Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tuesday - Arriving in Gunnison for Christmas

This year Thanksgiving was spent with my family, and Christmas was spent with Presten's family. We got to spend 6 days with everyone, which we were super grateful for! We got there Tuesday, and came home Sunday, So each of these posts will cover our activities each day! All of Presten's siblings were there so we got to have a fun filled week of Christmas festivities and memory making! 
Tuesday morning we packed ourselves up! We stuffed the trunk with ALL of our presents and our luggage was stuffed in the back with Breck. We were surprised we could get it all in the car, our fear was making sure we could bring all our gifts back as well! We sold the Jeep and only have one car. It's a small sedan, 4 door, VW Jetta TDI so there isn't as much space as Jeep, but we made due! The day before was a HUGE storm that hit! All the passes were snow covered. We normally take Red Mountain Pass through Silverton, but after checking the CDOT website and seeing how terrible the roads were, we decided to give Wolf Creek Pass a chance. It was a good thing we did! We had no issues at all getting there! 

On our way to Gunnison! 

Breck was all ready for his ride!

Luggage was stuffed on either side of Breck ha

Our Trunk full of gifts!

We had finally made it and we were SO excited to see everyone! Breck was especially excited to see his cousins, Jordan the most! I think he was super excited to have another boy around! The two of them played so well together! It was the cutest thing ever!
Breck & Layla watching their Uncles play catch! 

We decided it would be fun to have a family movie night. We decided on watching "When The Game Stands Tall" After we decided the movie, Josh got this crazy whim of an idea to get a bigger TV because the TV that was in the family room wasn't big enough for everyone (and it really wasn't) So the boys got their coats on and left to the store.
Here they are, all ready to head out!

And this is what they came back with. A Samsung 55" Smart TV! They were pretty stoked about it! Mom had no idea what was going on. She must have missed them leaving because when they came home with the TV she was shocked! She had no idea! haha 

While the boys set up a quick TV stand for us to watch the movie, Breck and Jordan decided to go play on the stairs. 
Breck copied Jordan's every move! He wanted to do everything he was doing haha

Aren't they adorable?!

I love these little guys!
After these boys played the other guys got the TV stand all set up and we got to watch our movie!
After the movie, the guys decided that that was the perfect time to start a game!

Somehow whenever Presten and his brothers get together they always end up playing some sort of game of catch, and yes it's always inside the house. How they haven't broken anything yet, I don't know, they must just be that good! 

Playing Monkey in the Middle

Breck & Layal have NO idea what their uncles are doing hah

Dog Pile!

haha I love this goofball hubby of mine!

Breck giving daddy loves!

The games got pretty intense!

While they played, Breck enjoyed some cars

What a great way to end the first night all together!

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