Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Craft - Frosty

This month for our craft we made "FROSTY" blocks! This one was SO fun! We had a blast! Yet again we had a successful girls day full of laughs, food and great company! We ordered our blocks from www.artsychaos.com. They are amazing! They have quite a few other options on their website. If you are at all interested in finding our crafty side and want to decorate some cute blocks look them up and order your blocks! They are SO fun!
This is mine

This is Suzy's

We also had a fun treat today because it was Pam's birthday! Suzy made some delicious Poppy Seed Cake along with a salad for everyone! She reallys spoils us rotten!


This is Cindy's 

This is Pam's
This is Chris'

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