Friday, December 19, 2014

The Polar Express

It's Christmas Time!!! Presten works with a girl at the bank, her and her husband work for the Train Station and this year and last year they were SO beyond kind and gave us their two extra tickets! We are so beyond lucky that they love us and have given us this amazing opportunity! We had SO much fun!

Breck and Daddy ready for the train!

Family time!

The Train Station goes ALL out! In door behind Presten and Breck is the fire that the "hobo in the book" uses to keep warm! SO cool!

He's such a stud!

Breck really did not like his mittens ha

Ready for the train!

Here comes the train!

The Conductor and the main characte

Boarding the train. The chef in our cabin was named Gingersnap! She was so fun!

Here is Cindy and her husband Patrick. They are the BEST!

Let the FUN begin!!!!

The train began to move and Breck was SO excited! He loved looking outside and watching the lights go by. The beginning of the trip Gingersnap offered everyone hot chocolate. They turned on the song "Hot Chocolate" from the movie and all the kids got to sing along and drink their hot chocolate. After Hot Chocolate we got to eat cookies, and while eating cookies we got to read the Polar Express book. 

He is such a ham!

Just look at those adorable teeth! I love this little man!

Before we knew it we made it to the North Pole! Santa and his elves were all standing outside waving at all the kids! Everyone was SO excited to see him! Everything was decorated in lights and it was SO cool!

After leaving the North Pole we got word that Santa Claus had boarded the train!
Sure enough he did! He came through and gave everyone a bell that the kids got to take home!

Breck thought the bells were the coolest things ever! He LOVED them!

On the way back, Gingersnap gave everyone their own Christmas Carols Book. The whole ride back we all sang christmas carols! She had fun little instruments and signs and things so that everyone could participate. 
This one was Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Oh man, I'm like the luckiest girl ever!

We got back to train station and we got to see Santa's Reindeer! Santa's helpers were feeding them and Breck thought they were super cool!

We walked around and got to see the toy shop and work shop and then went inside the museum and got to see Santa Claus in person!

Breck wasn't too impressed with Santa... he still has some warming up to do maybe haha 
We had SO much fun! Love making Christmas memories with my little family!

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