Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve Party Time

It's NEW YEARS EVE!!!! Can you believe that we have made it through a whole year?! We get to welcome in the year 2015! How crazy is that?! This is Breck's first New Years Eve, and yes we kept him awake until midnight! He was such a good boy and handled it like a champ!

We started the night off celebrating at the Costa's! They threw an amazing New Years Eve Party! We played lots of wonderful games, many that had us crying we were laughing so hard, and the kids all enjoyed playing with each other and watching their parents act a little foolish lol 
Breck was so excited to be on our way to the Costa's!

Looks like we know what to get him for his next birthday! he spent all night on this thing!

Shea LOVES when I take candid photos!

We are the super cool parents that let the kids watch the ball drop! ha nope we searched for a video on youtube at 8:00pm and the kids were able to watch that. I know, we are like the coolest ever ha

They loved it!

my little Breck is such a ham!

Breck was such a stud and got two New Years Eve Kisses!

Jane & Lydia giving Breck kisses

Kids are seriously the cutest!

After the Costa's, we ended the evening at the Gilleland's house! They set off fireworks, and had a photo props for taking pictures, and had a dance! Needless to say, I pretended like I was young again and partied the night away haha
Breck with his Aunt Nessa

Tianna and I had way too much fun with the photo props

I closed my eye, all ready for a sweet New Years Eve kiss from my hubby, and to my complete surprise I got this! he thinks he's so funny!

Dun Dun Dun! They got caught kissing! Oh Snap!!!

Can't you tell that he is thrilled to be awake at midnight?! 
Happy New Years to you all! Hope you had as great a night celebrating as we did!
HELLO 2015!!!