Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Sunday

This year we got to celebrate 2 Christmas'
We did the first one Dec. 21, 2014 with my family.

Giving Papi Loves

He was trying to be like Uncle Bran

My gorgeous sisters!

Breck and his trucks!!!

In my family we do a rotation system. So every year we just buy gifts for one person. I love doing it that way because then we can spoil that one person ha. This year Brandon had me, Presten and Breck. He knew exactly what to get Breck!
Here they are opening the gifts!

He got a red fire truck that makes noise! Breck was SO excited!

Pure joy!

The second box was pajamas which I was super excited about, but Breck only wanted his truck ha

Tianna had Brandon and got him some SAWEET dressy-cas shoes! He's gonna looke so spiffy!

Tanessa had Tianna and got her some super cute shirts, One with elephant print, which she is obsessed with, and a purple one.

She also got her some combat boots!

We had Tanessa this year. 

She freaked out when she saw the forever 21 bags...she hadn't even seen the gifts yet and she was stoked ha We got her some midi rings and jewelry she had asked for, along with some circular 80's style sunglasses...

Peace sign!

And we got her a green cargo jacket that she had been wanting!

It was so fun to see how excited she got!

Breck was even excited!

Papi and Honey got a Brag book full of pictures of them and Breck from the year. 

Dad got his bluetooth Jaybird Bluebud earbuds that he had been wanting! Yup, we love our dad ha

We got mom some makeup and some grey bootie high heels

Honey & Papi gave Breck the CUTEST grey shoes ever! I'm totally in love with them!

And everyone got a good laugh out of Breck trying to walk around in the shoes while they were still tied together ha 

Honey felt bad so she cut it off so he could walk without issues lol 

Breck was pretty happy with everything he got! He is so loved!

After Presents we all got ready for Church. Our families Christmas color this year was mustard and grey. Breck and Presten had matching ties which was the CUTEST thing ever!

Aren't they so classy looking?

Love my men!

After church we came home and had dinner and then at 5pm went caroling with the Farley Clan! Every year we pick about 3 families and go caroling and drop off a goodie plate or bag for them. After caroling with everyone our little family went and caroled to the Gilleland Family and the Blake Family! We don't have the best singing voices, thank goodness we give great hugs haha

All ready to carol!

He loves us he really does!

Hanging out at the Blakes!


Breck got to ride up front with Papi and boy was he beyond happy! My life couldn't be more blessed and complete! 

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