were grapes, raspberries, bananas, pineapple and so much more!

The dining room decorations!

Another angle on the food table. We had muffins, pretzels and the best that everyone loved was our french toast sticks! Talk about YUM!

Here is our drink station. We forgot to get a picture after all the drinks were there but we had orange juice, water and my Aunt Cindy, Kaitlyn's Mother-In-Law, made her delicious punch! It's called wedding punch and boy is it good!!!

Our color theme was Orange, black and yellow and made sure our cups, napkins, utensils and plates all matched the theme!

The pillars were wrapped in caution tape to add to the decorations

My Aunt Suzy also brought some yummy fruit flavored candy corn to share. They were SO good! 

Tammie, Staysha and Suzy waiting for the party to start!

Once everyone had arrived we had a prayer over the food and began the games! Our first game we played was called Lullaby. It was to help divide everyone into teams. A bowl was passed around the room and each girl had to grab a piece of paper from the bowl. Each paper had a Lullaby Song Title written on them. We used four, that way at the end there would be four teams. We used, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rock a Bye Baby, Hush Little Baby, and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. When we said go the girls had to hum their song and move around the room trying to find their other team mates! It was a fun ice breaker!

Once the teams were divided we played a game called Tinkle in the Pot! This game was HILARIOUS!!! Each team was given a balloon and a ping pong ball. There were four mason jars set up on the floor, each team had a mason jar. Each team picked a member to go first. Each girl had a put a balloon under their shirt, and the ping pong ball in between their knees. When we said go they had to run to the jars with the ping pong ball between their knees and try to drop the ball in the jar. They each got one chance. They then had to run the balloon and ball back to their team and give them to the next team member. The team that was able to get the most ping pong balls in the jar won! It was so fun and made for some AWESOME laughs! The girls had a blast!

Our girls all ready to go!

The mommy to be! She didn't need a balloon because she already had a cute baby bump!

The balloons didn't fit under some peoples shirts, so they just had to hold the balloon!

 I felt like two short games were plenty enough! After the games we indulged in our delicious foods! We let Kaitlyn get her food first since she was the guest of honor!

 Once Kaitlyn was done eating we let everyone else continue eating while she opened up gifts!

Someone she works with made this CUTE motorcycle diaper cake! It was the cutest thing! They did such a great job!

She got some of the cutest little boy clothes! Baby Tuck is going to be one of the most stylish little boys!

Baby Aria with her Grandma!

Tammie & Patty 

Sweet Tenley!

Whatever we were discussing must have been amazing because were so intent on the convo!

Baby Gavin!

Baby Ivy!

Kaitlyn got this super cute TONKA Truck from her Mother-In-Law and inside were blankets that she had made herself! They were SO cute!

This cute chest full of gifts was from Kaitlyn's mom. Such a neat gift!

Jenna with her diaper cake she made!

Kaitlyn opening her carseat and stroller that she got from her aunts and grandma!

After the gifts we all cleaned up and headed home. It lasted about 2 hours and was super fun! Thanks to everyone who came and made it wonderful! We had such a great turn out and had so much fun! Thanks for letting me throw you a fun baby shower Kaitlyn! I can't wait to meet Baby Tuck!!! Hope you enjoyed the shower as much as I did throwing it!

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