Saturday, January 31, 2015

January & Our Little Guy 2015

What has January looked like for us? It's looked crazy! We have had way too much fun! Breck is coming up to a year in a half and he has brought us SO much joy! He has gained such an amazing personality and keeps us laughing ALL day long! He doesn't say too many "real" words but he has a language of his own. He talks all that time! He uses his arms and hands when he talks and fluctuates his voice, it's the cutest thing in the world! He is OBSESSED with cars and trains and wheels. Anything he can get his hands on becomes a vehicle of some sort. His favorite is to watch videos on youtube of Rzr's. He could watch them for hours if we ever let him. He is into following and copying and loves to learn new things. His favorite foods are yogurt, Cheez It's, graham crackers and fruit. He eats almost everything and loves his veggies and fruit! His favorite drink is water and milk, only as long as it is warm! He is just the best! We just love that he is all ours! He has 6 teeth, 4 on top and 2 on bottom and is in and out of teething which hopefully means he is gaining more! He loves his blankets and it's the cutest thing in the world!
Here is bubba riding his backhoe around the house

Look at that cute adorable kid right now!

He has a new obsession with headbands and I'm sorry but I think it's the cutest thing in the world!!!

He is our little climber! He loves to climb ANYTHING he can!

This is the face these two gave me. Presten finished changing Breck's diaper picked him up and both Presten and Breck let one rip! Hahah oh man, these two gassy boys are lucky I love them so much!

Every store needs to have these amazing carts with steering wheels! It made shopping so wonderful!

I love these two, I love them a lot!

We have had some playdates this month! Breck & Jane got to play together!

So did Lydia and Breck!

He even convinced Uncle Tracy to get down on the floor and play with him! So cute!

Gangsta' Baby!

Here he is all dapper and ready for church! Suspenders and bowties are just the cutest, and I love them on my little guy! How did I get so lucky to have such a cute little guy in my life?! 

One Sunday we had a fun night of games! If you haven't played curses than you def should! It's a great game for a group of people!
Here's Tianna having to place Jared in handcuffs bahaha

Presten having to cheer and shout for joy! Hah good times and great laughs!

Aunt Tia likes to get on top of the truck and likes to drive around while Breck is in the truck. Probably the cutest thing ever!

They have too much fun together!

I could sit and watch him all day play with his cars! I love him so much!

Breck trying to stretch like mommy!

He gets PURE joy out of riding his horse!

The end of January was the infamous Snowdown Week in Durango. This year the theme was "Steampunk" and it was AWESOME!!!! Best snowdown I think! The parade, the floats, the costumes etc. were all stupendous! Everything was just so awesome! I really enjoyed it! Breck LOVED the parade, even if it was snowing/raining the whole time haha 
My GQ model baby!

Family snowdown time!

Super cute couple! Soon to be Mr&Mrs!!

After the parade we all headed to Zia's for dinner and Breck and Nate got to entertain all of us!

On the way home Jared made to make the night even more entertaining and go off the road hahaha 

Our January has been kind of all over the place but it's been full of fun! We love our little boy and are so happy that he gets to be ours! 

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