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California 2

Thursday April 9th:
Today was the last day we had in our hotel in Irvine. We took the morning to pack up and checkout and did some more shopping, this time with daddy!
After shopping we headed to Huntington Beach and got to meet up with another bestie from high school! We got to meet up with the infamous Shannon Wolfe! Breck got to FINALLY get to meet Shannie and I am SO happy that we got to meet up with her! I've missed this girl and haven't seen her since she flew out to Durango for my wedding in 2011. That's 4 years too long! Loved being able to see this girl! I'm so glad that our schedules worked out and that we got to get together. After lunch Shannon had to head home to back for her trip to NYC the next day and Presten, Breck and I headed to the beach for some more fun in the sun!  
My M&M Twin!


We were a little upset with her boyfriend for not coming to meet me, so we sent him this pic of our angry faces haha We are weirdos like that

As you can tell Breck wasted no time getting into the water. He grabbed Daddy's hand and off he went!

He wasn't a fan of getting his hands dirty in the sand...I may have something to do with the fact that he doesn't like being dirty lol 

Daddy took him out into the deep water and Breck LOVED it! When he saw the waves coming he would say "Oh no, Oh no!" and then the wave would hit and splash them and then he would just laugh and giggle! It was the cutest thing ever! I loved seeing how happy he was and how much fun he was having with his Daddy! We need to live near the beach, it's official! 

After spending all afternoon at the beach we changed out of our wet clothes and into our dry clothes. We loaded up and headed to Irvine to meet up with some friends for dinner. Not even 5 min in the car and our sweet Bubba boy was KNOCKED out! Poor little guy was SO tired! 

We met up for dinner at a place called Benihanas. If you have never been there, you NEED to try it! I am a HUGE fan of sushi so I absolutely loved it! But they have steak, chicken, AMAZING rice, desserts...the works! They have some super delic food and I'm so glad that the Inoke's introduced us to such an amazing restaurant! We met Foketi and Salome when they lived in Durango for Keti's college. Since then they have been family to us! They are like our brother and sister! We were SO happy that we got to see them, and that Breck got to meet them! We love them so much and miss them already! I'm realizing how many wonderful people we have in our lives and the blessing that they are to us! It's hard that we live 12 hours away, but I'm so grateful for the opportunities that we have to get to see them on vacations like this one! Thank you for the amazing dinner and laughs you guys! We had SO much fun and could not have asked for better family! 
Foketi, Breck & Presten...our boys!

I would say Breck and I fit in quite well with the group haha 
Foketi, Salome, myself, Presten and Breck! Love these people SOOOO much!

Our original plan after dinner was to head to my Aunt Mori's house in Chino Hills Area and stay the night there. Her and her family were staying at the Disneyland Resort in the Grand California Hotel for the weekend. After dinner my cousin texted me and said they had an extra pull out bed and wanted to know if we would like to come and stay there with them for the 2 nights we were still in town. The SWEETEST offer right?! Isn't that just so wonderful of them?! We were honored that they offered us to stay with them, and how could we say no to staying the night with our family?! Granted it's different now that we are older and have kids, but when my cousin and I were younger we were inseparable! We loved having sleep overs and staying up until wee hours in the morning laughing and talking the night away! Like I said, now that we are older and married with kids we can't stay up all night, but we can spend time together and I'm so glad that we got the opportunity to spend time with them and make wonderful memories!
The hubs and I outside of Downtown Disney! I love Cali weather and how warm it is!

Today was our super fun day! We woke up and got ready to start our big day at Disneyland! Breck woke up and was excited to see some cousins his age! 
We were excited to see these two cuties playing together! They both love cars and games...they are all boys! So we had to capture this cute photo of Landon and Breck playing together!

Aren't they precious?!?

After getting all dressed and ready we were off! We headed to Disneyland and my Aunt and cousins headed to California Adventure. We were gonna try to meet up for lunch but we were all so busy that we decided to meet up for dinner instead. 
I think we did Disney pretty awesome! We rode about 7 rides in the first 3 hours. For us going when Cali had their spring break and Disneyland being super packed I think we did quite well! 

We started off with the rocket ships!

After the rocket ships we found a train which Breck was a total fan of!

We rode the train which took us over to Autopia. 

We got to ride the cars and Breck got to drive! He LOVED being in control of the car and having full access of the steering wheel! 

After Autopia we made our way to Toon Town!

Presten and I thought the sky totally looked fake with all the hills and buildings. Maybe we are crazy, but it looked so fake to us haha

The first ride we took was on Roger Rabbits crazy Taxi ride and we had a blast! 

See that face, pure fun!

After Roger Rabbits ride we headed over to Chip & Dales Tree House!

After the tree house it was lunch time! Breck was super tired and fell asleep in his stroller, and slept through lunch. Don't worry, when he woke up we fed him haha 
While eating lunch I looked over at Presten's hat and saw that a bird had pooped on his hat! I was laughing SO hard!!!! Presten didn't think it was that funny, but I was extremely amused by it! 

We are just having way too much fun!

Getting ready to ride It's a Small World!

It was really warm today and we got hot, so we decided to take a moment to splash and play in the fountain!

There is a store in Downtown Disney called Ride Makerz. It's like a Build A Bear, but for boys! Breck was completely OBSESSED! Anytime he saw the outside of the building he would freak out! He could have spent ALL day inside the store! It was so cute! I'm not gonna lie, Presten and I were pretty close to getting him one but we figured we would save it for later when he's older and can appreciate it more!

In the middle of Downtown Disney they have different bands that come and play! People gather around to listen and to dance! This band was a mix between 1950's and Rock and Roll! It was so fun! Breck, along with some other kids and adults had a BLAST dancing and running around to their music!

The Lego Store!

My cute family! I am love them SO much!

Can you believe that these are all made out of legos?! Talk about some serious talent!!!

Since it was super hot out, we decided to take a break and have some pool fun! We headed to the pool at the hotel and spent about an hour there. Breck LOVED it! He's such a water baby, and loved being able to swim!

After swimming we headed back to the hotel room and changed. We were gonna head back to Disneyland for some more fun but then Presten unfortunately got a migraine way bad. He got so sick he threw up a little and got way dizzy, so we had to take an hour or two for Presten to lay down and rest until he felt better. 

After Presten rested and felt better again we headed to Denny's for dinner. We got to meet up with my Aunt Julia for dinner! It was SO fun to get to see her! Dinner was unfortunately short, Presten and I wanted to get back to Disneyland so that we didn't miss the fireworks for Breck, so we kind of had to eat and run but I was so glad that we got to see Aunt Julia! 
Aunt Julia, myself, Breck and Presten

We were in luck! We got into Disneyland and made it just in time! We missed the first couple but were able to watch the rest! It was so cool and SO pretty!!!! 

We got an even better treat as well! Tio Oscar, Tia Sonia, Kristian and Joshua came to Disneyland and showed us how to do Disney At Night!!! We were SOOOO glad to have them there and to be able to learn all the tips and tricks of Disney!

The boys started the night off with target shooting at the range.

Breck was keeping us all entertained and stopping along the way to show Tio and Josh how play music haha 

Josh trying to throw a fit like Breck...I think he nailed it bahahah 

Here we are ready to ride the Pirates of the Carribean! 

One tired bubba!

Yup, I'm that person that takes pictures with BRIGHT flash while inside the Haunted Mansion! I ruin peoples experiences haha 

The boys riding SPLASH MOUNTAIN! Love this picture SO much!!!! These boys are just the greatest!

Pixie Hollow! We got to see where Tink Lives! Yup I was happy!

This was the end of our day! We stayed out until 1:30am/2:00am! It was SO much fun! We could not have asked for a better end to the night, or the most amazing week! Goodbyes are always hard, but I am so grateful that we got all the time we did! We have so many memories that we got to walk away with from this trip! We loved being able to spend such precious time with our loved ones! Thank you to everyone that put up with us and showed us such a great time! We are so grateful for you and for the love and support you show me and my family! Where would we be without you?! You are all the most amazing! We love you SO much!!!!

Today we had to say our goodbyes. We got to spend the morning visiting and then had to pack up and make our way back to home. Hello to our nice 12 hour drive back! Before we left we wanted to get a cute picture of Landon, Emerson and Breck...this is the best of our attempts ha 

We decided to check out some stores on our trip back! Breck was stoked about the animals!

Afterwards we got our last In-N-Out Burger! Can I just say how much we LOVE In-N-Out?! It's good that we don't live near one because I would probably eat there every single day! 

Asleep already?! perfect way to start our trip home!

My hubby and son love all the pictures I take of us haha 

We arrived home at 2:30am! This is how we arrived. Both boys passed out fast asleep! Sad to put an end to our trip, but so happy to be home and in our own beds! Thanks for the memories Cali! Until next time!

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