Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday - Christmas Eve

The next day was Christmas Eve! The first thing we did when we woke up was to watch the guys fix the TV stand so the TV would actually fit haha 
Here are the boys working away!

They did such a great job! I'm super lame and didn't get an after picture of their masterpiece, but they did a great job! haha They are such great workers! After working all morning we all got dressed and headed out to go sledding! 

Uncle Bryt with his Nephew & Niece! What a great Uncle!

Getting ready to go sledding is tough work! ha

We like to have melt downs lol 

He was not too happy about the gloves and all the puffy clothes! Poor kid couldn't even move

Look at that adorable squishy monkey!

He's so squishable I could just eat him! I love this chunky monkey!

Uncle Bryt, Breck & Uncle Trent ready to get their sled on! 

Josh, Bryt & Trent coming down the hill

Breck really did not enjoy sledding, I think it was too cold for the little guy. It was 4 degrees when we went sledding! SO COLD! It was way too cold for me too! 

Look at these handsome men! 

Tay Tay!

Presten & Breck

Jordan & Layla! They are sledding machines!

Marching up the hill! This hill was such a BIG hill! It doesn't look like it, but man, it was quite a hike! Josh and Presten marched up it multiple times both with a baby in their arms! I marched up it once with Breck and thought I was going to die! I made it half way and wanted to fall over and not move ha I don't know how they did it multiple times but they did it, they are obviously stronger than me! 
Just look at that hill! It's a beast!

Layla & Breck 

building snow angels

Can't you tell that this is the face of pure joy! 

Everyone had so much fun sledding! The kids had a blast! They were upset when we had to go home, they probably would have sled all day if we had let them! 

After sledding it was BATH TIME!!!! This is probably the first, and last time we will be able to get all these cousins in the bath tub at one time!

Christmas Eve tradition in Presten's family is to go to Punka & Grandma's house. We have Christmas dinner and exchange gifts and just spend quality time with the Dickinson Time. Before we headed over we let the kids open their "Christmas Eve Gift" It's always pajamas ;)

Breck got a cars onesie, and Presten got a "GEEK" Onesie! 
After opening pajamas, we loaded up the gifts in the cars, and headed over to Punka & Grandma's. 

When we got there, Punka had planned a huge treasure hunt for all the kids! They were SO excited about it! It was so cool! Presten said that this has been Punka's tradition to do for the kids ever since he was little. They always looked forward to Christmas Eve at Punka & Grandma's for the Treasure Hunt! 
Sweet Layla

Grandma, Maddie, Newt, Trent & Bryten

Steve in the back, Alli, Bob, Mom & Punka

Presten & Kristin

Tay, Alex, Ben & Jordan

They are on their treasure hunt!

He found his treasure! Inside was a four wheeler, and a Mail truck amongst other things. He was just super excited about the cars!

The kids playing with their new found treasures!

After the treasure hunt it was dinner and then present time! The kids grab all the gifts and distribute them to everyone. As you can see in some of the pics, we each had our own piles for our family. The kids get to go first. Each child gets to open a present and then it moves to the next one, until all the kids get to open all their gifts. Then they get to take all their new toys and go and play while the adults do the same rotation! It's so fun to see what everyone gets!

Bob & Alli gave Breck this awesome rocking horse! This rocking was made by Presten's dad, Mike Dickinson. After he made it for his kids, they passed it on to Bob & Alli for their boys, and now Bob & Alli are passing it back to us! It was such a special gift! It is so neat to be able to have something that Mike made, and I know that our kids will treasure this forever! They will always know that their Grandpa had made this and how special it is! I can't tell you how happy I was when we got it, and Breck, oh boy does he LOVE it! He will get on it and just rock on it for hours! Thank you Bob & Alli for this super special gift! We will cherish it forever! 

Here is Punka opening the Family Birthday Calendar that Presten and I made for them

Layla and Breck! Snuggles with his cousin and Aunt Kristin!

Poor Bubba had kind of a rough night. After dinner he just wasn't filling good and went through 6 diapers in like 2-3 hours. And he had the most awful diaper rash! He was screaming every time he went to the bathroom. Poor little guy! After that, he decided to have a new favorite person ha!
Aunt Kristin was that new favorite! He wanted to be on her lap at all times! Every time he climbed up, he always had to give her some delicious loves and hugs! 

So precious!
After the festivities, we all loaded up and headed back home. When we got home we got the kids ready for bed, straightened up the house and were all ready to await SANTA!!! 
Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!

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