Thursday, December 25, 2014

Thursday - Christmas Day

Christmas morning tradition for Presten's family is filled with home made cinnamon rolls and wassle, all made by Kristin! She is like superwoman! Seriously! She is like 7 1/2 months pregnant and stays up super late to make cinnamon rolls and wassle for everyone! She's a superstar, and yes my sister in law is better than yours!!! hah After breakfast and stockings, Grandma and Grandpa Cook come over and we all open gifts. It's kind of the same thing as Christmas Eve. The kids go first, and each kid goes one at a time. Then the adults go, and we go one at a time until everyone has opened their gifts.
Christmas Family Photo!

Presten and I's matching pajamas!

Breck's Christmas Pajamas!

The Christmas Tree

Breck and Daddy opening stockings!

These kids scored in the stocking area! 

This was Breck's gift from Presten and I. It was a Tonka Backhoe! One of the classics, metal and all! He LOVED it!

This is the gift Kristin made for mom. I'm telling you, she's amazing! It's the coolest blanket ever! She did such an amazing job!

After gifts Breck got a bath and went down for a nap. He still had a terrible diaper rash, poor little guy was struggling. After the bath we put ointment and essential oils on his bum and put him down for his nap. The oils made the BIGGEST difference. When we woke up from his nap his diaper rash was no longer red and bleeding and didn't hurt him anymore. Essential Oils are amazing! 

All morning it was a huge snow storm that had come in! While Breck was down for his nap the others got dressed and headed out to go sledding!

Layla is ready to get out in the snow!

Our sexy mom to be in her super cute snow gear! She is the cutest!

After they got back from sledding they played with all their new Christmas toys until it was time for dinner at Grandpa and Grandma Cook's. 
Jordan winning suckers and candy for Breck! He is so sweet!

Breck riding Uncle Bryt's shoulders!

Breck dancing  in Walmart! This kid loves to dance!

Grandpa Cook

Tay & Trent

Hanging out at Grandpa & Grandma's after dinner!

Breck just loves his horse!

Daddy loves the horse too! hahah 

Go Babe Go!


After dinner we spent the evening watching the kids play with their toys. It was so fun to watch them play together and have fun! It was such a wonderful Christmas! We had so much fun and were able to spend it with family! It was such a wonderful day! Merry Christmas! Hope everyone's Christmas Day was just as great as ours!

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