Saturday, February 28, 2015

The End of February & The Wedding

The end of this month we got to celebrate the wedding of my sister and new brother in law! There was lots of prep and travel, so we decided to have some family resting time before the busy times began!
Just some family resting time before we start our busy time of travel and wedding celebration!

On our way to Utah for the Temple Wedding. 

When we got to Utah we got to celebrate my cousins baby boy (Emerson's) 1st birthday. We got to get a cute picture of Bubba with his Honey, TuTu and Aunt Katrina. 

Look at these gorgeous women!

Breck LOVES his cousin Mack, and Mack loves him. When these two are together they are literally inseperable. 

Later that night the girls went out and had a bachelorette party for the bride to be, Tianna!
Some of our group!

We took her out to go country dancing in Provo! We had SOOOO much fun! It was such a fun night with such amazing people!

All us girls!

Love these ladies!

The place we went to was SO awesome! They cleared the floor and brought Tianna out to the dance floor. For the period of one song, the point of the dance was for Tianna to dance with as many guys as possible! Boy did she dance with a ton! By the time it was all done she had been spun so many times she said that she was pretty dizzy! It was so fun! They made our night the best night!

After Dancing we made our way to Sub Zero for some awesome frozen yogurt to end the night on a high!

At the luncheon after the wedding with Nicole and Kim! 

Love my bestie!

She completes me! I love her so much! Where would I be without her?!

On our way back home from the wedding. We ran into a snow storm which was so much fun lol 

All tuckered out!

Poor boy was so tired he fell asleep with his hands over his eyes! haha how cute is he?

The next day we spent all day setting up the gym for the wedding reception. Bubba was all tuckered out so he took his nap on the gym floor with his Papi! 

The gym all set up for the reception

Their dessert section that Lanae Mann set up and decorated! Naked Carrot Cake made by a family friend, cupcakes home made by Shea Costa and decorations and set up done by Lanae Mann!

If you're looking to have cupcakes for a birthday or party Shea Costa is where you need to look to. I am not a fan of cakes or cupcakes, but I can't put hers down! I eat tons of them! She can do anything you request! Yes, she's that amazing! Here is her website if you want to order and for more info:

Shea, Lanae and Karver!

Close up at the Naked Carrot Cake

More of the decorations

Wooden doors with pictures on them. 

Lydia and Mack Dancing together

My handsome boys!

YAY!!!! Tianna and Jared are married! The wedding is done and they are on their honeymoon! What a stupendous time it was! Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs Blake!!!!!

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