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Ward Party Christmas Party - The Polar Express Theme

This year the Young Women and Primary were in charge of our Ward Christmas Party. We decided to go with "The Polar Express" as the theme! We chose the Polar Express for it's underlying message of "The Spirit of Christmas". Christ is the spirit of Christmas, and we have to believe in things we cannot see. That is what faith is and how Christmas time is the perfect time to spread and share the spirit of CHRISTmas with all those around us! 
Once we decided on the theme, putting everything else together was all sorts of fun! Each of us took over a category to head up. 
The following committees were: 
Hot Chocolate Bar
Photo Booth
 and Christmas Tree. 
We split up the responsibilities so not everything was put on one person's shoulders. After our meetings and organizing everything we were off! All of our brains were working and processing what fun things we could do, and how to make it magical! The party took place on Friday, so we met together Thursday night so we could bring our hubby's to come and help set up. Then Friday Morning we did the finishing touches and the party began that evening! 

For the food, we asked different families in the ward to make a soup.  We ordered bread bowls from a local french bakery (Jean Pierre's) that we have here in town, and the rest was a potluck. For dessert, a guy who is an AMAZING cook in our ward made brownies and ice cream. They were SO yummy! 

Here is Brecken and Breck (my son) playing so sweetly while we set up on Friday Morning. 

cute little kiddo

Here is our beautiful Christmas Tree!
My Aunt Cindy was in charge of the Christmas Tree. She did an amazing job as you can tell! She even printed out little "tickets" that said "Believe" on them and every child got to take home a bell. We had enough that every family got to take one home for their Christmas Tree. 

Aren't these the most ADORABLE bells ever?!
Not to mention the kids were really excited they got to take a bell home! 

After setting up we headed home and got our Pajama's on and got ready for our party!!!! 


We invited everyone to come dressed in their pajamas and guess what, they did and they loved it! 
Here is my sis and cousin in their matching onesies! Side note, Onesies were the "HIT" pajama for the night! Almost everyone had them on!

Breck and Lydia playing together! Cute cousins!

I have 15 black lanterns from wedding (I purchased them from IKEA). We used them and put ornaments inside with gold glitter tulle on top and red and gold glitter snowflakes to top them off. My Aunt printed out these Polar Express Round Trip tickets JUMBO size and each table got one with white pebbles to go with them. They turned out to be the most perfect center pieces! They turned out better than we could have imagined! Thank goodness for lanterns!

The front table where I had the music for the dance portion of the night we had a cute wood "BELIEVE" stand with twizzlers on one side and red vines on the other. They were up there for a game that we would later play that evening. 

Here is the set up of the room in the light; the picture is taken from the back of the room. We had 15 round tables in a circle, with our dance floor in the center. In front of the stage was where our sound system and music was located and at the back of the gym was where the Christmas Tree and activity booths were located. 

The snowflakes my Aunt ordered from Oriental Trading Company. She got a ton of them and got a great deal. They were the perfect addition to the LED Lights we strung up across the gym. We strung up about 7 strands and then used the running lights for light. 

More pictures of the set up with lights on

On the stage we used a projector screen that was set up behind the curtains. On the screen, my Aunt found an awesome picture of The Polar Express from the movie, and we displayed that. She has a fog machine and we put that under the white sheet and turned it on, so it looked like the train was actually creating steam. 

My Uncle Tracy and Aunt Suzy that were in charge of the decorations were amazing, I know I may have already said that but they seriously are! They made these gorgeous train cutouts! These babies stand 8ft tall and were PERFECT!!!! My Aunt did the most AMAZING job at making it look PHENOMENAL!!!!
We used black and brown duck tape to make the train tracks on the floor. 

Behind each cut out, there were 2 of them, we put two long tables and these were the kids tables! All the adults sat at the round tables and the kids all got to sit at the "Train Tables" needless to say the kids LOVED it! Not to mention, I'm sure the adults enjoyed some "Adult" conversation haha 

To make the silver all shimmery they used tin foil! Aren't they so clever?!

Next up is our stupendous Hot Chocolate Bar! Our YW President Lanae head up this committee, and oh my goodness did she do the most wonderful job ever! She went all out, and from what I heard she had some DELICIOUS hot chocolate. I never got a taste because I was super busy with other things, but I heard from others that it was really good! Just look at the pictures and you can see that she did an outstanding job!

She even made chocolate dipped spoons to stir in, with different flavors...vanilla, chocolate, mint etc. I bet after looking at all of the pictures above your mouth is drooling, and you're wishing you had her as your personal decorator! 

Across the gym on the other side we had a Mrs. Claus's Kitchen. We had Randy & Tammie as our Santa Claus & Mrs. Claus. At this station we had the kids come and decorate their own sugar cookies! Talk about the cutest corner ever! The kids absolutely LOVED this! Man, I'm realizing the kids just had so much fun and so did I!

To begin the night after welcoming everyone and sharing why we chose our theme, we had ourselves a conductor. The kids lined up in the hall and they were each given a ticket. They had to hold on to these tickets throughout the night in order to participate in the booths. The first punch was a christmas tree, and that allowed them to enter the gym and get their food. We started off with dinner for everyone, and after dinner we let the kids participate in the booths. 
 They got a punch for the sugar cookies, a punch for the photo booth and a punch for the hot chocolate bar. We ended up having a lot of extra sugar cookies so they got to do that more than once, but the other ones they were only able to do once. 
Here are the tickets they were given. 

My sister Tianna was the photographer for the photobooth and she did an outstanding job, like she always does! The pictures turned out simply ADORABLE!
Sibling love! My cousins are the best!

Nicole and her daughter Lydia

Sweet Bia

Jane is the CUTEST little thing ever! I LOVE her poses!

They are soo cute it's almost unbearable!

Here is my little man, I kind of like to brag about him ahah

Sweet baby Ivy!

This kid is the best! I love his faces!

After some fun photo booth time we started our DANCE!!! I planned the dance to take up about an hour of the night and I could shorten if I needed to. I started if off by teaching the kids the Cha Cha Slide. It was so cute to see them and they picked up the moves quickly! They were so good!

Austin & Jane breakin' it down on the dance floor! How cute are they?!

After the cha cha slide we had some super fun upbeat Christmas songs. I threw in some slow songs as well and a lot of line dances for everyone to participate in. About 15 minutes into the dance we got the whole ward out on the floor. We have a couple in our ward, the Johnson's, and they taught us all how to do the Virginia Reel. It was SO fun! We included everyone from kids to adults and everyone had a blast! It was so much fun! Some of the line dances we did were the Cha Cha Slide as I said before, The Cupid Shuffle, The Virginia Reel (mentioned above) and A Country Line Dance to the song "Leroy The Redneck Reindeer". I had some swing songs, and fast songs in there as well. I also threw in some super fun games for everyone in between the line dances. They were a HUGE success!

The first game we played is called "Reindeer Antlers" We got everyone's attention and had them find a table to sit at. Under each table was taped a snack size baggie of 10 balloons, and a pair of brand new panty hose (I picked them up from the dollar store). After each person found a table the game began. Each table was a team. When I said go, the first table to blow up all the balloons and stuff them in the panty hose and get them on one of their team mates head first won the game! It was super competitive but man was it awesome!

Blowing up the balloons!

And we have a winner!

We called all the team mates with the Antlers on their head to the center of the floor to get their picture taken! Aren't they awesome?!

Our next game we played was called Kissing Couples! While we played this game we played the song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" The couples each had to grab a piece of licorice, the husbands put one end in their mouth and the wives put the other end in theirs. When I said "GO" the first couple to chew through the licorice and kiss won! 

These two cuties were the winners!

The rest of the night was filled with dancing with the kids and watching them run around like crazy!

These two are just too adorable for words!

I hope you enjoyed our Christmas Party! Let me know if you have any questions, and if you are planning a Polar Express Themed Christmas Party good luck! I hope it is just as successful and memorable as ours was! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! 

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