Monday, February 23, 2015

February 2015

February, the month of Valentines Day...the month of Love...the Month that Tianna & Jared are getting MARRIED!!! EEEK I am so so excited!

We got to celebrate Superbowl!!! We threw a Superbowl party at our house. The Blake's and McBride's came over and celebrated with us! We had a DELICIOUS buffet of hoagies and texas sheet cake for dessert and it was wonderful! We had a super fun time celebrating with everyone! 
Train full of hugs! 

Ready to partay!!!!

Aunt Sweety and Breck had some fun car play time!

The rest of our time was filled with all sorts of misc fun!
As always the cheesy grin from our one and only Bubba Boy!!

And Breck discovered mud for the first time...he had fun. All I have to say is thank goodness for baths and washing machines! 

We added a new sofa to our house and we absolutely LOVE it! It's my new favorite! I never knew that I could be so excited about a sofa before haha the joys of growing up I guess. 

We enjoy watching Bubba occupy himself at church. He likes to color, 

And loves playing cars on the floor with Daddy!

The beginning of the month we got the "sick" bug which was no fun, but that meant that we got to spend all day snuggling! 

Next approached the wonderful day of February...Valentine's Day!!!! Feb 14th was a Saturday and we had stuff going on so I decided on Wed night to make it fun! Breck and I got all dressed up and made a nice dinner and had the house all clean, music playing and set the house up just for Presten! After dinner we had a family movie night! It was a nice night. We had to celebrate on Wed because thursday evening I taught a Zumba class at the church, and Friday night my friend Shea threw a valentines party for the kids and then we had a basketball game for my sister so Wed was the day to celebrate!

Thursday, we got Breck's shoes for his Uncle Brans wedding, and he thought they were the coolest! He wanted them on as soon as possible and ran around in them. When I went to take them off he was quite upset! He really wanted them on! 

And Daddy got his new shoes as well so when Daddy tried his on, Breck had to have his on as well! It was the cutest thing ever! 

All ready for Aunt Nessa's basketball game! I love my boys! How did I get so extremely lucky?!

Saturday Feb 14, was a SUPER special day! This day my little sister Tianna got to go through the temple and take out her endownments. We went to the Monticello, UT temple. It was such a special day! She had so many wonderful friends and family come out and support her. It was such a great experience and I am beyond happy for them! We are getting closer to the wedding day woohoo!!!!

Here's the cute couple!

The couple with their parents!

All the family that came out!

On our way back home!

After the temple, that evening we got together and watched the slideshow that I made for them, and Lydia and Breck got some cousin play time in!

Is this not the cutest? Holding hands!

The many cheesy grin faces of our sweet boy!

Last week on Wed I helped my Aunt Suzy make these ADORABLE word blocks for the luncheon that's going to take place after the wedding. The have words on one side and on the other 3 sides are pictures of them! Suzy has some great ideas! They turned out SO cute!!!

The next day I went in and got my hair done and Breck spent the day with Aunt Tia. They had SO much fun! She made him a fort/house out of a box and he thought it was the coolest! He loves it so much! They keep it upstairs and every time he goes upstairs, that's the first place that he goes is into his house! It's the cutest thing! Whenever someone knocks on the box he says "yeah?" and then opens the door or the window to peek through! He is just the cutest!!!!

Here is my hair! Went more blonde and I LOVE IT!!!! I go to Holly at Hair Fusion and she always does the most AMAZING job!!!! 

Friday we had a girls day! Yes Breck was part of the girls day ha we went and got manicures done at VIP Nail Salon for the wedding and then treated ourselves to a delicious lunch at Jimmy John's and then spent the rest of the afternoon shopping. 

That evening Honey & Papi offered to watch Breck so Presten and I could go out on a double date with Tianna & Jared. We went to the movies and saw "THE DUFF!" It was pretty funny! We had a fun evening! Date Nights with this stud are always the best!

His smiles make my heart so happy! 

Yesterday (Sunday Feb 22) we had Stake Conference. After Stake Conference we came home to quite a bit of snow! So we had an afternoon of family shoveling! Breck decided that he is ok with the snow as long as it's not like 6 degress outside haha 

And today we woke up to 16" more and it's been non stop snowing all day! It's like a white out outside! I can't believe the amount of snow we are getting! I've shoveled 3 times today and it is still coming! Breck got to take a ride on the tractor and the skidsteer with his Papa & Papi! I can't believe that last week was 60 degrees here, no snow on the ground and barely having to wear a coat to waking up to a complete blizzard! Welcome to the weather of Durango, CO! At least we are getting all of the moisture that we have been praying for and that we have needed for quite some time, and the snow does make it look pretty gorgeous outside! 

So far that's our February! The next post will be all about the wedding and the fun we get to have this week! Stay tuned!!!

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