Thursday, November 20, 2014

November & My Growing Boy!

The beginning of November we were in Utah. We had headed up there for Halloween weekend and what was even more exciting, Presten's sis Kristin Hatch and her family were in Utah for the same weekend for some baptisms. I was SO happy that we got to be in Utah for the same weekend! We headed to Eagle Mountain, where they were staying with her Brother In Law, and got to spend a whole afternoon with them! It was so fun to see them, and so fun to see Layla and Breck playing together! They are just the cutest little kids ever! Love seeing these two cousins together!

The dogs bed was heated and the kiddos thought it was the coolest bed ever! They could not get enough of it. 

After leaving Josh, Kristin & the kids we headed back to my Aunts House. We walked in and found this! Brandon & Jared obviously had way too much fun that day and were wiped out!

Sleeping Boys

We headed out for dinner! We went to the mall in Provo. We put our names on the waiting list at Red Robin and did some shopping around the mall.
We found some hats for Breck to try on. Isn't he just the cutest?!

Tianna and Jared even joined in on the fun! 

After all the shopping fun we ate dinner and then headed to the movies. We went to the dollar theater and watched Maleficent. If you have not seen it yet you need to! It was such an awesome movie! I loved it! They did such an amazing job with it!

After our Utah trip we came back to the grind and back home. Breck missed having his cousins to play with every morning, but he suffered through with just playing with me in the mornings lol The elections took place and there was a party in town. We headed in to the party and Stewart and Nicole Blake were there. Lydia and Breck were running all over and we found a stack of crates in the corner. What do you do when the kids are crazy? You stick them in the middle of the crates! It was our own homemade play pen and the kids loved it! 

Breck loved climbing up them

My Bubba Boy is growing up so fast and I just don't know where the time is going! This month he is REALLY into climbing things. At the end of this month he will be 15months old. Below are pictures and lists of things that he loves to do or enjoys!

He LOVES to climb! He has mastered climbing on top of his truck and since he did it once, now that is all he does all the time! Anything he can climb on top of he is there whether it be stairs, boxes, couches etc. He just enjoys climbing. 

He was SO proud of himself, can't you tell by his smile?!

Since Bubba only gets to see Daddy on weekends he LOVES when he gets some one on one time with him. This is our Saturday mornings. Saturday Morning Snuggles with Daddy and Bubba. 

They melt my heart!

This month he has also learned how to blow bubbles in the tub and he thinks it's HILARIOUS! He blows the bubbles and then laughs hysterically! He also loves playing with his Bathket ball set! 

He is such a ham! I can't get enough of him! 

He LOVES snuggles with Staysha

and he loves playing in the blanket hammock. Whenever Aunt Tianna comes downstairs and has a blanket on her legs Breck HAS to be in the middle of the blanket. 

He will sit there and play for hours. He is so content chillin' in the blanket hammock. 

The Christmas tree came up this month. Yup I'm one of those "Crazy People" that decorates for Christmas before Thanksgiving! It's just too pretty and romantic not to! Breck has found a new hobby and love. He LOVES to lay under the Christmas tree and look up at the lights! I seem him lay under the tree at least twice a day to look at the lights. If the tree is not plugged in he will come over and ask me please in sign language and point to the tree repeatedly until I plug the tree in. He is SO CUTE! 
Looking at the lights with Honey

One thing he loves to do is DANCE! For how albino and blonde my baby boy is he was born with some Latino blood in his system. This boy can move! As soon as he hears the music or a beat he gets out there and starts bouncing and moving his arms. The best part, he actually dances on the beat! He is so smart! Watching him dance has got to be one of my favorite things during the day! 

He LOVES the mini shopping carts that Ace Hardware has in their stores. Breck knows how to use sign language to ask for more and to say please. We are working to get him to learn Thank you and other signs. He is our active little guy. He is curious about everything, and so smart! He is very alert about his surroundings and definitely has his own opinion on things! He is one fun little guy and full of character! I am SO beyond blessed and grateful that I get the AMAZING opportunity to be a Stay At Home Mom and spend my days with this sweet boy of mine. Being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I'm grateful for the blessings and for the family that I have. I have so much to be grateful for! Sorry for the sappy moment but Breck has just brought so much joy into my life and I am glad that he is all mine! 

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