Saturday, December 20, 2014

Random December Fun

December 6th, we went to Bayfield and celebrated Lydia's 2nd bday! It was Curious George Themed and super cute! Nicole had a monkey pinata for the kids and Breck thought it was SO cool! He loved that we was able to hit it something without getting in trouble lol 

The candy...well the kids obviously loved that!

When he doesn't want to dance he covers his ears so he can't hear the music haha funnies thing ever!

We have reached that ADORABLE age of learning how to throw fits ha good thing he is so cute! When he doesn't get what he wants he climbs the stairs and bangs on the door waiting for Papi or Honey to come and open the door and let him in. This day they were gone and no one was home. So he just cried and threw a fit with no one to come and save him haha he's so funny!

Just look at that face!

Waiting for our Tithing Settlement...we counted it as a mini date night lol 

One day I was in the laundry room switching out laundry. I came out and couldn't find Breck anywhere. After looking I found him hiding under the ping pong table trying to lick out all the yogurt from the container! The things he does is hilarious!

So sneaky!

Loves his bottles and blankets

These kiddos LOVE the rides at the mall!



This month we got babysit some sweet kiddos. The Avarell kids came over one night and the Costa kids came another night! Breck had so much fun with them!

All cuddled up watching a Christmas Movie and eating Popcorn. Could life get any better?!

Eden loved this little horse

Breck was more interested in the doll house ha

This little man LOVES his beads. Beads with a diaper and chunky thighs just makes for a super cute chunky monkey!

Costa's came to play next!

Breck and Jane shared the car together. These are some cute littles!

Giving each other loves

Getting ready to dance! Look at these cute bums!

Zoie and Breck

Daddy was out spray painting and Breck wanted to help out. Dad got him his own "Breck Size" spray paint can and Breck copied everything he did. Talk about the cutest sight ever!

Dec. 13, was Presten's Christmas Work Party. We headed to the Lost Dog and enjoyed some DELICIOUS food, laughs and dancing! I love enjoying my free time with this handsome stud!

Sunday I was feeling in a yellow mood. So Breck got to wear yellow for church! I'm pretty much in love with this outfit and in love with the little man wearing it!


Saturday Dec 20,  we had a siblings shopping day! We headed to Farmington and spent all day christmas shopping together! We had chinese for lunch and had a blast together! I love sibling bonding days, and they all love when I take TONS of pictures of them when they are eating hah

After getting home from Christmas in Gunnison Breck decided he wanted to have a DANCE PARTY!!!! We blasted the music and he pulled Papi & Honey out to the center of the floor in the office and they danced for a good half hour! It was the cutest thing ever! He had SO much fun! It's so fun to see him create these wonderful memories and that his Papi & Honey are so great and get out there and actually dance with him! They are the best!

For Christmas, Bob, Alli, Ben & Alex (Presten's cousin his wife and two sons) gave Presten and Breck this rocking horse. It is the first Rocking horse that Presten's Dad (Mike Dickinson) made and they gave it to us. It was SUCH a special and sweet gift! As you can tell, it has become one of Breck's new favorite toys! He LOVES to ride it! 

Breck wanting to be like Uncle Jared

After so much traveling we decided to make a night all about Breck. Dad built us a fort out of our Ottoman and Breck LOVED it! I love having this little guy around and all the fun adventures we get to have with him!


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