Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our Crazy Long Month of March!

March...this month was a little more relaxed so there are just LOTS of pictures, with only a few descriptions!
This month is exciting thought, because this is the month that my amazing hubby was born! March is such a great month because without it my man wouldn't be here with me, and I am so glad that he is all mine! With the hubby's bday coming I wanted to make it special! So he had a gift that he got to open each day for the 5 days leading up to his bday. On his bday we made his favorite foods and celebrated with our family! Everything was homemade! We had smothered burritos, with virgin margaritas, salsa, guacamole and cheesecake and ice cream for dessert. Did I mention it was all homemade and it was DELICIOUS?! He loved it! I am so happy that we got to spend the day with the love of my life and family that loves and supports us!

I also got creative and created this and put it on the mirror for my hubby. Since he was turning 28 I made 28 post it notes, each with a reason of why I love him and then created this "I Love U" sign on the mirror. My hubby's married to the best girl ever, if I do say so myself lol 

We got to celebrate his bday, Saturday the 7th, the night before his actual birthday, and we got to celebrate with these AMAZING friends of ours! What would we do with out them?! We love them! You guys are the best!!! Thanks for celebrating with us!!!

Bday grins for daddy! Uncle Tracy captured the best picture of Bubba in nursery! Man I just love this kid!

He's a cheater and pulled the cake super close so he could blow the candles out. 

This month Presten went over and did some shooting with Uncle Tracy, Cameron Avarell and Monte Roder. The boys definitely had some fun with their guns!

Can't you tell he is super excited?!

He is shooting a big old elephant gun right there! That gun definitely has some kick to it!

My Bubba and I at my sisters dance banquet. 

One saturday Breck and Dad got some Father Son time and spent their day in town checking out main street. Can you tell he had a ton of fun with Daddy?!

This month we also learned about toilets! While over at Makena's house working on some crafts, I heard some intense giggling from the littles. I didn't know where they were so I started to search for them. Well I found them! They were playing in the toilet and were having WAY too much fun! Thank goodness there was nothing in there except water and it had just been cleaned! Jane and Breck decided to put all the toilet paper in the toilet and who knows how many times they flushed it. Every bone in my body wanted to freak out and start sanitizing everything but I decided to take the time to document them so they can forever remember how much they loved the toilet water! haha I'm just so grateful that they didn't drink it...well at least that I am aware of! 

Pure Joy!

We love smiles!

We love princess crowns and "cool baby" dancing. he does a "cool baby" dance whenever he puts on sunglasses

Ready for a bike!

Family Lovin!

He has made me one lucky mama!

Like Mother Like Son! 

We like to throw snowballs with Aunt Sessa

My brother's birthday was March 17. We had the most insane and crazy idea to go up and surprise him for his bday. We left at 9:00pm and got to Utah at 2:00am and had it all planned with his roommates to meet us for lunch at Wingerz, and then we left the next morning. Yes, our brother is completely spoiled! We drive 6hrs just to surprise him for his bday! He's kind of our fav!

Just look at how cute he is?! AWWW!!!! Yes, I am that sister that always posts the cute embarrassing photos!
Breck absolutely LOVED being able to wake up in Mack's house! As soon as he saw him he grabbed him and took him straight to the toys! He loves his Mack Attack!

All ready to surprise the bro!

He was SOOOO surprised! He had no idea we were even there! It worked out perfectly!

Everyone for lunch!

Breck LOVED being able to be with Uncle Bran Bran!

He wouldn't leave his lap!

The whole gang! Love that my brother has a family away from home! We love these guys SO much and I am so grateful for the support, friendship and love that they have given my bro! I have officially adopted them as my other brothers other mothers. Love these peeps!

Mack & Breck having WAY too much fun outside!

Trying to get Buddy the Bunny out from under the house

Love these two boys!

Breck & Sophia pushing Buddy around. Breck just loved their bunny!

Lily & Sophia made Brandon some birthday magic! Aren't they just the cutest?! Brandon had such a birthday! After lunch him, the boys and Tianna and Tanessa headed out to go shooting with Am's family. After shooting we all met at the Patane's house where Noe, Am's mom, made dinner for everyone and then we had cake and ice cream! We were so glad that we got so spend the day with our bro and be able to celebrate his leprechaun birth! Speaking of Leprechaun, Lily, Sophia and Mack told their friends that they carpool with that their cousin is a "Real Life Leprechaun! He even has the pointy ears to prove it!" We had to laugh so hard because he really does have pointy ears! They are seriously the cutest kids ever!!!

After being back in Durango we were out running errands and we heard the train whistle! Breck's eyes lit up so we pulled over in McDonald's and got out to watch the train go by. He was pretty stoked about it!

Enjoying some play time at the park with Daddy. We love Saturdays when we get to spend all day with Daddy!

Daddy & Breck having play time

One Saturday we had a siblings bowling day! We headed to Ignacio, since that's the closest bowling alley to us, and we of course had to have some fun around the casino outside. thank goodness they had a play area for us to play on!

We like to try to balance on scary bouncy things ha

Jared has some real talent there!

These things would spin so fast! It was tons of fun! Presten liked being able to see how sick he could make them ha

Jared holding on for dear life!!!

We only bowl when fully prepared with snacks so we are happy!

Bowling wore him out and all he wanted to do was snuggle Uncle Jared.

Precious Loves!

Uncle Jared is so talented! Balancing Breck on his hip with no hands!

The whole gang!

Learning how to throw 2 balls at the same time

We got some new running tennis shoes and this was his outfit. He wouldn't let me put him anything else until after nap time, so this was what we sported for most of the day! He is such a cheese ball! I love this crazy kid of mine!!!!

Those are Mr. Potato Head glasses he has on, and don't you think that they fit him perfectly?! bahaha the best thing ever!

Presten saw this car in town and had to get a picture of it! It's pretty epic don't you think?

Breck's "O Face"

My little Mowhawk Baby!

Showing off his cool hair!

What a big kid he is! When did he grow up?!

The second half of March was just as full of adventure as the first part was. Tanessa didn't have school because they were on spring break so one day I grabbed Bubba and we grabbed his Aunt Nani, and Aunt Sessa and headed to the park, then grabbed sushi for lunch and headed home! That was an adventure in itself! It was a super fun day!
Instead of playing on the playground, Breck was way more interested in throwing the wood chips around!
Aunt Sessa liked throwing the woodchips down Breck's jacket ha

We have some seriously talented members of our family!

They are so good, they should make instrumental music for movies bahahah 

After the park Aunt Nani and Breck had some superhero play time!

He's the cutest kid with a cape!

Precious moments make for precious pictures

March 25, Tianna, Breck, My Mom and I took Tanessa up to Moab to meet up with the Clark Family. She was spending the 2nd half of Spring Break with her friends and their family. So we decided to make a whole day out of it! We stopped at the Hole 'n the Rock and checked out the Zoo and did some hiking! We had an absolute blast!

Feeding the animals at the zoo!

Feeding the Zebras!

Don't let this picture fool you...

As you can see from this one, she really didn't feed the camel with her mouth. She chickened out and used her hand!

So did she! I was the only one that was brave enough. We didn't get a picture, but we definitely got it on video and his whiskers touched my lips! It was a little gross hah

Pure disgust!

Cool Jeep made out of license plates and nails and stuff. It's pretty cool!

replicating a picture that her hubby has  in the same spot!

Bubba with his Honey!

Loves these girls!

He was kind of tired so he started snuggling during our hike. What a sweetie!

Oreo Cooke smiles!

We wore him out! Can't even keep his eyes open for a picture haha

This little man LOVES when he has an audience. This day he had Staysha, Shane and Aunt Sweety and was LOVING that they were sitting around watching him play cars. The simple things in life that make everything perfect!

This little stud got a stryder bike! He thinks it's pretty cool!

He is SO cute!!!!

bike riding with his daddy!

Pure Joy!

This guy loves the water!

We are headed to Cali in April and this little guy needs some stuff for the beach! We found a life jacket and sunglasses! Can you say PERFECT?! Oh man he's too cute!

Total stud status!

Silly faces time! I have kind of trained my son to love the camera and make silly faces with his momma!

I love making faces with him! I just love him so much! He's the best thing in the world!

Breck loves his cousin Shane! He will spend hours on the floor playing cars with him. As soon as he gets up to leave the room or do something, Breck jumps up, runs over and grabs his hand, and marches him back to where the toys are and has him sit down next to him. He doesn't have to play with him, he just needs to sit next to him and Breck's a happy camper!

The last Saturday this month we got to welcome a new family member! We got ourselves a new 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited! We sold our old VW Jetta TDI and welcomed this beauty! I am SO in love with this car, as is my hubby! The best part is that BOTH of us love it! When it comes to cars, the hubs and I are on completely different ends of the spectrum. We can never agree on the same car. The cars he likes I don't and vice versa. Same with the insides, he wants it to look one way and I want it to look another. This car surprisingly has EVERYTHING that the both of us want and I am so happy we have something that the both of us can enjoy and keep for years! YAY!!!!

This little man loves being outside. One day while it was warm I took him outside to do some exploring. We were literally outside for 2hrs just looking and exploring. We took a walk through the forest and over to Dana and Papa's house and to the barn, and all over! He LOVED being outside!

He discovered the little slide by Dana & Papa's house and LOVED it!

haha I loved his reaction. He wasn't sure if he should cry or laugh. He decided to laugh and then get up to go down the slide 100 more times!

Throwing the ball!

As I said before, this kid LOVES having an audience. Especially when it comes to dancing. He goes around the room and grabs each person by the hand and pulls them to the center of the room where they can form a circle around him and dance with him. It's pretty awesome! Sooo cute!

He learns all his new stuff from his Aunts. His latest phrase Aunt Nani taught him was "Oh Man" and the newest thing he does that Aunt Sessa taught him is how to play dead. They are fake dying here, and whenever you do something that Breck doesn't really want, he fake dies. He grunts when he dies so I think it's his version of throwing a fit bahaha good times!