Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Rest of April

After returning from our amazing trip to Cali, it was hard to come back to reality ha It's always hard having to come back from a vacation to real world. When we arrived Breck had an easter gift from Grams waiting for him, and loved opening it up to find all the goodies inside! 

After opening the gift we headed upstairs to say hi to Papi, Honey and Aunt Sessa. As you can tell, he loved being able to play with his Aunt Sessa. 

The rest of April was spent with just complete randomness. We didn't really do much and spent our time playing at home and trying to get our life back in order haha
Here's Bubba helping me with the laundry

Breck and I decided to take a hike through the forest on a sunny day! We have some fun mommy/son dates!

Breck and Austin playing with cars before church starts

Breck giving Shane some cuddle love! He loves his cousin Shane!

Play Dates at Makena's!

Love these littles!

They have so much fun together!

Breck and Lydia having some fun cousin time!

Kissing Cousins haha

We've reached a whole new level of eating. We eat with two hands! One hand has a spoon, the other has to have a fork and he alternates. Takes a bite with the right, then the left. haha he is the goofiest kid, and I just LOVE him! 

We have ourselves a strong dude!

Helping dad take the water bottles to the car!

Carried it ALL by himself! Love my little man!

We had a surprise bday party for Cameron. He turned 26 again ;) So we decided that we HAD to throw a fun surprise party! We had pizza and sat around and visited while the kiddos played! I'm so glad we have such amazing friends!

My little Cowboy!

Aunt Sessa knows how to make this lil guy zone! Head massages while watching a movie haha Love these precious moments!

Daddy and Breck having a fun time jumping on the tramp together!

Our big boy drinking out of a big kid water bottle!

When did he get so big?!

this is his new favorite thing to do. Put his blanket on his head and then run around the house. He is just the cutest! 
What a goofball he is! He has blessed my life so much! He makes me the happiest mom! Love my little man! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Potty Training My Bubba!

Day 1 April 15th

Today was the first day I began potty training our Bubba Boy. In one day I have learned SOOO much! A few things to start of with...
~Make sure to have PLENTY of underwear on hand
~Be ready to spend ALL day in the bathroom
~There will be plenty of accidents
~There will be quite a few successes
~Most important...make sure to have a toilet seat that is their size!

My sone is 1 1/2yrs old (19months for those that are into months), and he was showing all the signs of being ready to start with the big boy toilet. He was taking his pants on and off by himself and was interested in the potty. I have learned a little Spanish myself and have taught my son Spanish words with the Sign Language sign. I really LOVE the sign language, it has helped me out so much! So he tells me when he needs a diaper change and lately was telling me before he went to bathroom, so I took that as a sign to start.
To start Day 1 off I really hadn't done a whole bunch of prep work. To be honest I thought it would kind of be like when he learned how to walk. I just needed to guide him and he would do the rest! Bahaha BOY WAS I WRONG!!! It's been a lot of fun and there has been a lot of learning on both parts. I only had 3 pairs of boys training underwear (which he went through within the first 2hrs), and my big adult toilet and thought I was good to I went for it! I started my timer off for every 5 min.

With the underwear I had to run through the wash multiple times, because yes I planned so well ha After running through all of them I tried just going bare bum. I put an old grungy towel on the hard wood floor and he had to sit on that the whole time. I stayed with him all day and keep my eye on him. In the morning we only had 3 accidents, small ones, and we had two major successes!
He signed to me that he needed to use the bathroom, and sure enough he pooped and peed in the potty twice! You can say I was one happy mama!!!! We definitely celebrated and clapped and cheered, which he thought we could do after every attempt, so we did ha Whenever he was done trying or going he would sign to me that he was all done. After the successful times he stared signing to me when he had to go and would run to the toilet first. I did notice that he was a little nervous about falling in because, as I said before all had was our big adult size toilet. With the accidents that followed after the successes, he knew that it wasn't good. One time I went to the kitchen and he came in, grabbed my hand and pulled me to the living room to the spot that was wet and said, "oh man!" From then on, any time he had an accident his phrase was "oh man!" We can thank his Tia Nani for teaching him that phrase ha

When dinner time came around it was a little more rough. My hubby wasn't home and Bubba wouldn't stay in the kitchen with me. So, being the risky mom that I am I placed him on an old grungy towel on the couch to watch his favorite show. Everything was great until right before the hubby walked through the door. I heard something and look over to see him peeing all over my floor and dining room chairs, Then proceed to my couch! I'm pretty sure I almost died! The hubby walked in to complete chaos and had to take over him as my hands were completely busy with all the cooking! You live and you learn right?! Plus you get some amazing stories haha
So he REALLY loved the big boy underwear. My son is OBSESSED with trucks and cars and one of the pairs I had was a truck and car one which he loved. He got upset when he had an accident and had to get them taken off. He was very upset when we had to change to diapers for nap time. For nap and bed time I just went back to diapers because I don't want to really chance a whole bed wetting just yet.

After dinner the Hubs, Bubba and I headed to Wal*Mart to be more prepared for tomorrow! I have some organic suckers and smarties for his successes, along with a cushion potty seat and TONS of underwear! I wanted to be prepared! Since my son loves cars I had to order a "Cars" cushion seat offline, but it won't be here for about a week, so I just grabbed a cheap $6 Graco seat just to fill in for now. Now that I am prepared and ready with everything we need Day 2 should be smoother! Wish us luck!!!!

Day 2 April 16th

The battle of potty training begins again! 
Today started off a little better. From 8:00am to 10:30am we had only had one super small mishap, so I am counting that as a win for today! Bubba still loves his big boy underwear and HATES having to have them taken off. I have increased my timer to every 10min instead of every 5min and he seems to be doing pretty well with it. He was pretty grumpy this morning so at 10:30am I put him down for a nap with his bottle and put a diaper on him. The toilet seat has made a HUGE difference!!!! He isn't afraid of falling in and is totally comfortable sitting on the toilet. As I sad in my post from Day 1 I had to get just a cheap toilet seat as the one that we got online won't be here for a week. He is obsessed with cars and trucks so I bought a cars toilet seat and stepping stool, hoping that that will make him more interested in wanting to use the potty!

So he's not as interested in using the toilet as much as he was yesterday, so I have had to start bribing him. Whenever he goes I have been giving him one smarties candy. He has the concept of going, flushing, the toilet and then washing his hands, so he definitely understands the routine, I'm just hoping that he can catch on to actually using the toilet when he needs to. Potty Training is a slow learning process. I scoured youtube searching for anything I can get to help my son want to go to the bathroom. We watched a couple of videos with sign language and potty time, watched videos with potty songs and watched one where Thomas The Train goes to the bathroom. My son was very interested in the videos, so I'm hoping that helps a lot! I have started to pick up on his cues. When he as to go, he gets up and goes to a corner or somewhere that's quiet and away from everyone, so I've been watching him and when he gets up I take that as a cue and take him to the potty. It's been helping a lot as well.

It has been kind of hard for me to not freak out when he has his accidents. I'm a total clean freak when it comes to stuff like that, but something I read stated that when potty training when need to treat them the same we do when they are learning to walk. When they are learning to walk and fall you don't get mad at them for falling, you tell them good job and get them back up. The same needs to be done with potty training. When they have an accident you can't get mad and freak out on them you need to build them up and keep a positive atmosphere. I really like when I heard that, because I had never thought about it like that. It's so true! This is the first time that they are even learning how to use a toilet so you can't get mad at them for something that they have never known or experienced before. So, that's what I'm trying to do is be a good mom and encourage and build up my son! Hopefully it pays off!

Day 3 April 17th

We have made it to Day 3! Who would have thought?! All I can say is that it's a rough gig! I was hoping by day 3 that we would have some sort of routine or system down. Unfortunately, I think he's still trying to figure this whole thing out. He is smart boy, I can tell you that. Today we have had NO accidents, yup that's right none, in his underwear that is. Nap time came and I put a diaper on him and put him down for his nap. After turning the vacuum off I heard him in his room. So I went in, not realizing I was walking in to a mom's most disgusting nightmare! He had pooped in his diaper, (saved all his bowel movements for when nap time came obviously) and took his diaper completely off and oh so lovingly smeared it EVERYWHERE!!!!! Let's just say I had a freak out moment! I put him in the bath and cleaned him up, washed everything and disinfected everything. It was the most disgusting sight ever! I don't know about anyone else's little boy(s) but mine has learned how to take his pants off and his diaper off...I fear that I am in some serious trouble here!

I really really hope that soon he will start wanting to go to the toilet! I'm fear that I'm on the fence with him right now, he's either going to catch on and it will be no big deal, or he's going to despise it and it's going to be a fight from here on out. I'm really hoping it's the first.

Today's been a hard and discouraging day, it's really hard to feel like you are not failing when your son isn't doing what you want. I know I need to press forward and just keep going, but today I just am so tired and exhausted that part of me just wants to say forget it! ha I'm not going to of course, but that's how part of me feels. Here's to hoping for a better day tomorrow!

This evening ended up better than the beginning of it was. My husband got home and we had no accidents. Bubba went to the bathroom in the toilet before dinner, after dinner and then again before bedtime! This was exactly what I needed! It helped boost my attitude, and give me a hope again that it will get easier!

Day 4 April 18th
Today was Saturday and the best day ever! Saturday's we get daddy home ALL day! After all the time I have been spending in the bathroom with our son, it was nice to be able to have my hubby here to help share the burden. he was SO awesome! He took Bubba to the bathroom whenever I was doing something, and made sure to watch for his cues and help him. I love my hubby, and that amazing man that he is!!!

Every time we asked if he needed to go to the bathroom he would get upset and tell us no, but we did have one accident because of that. So we just decided to make sure to keep our eye on him. Besides the one accident we did super awesome! He hasn't been showing us sign language to use the potty, but every time I take him, I make sure to say "potty" and show him the sign in hopes that he will catch on. Today was my youngest sisters' prom, so starting at 3:00pm I was doing her and her friends' hair and makeup, so my hubby had our son the rest of the day. I was a little nervous on how that would go, but my hubby made sure to stay on top of him and made sure that he made it to the bathroom every time! All in all, today was a very successful day and I'm hoping that repetition will help him to want to use the potty.

Day 5 April 19th
Today was Sunday and we had church. Our church is 3 hours, and I didn't want to send him to Nursery in underwear and make the nursery leader have to take care of him when he still wasn't giving us signs or telling us when he needed to go. My husband and I decided to put him in diapers. Surprisingly, he didn't use his diaper. After having the diapers on he actually started know the "feeling" of when he needed to go and tried to not use his diaper! When we got home from church he had a clean diaper! Talk about a HAPPY moment for mom! We got home and he used the potty successfully, and then we ate and he went again before his nap! After nap time he used the potty again, and again before bed time! We had no accidents! This is where I do the mommy happy dance and jump for joy! It's the most exciting feeling! Who knew that you would get so excited about a little kid going to the bathroom! hahah This is just the most exciting thing and I am beyond thrilled that we are conquering this mile stone! I have a whole new appreciation and complete gratitude for everything my own mother taught me and for the simple things in life! You take for granted every day that you can get up out of bed, control your bladder and go to the bathroom. You never realize how hard it is until you have to teach someone else how to do what your body does for you without even thinking about it! 

Day 6 April 20th
Today unfortunately was another diaper day. I had to go do my visiting teaching with my companion today and my amazing mom took Bubba for me. I didn't want to have her deal with all the grossness of potty training, since it's my son and my choice to potty train, so I put him in a diaper so she didn't have to stress or worry, but most importantly that he didn't pee or poo on her carpets or floor ha I got home after his nap. When he woke up I took him to the bathroom and he used the potty. We had no accidents and he used the potty again before bed time and then that was the end of our day.

Day 7 April 21st
Today was a super successful day! We spent all day at home and Bubba has been using sign language!!!!! When he woke up we took the diaper off, and he signed "potty" and we went and he used the toilet successfully! All day long he was the one that told me when he needed to go and we wore the same underwear ALL DAY!!!! This made me SO happy! It was the most wonderful day! I am so proud of my son, and for what a stud he is! He is so smart, and I just love him to pieces!

Day 8 April 22nd
Today we decided to be brave and go to a friends house. We did ok, just not as good as I would have liked. We had a little accident before we headed over. He had on Disney/Pixar Cars underwear. These specific ones were black and yellow with Mater, and construction cones on them. When he had the accident we put him on the toilet and I took them off and went to put them in the hamper. Bubba freaked out! He was SO upset that I was taking them off. He would not let go of them, and when I finally got them off he screamed when he saw me actually putting them in the hamper. It was hard not to laugh at. I brought out a clean pair that were still Disney/Pixar Cars, they just had a bunch of cars on them in green, red, yellow and blue. Well, those just weren't good enough at all! He didn't even want to look at them! All he wanted was his mater underwear. So I explained to him that if he wanted them he can't go to the bathroom in them, and that they were dirty and he would have to wear the clean ones I had. It took us a while but he finally let me put the new ones on. He wasn't thrilled about it, but he wore them. We got to my friends house and we were doing really good until a little bit before we got ready to go. He was so busy playing that he didn't want to tell me he had to go so we had an accident in his pants. So, obviously I may have jumped the gun on leaving the house. It was probably a little too soon, and when you're a kid and your friends are all there, you don't want to miss anything so you just keep playing! That's what extra underwear and clothes are for right?

After we got home, the rest of the day was good. He signed to me when he needed to use the potty and it was successful until that night! The Cars Potty seat and stepping stool were delivered, so I needed to go pick them up. Today had been a long day with Bubba in the fact that we had a few meltdowns I was tired and he was tired. So I asked my dad if he could watch him while we ran to the store to grab his seat and stool. My dad was SO awesome and said he would. I showed him the signs Bubba would use if he needed to go to the bathroom and my dad said ok and we were off! We headed to Wal*Mart, grabbed what we needed and made our way home. I got home and walked into the dining room and found Bubba's underwear and PJ bottoms lying on the floor. I picked them up, they were wet and put them in the hamper. I headed upstairs and asked my dad, "so we didn't make it to bathroom in time?" He starts laughing and said nope! He was on the phone with my brother and Bubba was sitting on his lap. He asked me what the sign for "potty" was again, I showed him, and he said he's pretty sure he showed him the sign and he just didn't think anything of it! So, while Bubba was sitting on his lap he felt something, put him down on the floor checked his pants and sure enough he had peed in his pants. He then looks over on his lap to see that he had peed on his lap! bahaha If you know my dad, you would know how awesome this was! Don't worry, it gets even better! He put Bubba on the toilet but he was squirming and wanted off. My dad is still on the phone mind you, so he puts new underwear on him and lets him down to go play. He comes back and forth 3 times and my dad thinks that Bubba has passed some awful gas because he stunk! By the 3rd time he realized something was up. He leans over, looks in his pants and realizes he had pooped in his pants! So he takes him down, takes the underwear and PJ bottoms off, puts new underwear on and leaves his pants on the floor. I then look at him and realize he left the poo in the pants, the same pants that I just threw in the hamper! So I had to run down and grab the pants and get the poo out and then put them in the washer and wash everything. I was dying though! My dad was home alone, and of all the people to be left with Bubba who poops and pees in his underwear it was my dad! Talk about the best thing ever! Definitely makes for a HILARIOUS story! So, today was a little rough but we got some good stories out of it right?!

Day 9 April 23rd
Today has been AMAZING!!!! When Bubba woke up this morning, he signed "potty" and he went poo and pee in the toilet! He has been signing to me all day when he needs to go and we have had the same underwear all day! Practice makes perfect right?! We have a routine and Bubba is not afraid of the toilet. He knows that after using the toilet, we flush, wash and then he gets a candy! It was been super successful! 
No, my Bubba didn't catch on in 3 days like you hear moms post or write about on social media and in other blogs, but he has caught on. It has taken us 9 days, and we are still a work in progress, but we are working on it. The biggest key is patience, and to work with them. You don't want your child to think of using the bathroom as a punishment or chore, so try to keep them interested in it. Since we got the stool and seat last night, he has LOVED it! He wants to go into the bathroom just so he can sit on the cars! He still wears a diaper during the night and at nap time, which I'm not too concerned about just yet. I'm hoping that once he gets the hang of the day time, he will begin to control night and nap time more. This has been a whole new experience for me, but it has taught me that every kid is different and to make sure to go at their pace. Yes you might want certain things and expect them to catch on right away, but they may have their own agenda as well. Just make sure to make it interesting and fun for them, be patient with them, and don't give up on them! Your mom didn't give up on you, so don't give up on them! These littles need us, and I am so happy that I get to spend my days with my little guy, even if most of it is in the bathroom!

So proud of my bubba boy!!!