Friday, January 9, 2015

Tianna Bridal Shower

Tianna is getting married and I, along with Nicole Blake (Tianna's soon to be Sister-In-Law) had the privilege of throwing her bridal shower! We had so many thoughts and ideas of what we wanted to do, we had so many themes that we wanted to go with! It was all way too much fun! We had so many ideas that it was hard to decide which path we wanted to take. We finally decided on a color scheme and then from there came our theme! The colors we chose were black and gold. Our theme...The Great Gatsby! Oh my goodness it was SO much fun to plan and put together! After setting everything up, it looked PHENOMENAL if I do say so myself! We did the event on a Friday night so the moms would have their hubby's home to watch the kids so they could come and enjoy a ladies night out!

Here is the invite that I made. 

Here are some pics of the decorations

The black and gold beads for each of the guests, along with feathered head bands that Tianna and my Mom made. Each guest got to take home either a headband or a bead. This is what they got to wear when they arrived and was their party favor. 

When the guests first entered there was a table by the door with an ipod that had a slideshow of the couples engagement and proposal photos. Next to that were pieces of paper with a bowl. Each guest was asked to write down a memory they have of the bride, but to not put their name on it. After everyone was done eating, the bride grabbed the whole and head to read each memory aloud and guess who wrote down the memory! It was so fun to hear other peoples memories and some of them were hilarious! It was great to get to know everyone as well!

Dinner...let's just say it was AMAZING!!! I had so many wonderful people offer their services to help me, the friends I have in my life are THE BEST!!! We had soups and desserts. My Aunt Suzy made a Loaded Baked Potato Soup, Nicole made a chicken taco soup, and my mom and I made a White Chicken Chili soup and a Taco Soup. Everything turned out delicious! I made homemade rolls, and then for dessert Makena and Pam made brownies, I made cookies, and Shea made cupcakes! It was a hit! After dinner we stared with the "1st Memory" game, and then gave everyone a break. They grabbed desserts and took pictures in the photo booth! 

After that we played the "Fiance Quiz Game" I had met with jared and asked him questions and he gave me answers. I then played the video for everyone. I asked Tianna the same questions and she had to give me the answer that Jared gave me in the video. For every answer she got wrong, she had to put a piece of double bubble gum in her mouth, at the end of it she had quite the mouth full! That was a fun game for everyone to get to know more about the couple. After that the bride opened her gifts. 

Here is Tianna's "Bride" Crown! The star even lights up! It was adorable!

"HE PUT A RING ON IT" Banner that I made with the help of my Aunt Suzy!

Yes we even had a photo booth! Bear with us as the camera was set on a timer and took 5 photos at a time! We had lots of fun with them!

Here is a group shot of everyone who attended! I believe we had about 40 people! It was so wonderful to spend such a fun evening with such amazing women

Thank you all for an AMAZING evening and for loving and supporting Tianna! You all are such a blessing in our lives and we are so blessed to have such a great system of love and support! Love you all SOOOOO much!!!!!

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