Sunday, December 28, 2014

Saturday & Sunday - Saying our Goodbyes!

Saturday we spent the day lounging around. In the morning while Breck was down for his morning nap Presten and I were over at Grandma Cook's. She was teaching us how to make her secret Toffee Recipe! It was fun to be able to spend some one on time with her! Later in the afternoon we went over to Punka & Grandma's to say our goodbyes to them. 
Jordan found these awesome glasses and grew a nose! haha

haha Kristin's nose wasn't as long!

Uncle Trent & Uncle Bryt taught Breck how to "pound it" aka give knuckles, and that was his new favorite thing!

Giving Grandma Knuckles!

After saying our goodbyes we headed home and got pajamas on. Robert, Presten's cousin that lives in Nevada, and his daughter Kilee, came to gunnison. He got in that night and came right over. Breck got to meet his cousin and Robert. The kids had way too much fun playing together! She is a doll! It was so fun to see them all together! And it was so fun to get to see Robert! We only get to see him like once a year, so it was fun to get to spend some time with him!

Breck felt that the baby's bottle was really for him ha

Snuggles with Uncle Bryt!

All our adorable kiddos in one pic! Who knew we could make such cute kids?!

The next morning we got all packed up, and yes we were able to get EVERYTHING in the car! woohoo! go us right?! I was pretty excited! We got all packed, said our goodbyes and made our trek home We thankfully didn't run into any weather! It all came that night so we beat it!

Here are some pics from our drive! Even though I don't like snow, it sure does make for some beautiful pictures!

After arriving home, the next night for Family Home Evening we headed into town, yup in the snow and walked main and had dinner at Grassburger. It was REALLY good! It was nice to have some small family time just to ourselves! 

I love these men of mine!

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