Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Month of September

The beginning of this month we made our way back from Utah. We spent Breck's birthday weekend in Utah and also scored ourselves a new car! We got a 2012 VW Passat TDI and we absolutely LOVE it! Presten loves the turbo it has! It's perfect for us! Tanessa joined us that weekend and on the way home I captured some pretty cute pics of these cuties!

Breck sleeping

Ness Sleeping

They were super tired!

He likes to travel in style!

When we got back home Presten and I gave Breck his birthday present from us! We were super excited to see what he would think of it!
As we had hoped, he LOVED it!!! He thought it was the coolest thing ever! He spent almost 2 hours playing with it.

He would open and close the door, honk the horn, go to the back and open and close the gate and then do it all over! It was the cutest thing ever!

All BOY right here! He LOVES to drive!

After he got his birthday present, we headed into town and met my parents for pizza on main.
As soon as he saw his Papi it was all over. He was beyond excited to see him and only wanted to be in his arms the rest of the night

The next day Breck and I took a nice walk along Santa Rita River. The view was beyond beautiful and I had to capture some pictures. They pictures don't do it justice but it was so pretty!

I love being able to see such beauty! I'm grateful that we live in Durango, CO!

After our walk we met up with some friends at the park! We spent the afternoon with Kristen & Tenley Short, Kayla, Austin & Gavin O'Dwyer, Shea and Jane Costa with baby Harry, and Makena, Cameron, Eden and Ivy!
The kids just ADORE Kayla! She's just so loveable!

Breck decided to separate himself from the rest of the group and wanted to chill in the middle of the grass. How did I get such a cutie pie as a son?!

Then the other kiddos decided to come and join him! Kids are so stinkin' cute!

See this sexy ride?! Cameron & Makena Avarell were driving this sweet ride around for the month of September. Aren't they just the coolest couple ever?! They pull it off well!

Kristen & Kayla took the kids over to play the instruments.

Cameron pushing Jane & Eden on the swings

These cuties love Cameron! Makena might have some competition! 

Breck loves dancing time with Aunt Tianna

This little stud of mine wanted to vacuum with me. I teach him young how to clean properly ha! He is such a cutie pie!

Below is Breck's new face! We call it his "O-Face" He randomly started doing it and it is the most hilarious thing! I absolutely love it! The little things he does and is learning how to do it just too much fun!

Saturdays are Daddy's day off so while it was nice we took a walk on the River Trail. We started at Santa Rita Park and walked to the Fish Hatchery. We fed the fish and Breck thought they were pretty cool!

We LOVE when Daddy has days off! They are our favorite!

When we were leaving the Fish Hatchery we ran into these friends! They were so close to us and didn't care that we were there. That was a fun treat to see them so close. 

Love my sexy man of mine!

Papa & Dana came over for Sunday Dinner. And Breck is our little smarty pants! He wanted to go outside and knew that Dana would take him out. He grabbed her hand and lead her directly to the door. Then he kept pointing at the door for Papa to open for him. He knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it!

And here is the "O-Face" again!

He loves his Dana & Papa!

Daddy did Bubba's hair and we think it's pretty rockin'!

Just look at that awesomeness!

His cuteness factor is just too much for me sometimes!!!

Breck and I like to take walks while it's nice outside. This time unfortunately we didn't pick the nicest of days ha. We made it to the Durango Mall and then a HUGE rainstorm hit and we got stuck at the mall for about an hour. We waited it out and made our way back to the car and no later had I loaded Breck in the car, that a second wave of rain hit! We were so lucky to be able to make it back to the car before we got drenched! It sure did make for some beautiful scenery!

He was all bundled up in the rain.

Breck and Papi love their suckers, and too boot they are organic!

Papi let Breck get on the table...The center of their table turns so they put Breck in the center and he spun him around. Breck thought it was the coolest thing ever! Unfortunately now all he wants to do is climb onto every table and try to make it spin! 

Pure joy!!!

On September 9 Tianna turned 21! What?! Can you believe it?! She's getting so old haha jk! We celebrated her birthday with the Blakes! We had chinese food for dinner and Janelle made her infamous Texas Sheet Cake with Ice Cream for dessert! It was some delicious food and great celebration! 
Breck and Lydia wanted to help Tianna open her gifts. 

What a good helper!

Breck and Lydia love the play cars!

This gift was from Jared! Just look at the excitement on her face! I wonder why ;) haha

Snuggles with Tianna & Lydia

Stewart and Tianna were having a frog jumping race...it was getting pretty competitive!

Who knew that little kid toys were so fun?!

She was pretty stoked that Breck was willing to take his bottle in her arms. 

Remember when I said that Breck and Lydia loved playing with this car?! Well they aren't the only ones! Tanessa loves to as well! Watching her in the car was beyond entertaining!

Getting in the car was quite the struggle!

She made it!

But now she can't move haha

Breck was trying to figure out how to get in the car with his Aunt Tanessa

Tianna pushing Tanessa around the house

These two are kids at heart!

Breck wanted to join in on the fun!

He's so cute I could squish him!

How am I this lucky?!

Aren't they just the cutest?!

The moms and kids out walking! We have such a cute walking group!

Swinging Time!

Playing Peek-A-Boo with Honey

He sat himself inside the pen box and thought he was funny. He laughed at himself as soon as he did. 

He likes to walk around the house with pieces of photo paper and waves them around like he is flying. It's pretty awesome!

Watching Aunt Nessa perform their half time dance at the DHS football game!

We have so much fun at the football games!!!

Yes, sometimes I slack and Breck is caught with no pants and just a diaper bum!

Snuggles with Aunt Tianna!

This night was hilarious, Breck and Tianna had some good heart to heart moments concerning him not drinking his milk and other various things. He was talking right back to her the whole time, granted it was in his own language but it was pretty awesome!

The end of the month Tianna, Staysha, Breck and myself headed up to Utah for the weekend. I needed to get a plastic piece fixed on my car so we all headed up there. Well what looked like a weekend turned into much longer for me. Come to find out that there was more on my car that was broken that we had no idea about! The Dealership took care of me and took care of everything so that was a huge plus, but that meant that I had to stay until Tuesday. It was nice because I got to spend a lot of time with family which I loved!
These two are just the cutest ever!

After hearing about all of the bad news I gathered some chocolate because that makes everything better! I love Dove Chocolate! I am a die hard milk chocolate fan, but I decided to give the Dark Chocolate Hazelnut a try. It is THE BEST! If you get a chance you need to try it! It's beyond delic and possibly my new favorite chocolate!

Tianna gives the best facials ever!

Lily & Breck! Cousin time!

While in Utah my bro and his roommates convinced me to out to the YSA dance with them and Tianna and Jared. My Aunt Katrina was SO beyond awesome and watched Breck (while he slept lol) but I went out and hung out with the group!
We stared the night off with dinner at In-N-Out. When we got there we ran into some friends from Durango! We ran into Seth Gilleland and his friend Nate! Who knew that you had to travel out of state to see your friends?!

The girls before the dance!

Aren't they such a cute bunch?!

The dance was 50's themed, which Staysha was SO bummed out about it! She said if she had known that she would have gone all out, and believe me, she totally would have! It was the perfect dance for her "era" and she had no clue haha better luck next time!

After the dance we had some guys try some stunt tricks...and since I had the camera out they were never ending haha 

Justin decided he wanted to join in on the fun!

We had a super fun time! It was a blast! I enjoyed being able to hang out with the cool young peeps!

It was all a blast until Breck decided that he wanted to wake up at 6:30am the next morning! I was super tired and a little drained but when you get to wake up to this adorable face it isn't all that bad!

Yup, I'm a creep and take pictures of them as we walk through walmart, I can't help it...I like to photograph every single moment in our lives!

Ugh! Goodbyes are the HARDEST!

So Staysha and Tianna had to get back for work on Monday and I wasn't going to get my car until Tuesday so I drove them halfway to Moab where Presten met us and took them back home. We had lunch in Moab and then parted ways. I drove my brothers car and on my way back to Orem I had a minor set back. There was a Semi Truck in front of me. I was only about 15 min. outside of Moab and the lane opened to two lanes so you could pass. As I was getting ready to pass he blew a tire! I saw this huge tire coming at me at 70mph right to my windshield. I slammed my breaks and swerved but there was tire coming at me in all directions. I was able to pull over and took a look. The tire had taken the driver side mirror clean off! Thank goodness no other damage was done and I was able to make it back to Orem safely! Thank Goodness! Below are pictures of the damage.

Lily & Sophie loved having one on one time with Breck!

Love these kiddos!

Sunday Morning I came out of my room to find this note and chicken on the floor. If you can't make out the note it says, "From Lily To Breck. This Toy is for Breck. I thought that Breck would like my toy." She gave him the toy to play with. It was the cutest thing ever! She is so adorable! I love how much they love my little man!

We finally got our car back! Woohoo! and it ended up being on Monday night which we were super grateful for!

Monday night there was a Safari Night at UVU. Breck and I tagged along with Uncle Bryan & Aunt Katrina and the kids. It was so neat! It was supposed to be inside, so we hunted for some cute beanies for Breck to wear. When we got there we found out it was inside and the beanies were not necessary, but they were fun to try on him!

He liked the kitty hat!

This one was pretty darn cute though! He is growing up way too fast!

After the Safari Night we went and picked up Uncle Bran and Beyleigh and had a late dinner at In-N-Out. yes I ate at In-N-Out about 3 times while being there...what can I say, I have an addiction!

He has an addiction with stickers!

After dinner we headed back to Bran's apartment and Breck entertained all of us for about an hour in a half. Who knew kids could be so entertaining?! At the end of the night we said our goodbyes and headed home to go to bed. 

Headed home!

We finally made it home! Breck was SO excited to be out of his carseat, but most importantly he was SO happy to see his Daddy!

Look at all the daddy son snuggling taking place! I love my boys!