Monday, June 30, 2014

June 2014

After Las Vegas my family and hubby headed back home to Durango. Tanessa, Breck and I headed to Utah! The night we got there we headed to SLC and got to meet up with the most amazing girl ever! My Bestie Kim Montoya! I love this girl to pieces! Brandon & Beyleigh got to join us and surprised Kim! We had so much fun! Makes me wanna move there! I miss them all so much!
Our lil group!

Kim & I

Best Friends Forever!

Breck showing off his new Under Armour shorts! He's pretty adorable in them!

I also got to see these GORGEOUS girls! Maddi & Ashley, we are only missing Haley! I met these girls while working at Olive Garden in American Fork and they have blessed my life ever since! I was SO glad that I got to see them and get this, I got to see them twice that day! WHAT?! I know crazy right? I went to a friends wedding and after the wedding headed over to Maddi's new home! I got to see her hubby Mikey and Ash got to come over after work. Being able to all be together and laugh and have fun til like 11:00pm was just SO fun! I miss them....the more I write this post the more I think I just need to move closer to them! 

Before the wedding we got to see Aunt Barbara! Poor Breck had a rough week. He was teething and had a diaper rash so unfortunately he wasn't his happy go lucky self. So the first time meeting Aunt Barbara wasn't as happy for him as I had hoped. He did very well though but hopefully soon we will get to go up there again and he will be much more fun! 

This picture...oh man! I asked Tanessa and Beyleigh to run to the car and grab Breck's car seat...15 min later they still had not returned so I went to the car to find them. They had been sitting there trying to figure out how to get the car seat out of the car hahah it was HILARIOUS! I just had to document that moment...15 min to try to get the car seat out of the car with no success...I eventually had to show them. Love these crazy girls!

He is OBSESSED with wheels! ALL BOY!

After traveling to Vegas and Utah and finally being able to be home, Presten and Breck were finally able to have some father son time while I went out with my mom and sisters. When I returned home, I found my boys like this. Most adorable moment ever! My heart just swelled with love and joy when I saw this. I love my boys!

Breck LOVES watching his Papi work in the yard. 

After all the traveling kind of slowed down we got to attend Jax Avarell's Bday party! Breck had SO much fun! Makena had all sorts of fun things for the kids to do and they just had way too much fun! 

Even Tanessa was enjoying everything!

Breck and Ty thought the sand was pretty cool

Once Breck saw the water though it was all over. That was the only place he wanted to be!

And the water was pretty cold!

My mom and I at the First National Bank Customer Appreciation Day!

This month Breck got his very first ride in the backhoe! He was SO happy! 

This crazy strong kid was actually able to turn the steering wheel and he thought it was so rad!

This year was Presten's first year as a Daddy and my Dad's first year as a Grandfather! So making Father's Day Gifts was SO fun! Below are the gifts. 
This is my Dad's Gift!

This was the gift I made for Presten!

Dana got this super awesome horse that has wheels and rocks. It's so cute to see him on the horse! I absolutely love this kid!

Getting ready to go watch Daddy's Softball Game!

Breck & Ivy

Cutest kids Ever!

I had this adorable candle that I got for our Wedding from my Aunt Cindy. Well Breck decided that he didn't like it and pretty much ruined it. He pushed his diaper bag over to his car seat, climbed on top of his diaper bag, then climbed on top of his car seat to be able to reach it and pushed it right off. Glass and sand was EVERYWHERE! I couldn't believe it! He is too smart for his own good. 

We decided that it would be fun to take Breck to the Rec Center. As soon as he saw the wheel...that was the ONLY place he wanted to be! He had SO much fun in the water!

Daddy took him down the water slide and he had SO much fun! 

It was a such a fun family day!

Breck down by the River

Breck is all ready for movie night!

We go all out for Movie Night at our house!