Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wedding Shopping in Utah

It's the new year and we get to spend it in Utah with family!!! 
This was the cute pic we got from Brandon & Beyleigh, they are just the cutest!

The day we got in we did some shopping and then that night had dinner with my mom's side of the family. We went out and had pizza and just spent the night visiting and enjoying food!
Mitch & Jessica

Our Table of family!

Tanessa & Emma! They are the best of cousins and kept all of us laughing the whole time!

Lily & Sophie were obsessed with Breck! They just had SO much fun with him! I love how much they love him!

Mack, Uncle Bryan & My Dad

My mom and her sister Mori

Brandon & Beyleigh

The next day was spent FULL of shopping! We went Wedding Dress shopping, temple dress shopping, bridesmaid shopping and all sorts of shopping! It was an all girls shopping kind of day!

We brought lots of snacks, drinks, toys and plenty of entertainment to try to keep our littles happy!

Emerson and TuTu

After a full day of shopping the next day we took a little easier! So Tanessa and I took Breck, Lily, Sophie & Mack to the hotel where the Blake's were staying at and took the kids swimming! They had a blast!!!

Breck had SO much fun!

Breck loves his Aunties!

Snuggle Time

Look at all these adorable kids! I love them all! Waiting to be seated at Wingers!

Sophie decided to arrange them and told them not to open their eyes until she was done. 

This was the end result! haha She's the best!

Sleepy time!

On the way home we stopped at Subway, and he had a blow out and couldn't get to our suitcase for some clean pants! This is the result, the cutest albino chunky thighs and a cute diaper butt! haha

this is his "Cheese" face!

Snuggles with my bubba

After not seeing our friends for what felt like FOREVER we thought a game night was in order! Yay for Family Game Nights at the Avarell's! They were so great to invite us all over for games and dessert! So much fun, laughter and memories! I love my friends!

Shea loves her squishy babies!

Precious kisses! SO sweet!

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