Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Happy Easter

HAPPY EASTER!!!! This was Breck's very first Easter! The Easter bunny came and brought him a book about animas, a play phone and an outfit! What a nice Easter Bunny! The Easter bunny made finding the basket pretty easy...this year at least. We put Breck down on the floor in the hall and he crawled directly to his basket in the living room. Once he got the basket and saw the fake grass he could care less about the gifts inside! Ha He is one busy little guy! Here are family pics from our special Easter Day!

Our little family!

My mom and sisters!

Yup...they could be models!

For Easter we decided to not be traditional and do something spontaneous! Instead of the traditional feast like dinner where you stuff yourself silly we made sandwiches and packed a picnic and took it to the park. There is a super cute park in town that sits right by the river. It was a beautiful day and after our picnic lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon playing 3 flies up...with Tianna, Tanessa and I playing it was more like 50 flies up! We had so much fun together and Presten and my Dad had TONS of laughs!
The hubs & I


Papi & Breck

Papi, Breck & Honey


Aunt Ness & Breck

Aunt Nessa & Breck

He DID NOT like the grass on his feet. It was HILARIOUS

It was such a great day full of great memories and this may be a new tradition for our family for Easter! NO stress and ALL fun!

Brazilian Cowboy Ward Party

We have a Sister in our ward. Her name is Janice Fortin and she is from Brazil. We got the awesome opportunity for her to do a Brazil themed party for our ward. She made some AMAZING desserts for us to try and taught us a little bit about what they do in Brazil and how they celebrate things. It was so neat to learn about another culture and so fun for everyone to get together to have some fun! Thank you Jancie Fortin for putting that together for all of us and for teaching us a thing or two about Brazil!
Below are pictures from the party!
Brother Voss teaching the kids how to fish!

Some of the decorations that the Young Women (YW) did for the event!

My adorable sisters gettin' their country on!

Aww Family Love

Yup I claim them! They belong to me!

Brad and his awesome cowboy hat!

Toni & My Mom

My dad and Greg

The most adorable couple...The Avarell's!

Nancy, Dana, Papa & Thom

The kids got Egg Maracas! They were filled with Jelly Beans and Breck LOVED it!

Jenna, Greg, Karver & Afton

The Benally Crew!

The Frazee's!

More of the decorations!


Janelle, Janice & Lanae

Ness & Pres playing volleyball with a balloon...they have talent!

It was SO much fun! If you weren't able to make it to this one you will definitely have to make it to the next one because it will be such a blast!