Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday - Swimming & Crested Butte with the Fam!

Friday was the day after Christmas and we woke up and headed to the Rec Center to go swimming. The kids had SO much fun! Breck LOVES the water so this was his favorite activity! The only bummer is that they didn't have a hot tub, which I wished they did. the water was a little cool, and plus what Rec Center doesn't have a hot tub?! Other than that we had a blast. 
Daddy taught Breck how to shoot some hoops! Cutest thing ever! 

Watch out everyone, NBA star in the making!

After a morning filled with swimming and fun we left the Rec Center and picked up lunch and headed home. After eating lunch we took time to nap and have some relaxation time. After naps and relaxing, Trent got off work around 3:30pm and we got ready and headed up to Crested Butte for the evening. 
My cute Bubba in his new outfit from Honey! Could this kid get any cuter? I mean really, he is too cute!
Love him to pieces!

We made it to Crested Butte! We decided to walk around the mountain and check some things out up there before heading down to town. 
Uncle Trent and Breck

Love them!

We are loving Daddy's new hat!

It's official, I have a future GQ model on my hands!

Cousinly Love! Breck loves it I promise!

Up at the mountain they have the most amazing ice sculptures ever! It was SO neat to see them! They were all so wonderful that I had to get a picture of every single one of them so everyone else can enjoy them! 
Here is Breck and I hanging out with a snowboarder!

Fish with a wave

a man dipping a woman

A ram





Skating Penguin



We never figured out what these were...I think just for fun ha

Woman Skiing

Breck and Daddy sitting in a HUGE ice chair!


Christmas Tree

Music Note

We found OLAF!!!!!

And we found a race car!!!


Her clam with a pearl inside!

The mermaid and clam all together! 
After looking at all the ice sculptures we went and ate dinner a Mexican Restaurant. After dinner we headed home and went to bed. It was another great day! 

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