Monday, December 29, 2014

Family Calendar - Christmas Gift DIY

This year I wanted to make something for the Grandparents that would be something that they could use. Since all families are growing I scanned pinterest and found this cool idea of doing a family birthday calendar. You can buy them online and on etsy for roughly $50-$60. Since I was doing 3 of them I thought it would save money to do them myself, and it did. It cost me $50 to do all 3 of them. Granted it did take A LOT of time to get it done but nothing is better than a home made Christmas Gift. 
I started off by gathering everyone's Name and Birthday. I just used the day and month. I separated them by family. Farley, Dickinson and Cook. My next step was to order wooden circles. I ordered mine from ebay and got a bag of 100 for $8.00 
My next step was to head to Hobby Lobby and grab some materials. 

I found these wooden family signs on sale. I got them for $5 each. 

I grabbed a bag of screw eyes (30 come in a bag), you can also get them from Hobby Lobby. A pack of 100 is like $5.  I also grabbed some silver chain links from the jewelry department. For all 3 signs I grabbed 3 bags just to be safe so I didn't run out. 

After I gathered the materials I got by scrapbook paper together. I got these books from the American Scrapbook door in Orem, UT. You can find them almost anywhere though. These were the books I used for my signs. 

The modge podge was used to stick the paper to the wooden circles. 

Now that I had everyones names and birthdays organized on a spread sheet I gathered all my tools!

I used this paper punch to punch out the paper. I borrowed this from my Aunt. This punch is from Stampin' up but you could find a punch like this at any scrapbook store I'm sure. 

I had some needle nosed pliers for the jewelry links

We used the orange sponge and the drill to drill the tiny holes in the top and bottom on each circle. My hand husband did all the drill work. He's amazing like that!

I spray painted all the circles black. For those in our family that have passed away I painted them white. 
Here is what the circles looked like once I glued the paper to them. The different colored paper is how I separated the families. For example, my Dana & Papa have 6 children. Each of them were given a colored paper, and then anyone that came from that line was given the same color paper, that way they could see who belongs to who!

Here is what the April chain looks like. Everyone in the Cook family that has a birthday in April. 

After the chains were complete, we bought a piece of wood and my hubby cut them into three even strips. We then painted them black and I used stamps to put the months on each of the pieces of wood. 

We then attached an screw eye under each month so we could attach the chain links to them. From there we attached the names, and months to the family. I used screw eyes and chain links to connect them. After everything was said and done this was our final product!

Here is a close up so you can get the idea. 
And they were a hit! They LOVED it! 
Good luck with yours!

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