Thursday, April 2, 2015

California Part 1

I have been looking forward to this month for a couple of weeks now! About a month ago Presten found out that he had a job training in California. Breck and I decided to tag along and visit some family while we were there! We left Thursday night (April 2nd) and headed to Orem, UT. We stayed the night at my Aunt Katrina's house. 

Before leaving Thursday night Breck and I got to see Uncle Mikey! He came down to see his parents this weekend, and we were so lucky we got to see him. I'm bummed that we didn't get to spend more time with him, but I'm glad we got the time we did! 
This is how we climb the stairs, with a truck in each hand! 

Uncle Mikey, Breck and I

I just HAD to! Mikey HATES this pic, but it just made my day! Possibly the best picture ever haha We love Uncle Mikey!

When we got to Aunt Katrina's Mack was awake and Breck was SO happy to see his cousin! He grabbed his hand and took him straight to the toys! So cute!

The next morning Breck woke up to see his cousins, Mack, Lily and Sophie and his Uncle Jared and Aunt Nani! As you can tell from the pictures he was BEYOND happy to be with the people he loves! He was super excited!

I love these littles so much!

Mack, Breck and Uncle Bryan! What studs!

Playing on the couch with Mack!

After playing with cousins we unfortunately had to say our goodbyes. We stopped by Uncle Brans work and said a quick hi/bye, and then went off to sell our smaller car, the Volkswagon Jetta TDI. After selling it and getting everything squared away, we jumped in our new car (Jeep Cherokee) and started our trip to cali!
Presten was SO proud of himself because he got our gas mileage up to 31! And yes, HE was the one that told me to take a picture! That's how excited he was haha silly guy! 

We set Breck up with his snacks and cartoons on the Ipad! Yay for movies!

He was quite pleased with the fact that I let him have the whole bag of goldfish! Hahah, he is such a cheeser! LOVE it!

After the movie was over I looked back to turn the movie off and found this situation. Breck was fed up with being in his carseat and decided to try to undress himself bahaha He is such a goofball!

After driving for what seemed like forever to this little guy, we FINALLY made it! We arrived at my Tio Oscar and Tia Sonia's house around 7:30/8:00pm. We were SO happy to be there and to get to see them! The last time we saw them was Christmas, so we were def looking forward to being able to see our family and spend time with them! My cousin Josh was so awesome and gave us his room while he slept on a blow up mattress! How nice is that?! They really love us!

The next day we joined my cousins, aunt and uncles with celebrating Easter and their family traditions! Waking up in Cali was SO awesome! I loved waking up to the feel of summer, warm air and just the cali smell! 

Ready for the day! 

Tio Oscar and Breck having some fun play time!

That morning after we were all ready we got the back yard set up with tables and chairs and got it all ready for everyone to come. After the set up was complete Kris, Josh and Breck played some catch with the "goggie" as Breck says haha

Breck and Josh

Around 1:00pm the cousins all arrived! Breck was pretty stoked that he had some cousins his age to play with! 

Breck with his cousins! Can you guess which one he is? lol 

These two were so cute together! They both loved the camera, and I loved taking pictures of them! We def had WAY too much fun!

Breck was way into showing off his belly today 

After eating lunch the boys went out and hid the easter eggs for the littles. After they were done hiding the eggs the infamous egg hunt began! Each kid got a baggie wit their name on it and went off to collect as many eggs as they could find! It didn't take Breck long to figure out how to Hunting for Easter Eggs worked and had a BLAST! 

Once the kids found all their eggs they took them inside and got to open them up and discover all their treasures! The kids loved being able to see what goodies they collected!

After the egg hunt, they did their next family tradition. Each kid gets a hard boiled egg and they have to hit their eggs against each other. The one that doesn't crack wins. They continue to do this until there is one person with the egg with no cracks that wins!

After that, the kids went off to go play while the adults visited. When I say adults I mean the women, the men sat in the TV room watching sports! hahah 

Hahah I love that Breck blends in with his cousins so well!

Yes, we were able to snap a picture of all the littles together! We are talented like that! haha 

The boys attacking Kristian!

It was SO fun to be able so spend the day with everyone! We had so much fun spending time celebrating Easter with our family! We loved being able to be a part of their family traditions and to make such great memories! We had so much fun!

Today was EASTER SUNDAY!!!! The Easter Bunny found Breck all the way in Cali and brought him his Easter Basket! The Easter bunny knew exactly what Breck loved! He got a Cars plate and fork/spoon set, some sweet sunglasses, some awesome hot wheels cars and some candy! Breck was quite pleased with his basket!

He wanted Daddy to try on his new sunglasses! ha

All ready for church! We joined the Larios' at their Catholic church. It was the first time we had attended a Catholic church and it was a really neat experience. After church we ate some delicious BBQ and then headed home for some relax time. Presten, Breck and I took some time and took a walk to the park and around the neighborhood. 

Breck enjoyed climbing through the fence

And watching the ducks with daddy

He tried chasing after them, but they kept running away from him. After the walk we headed back to the house and Tio and Tia took us to walk around Brea. We did some shopping at Old Navy and got some Ice Cream from Farrells. After that we went to watch Fast and Furious 7! Let me just say the movie was AMAZING!!! By far my favorite, and yes I bawled like a baby at the end ha. We had so much fun with them and were grateful that we had some awesome one on one time with them! We are so grateful for all the love and fun the Larios' showed us! It was so awesome and we made such amazing memories! I am so grateful for my family and for all the love and joy they bring to my life! I am so blessed for all that they do for us!

Monday: April 6th - My Birthday!
Today was the day we left my Tio and Tia's house and made our way to our hotel in Irvine, CA. We were so sad to go because we had so much fun, but we looked forward to seeing them later in the week.
My adorable little man!

sporting his new outfit from Old Navy! He's so cute I could just eat him!

Our check in time for the hotel room wasn't until 4pm so we had all day to explore and check out Irvine! We headed to a place called the Irvine Spectrum, which is a SUPER cool place! There's tons of shopping, places to eat, a cute train which Breck was way into and a ferris wheel that was closed but was planned to be open in May. 

We grabbed some breakfast at a cute bakery! Look at my two hot dates! I'm just the luckiest!

After breakfast we did some shopping

Lunch time, we went and ate at Johnny Rockets! They have some super delicious burgers!

While eating we had a little friend come join us. Breck thought he was SUPER cool and chased him all around the place. It was pretty cute to watch!

The Ferris Wheel! Too bad it wasn't open

After hanging out at the Irvine Spectrum we checked into our hotel. After unpacking we made our way down to the pool to swim. It was a little chilly so we spent most of our time in the hot tub, but Daddy and Breck were super brave and swam in the cold pool! Those crazy boys!

After swimming we got ready and headed back to the Irvine Spectrum to meet my cousin Jessica, her hubby Mitch and their two boys, Landon & Emerson for dinner at Red Robin. It was so fun to get to spend my bday dinner with them! After dinner the boys rode the carousel! It was so fun to see the boys together having so much fun! 

On our way back to the car we found this ghetto minivan! haha only in Cali would you see a minivan lookin' like this! too funny!

I had SO much fun on my birthday! It was such a great day surrounded by amazing people! What an amazing night with the loves of my life! I am one spoiled girl! What other hubby's would get their wives a new car, AND take their wives to Cali for their bday ;) I like to pretend I'm special lol 

Today Presten had his job training. So I dropped him off at his training and Breck and I did some shopping! Shop til' ya drop! That's our motto ha After shopping all morning and finding some sweet deals, we made our way back to the hotel for nap time. After Breck's nap it was time to Pick up Presten. We went and picked him up and then stopped by the hotel room to get ready. That night we got to meet up with one of my besties from high school and her fam! We met up at South Coast Plaza and ate dinner at Claim Jumper. That was our first time ever eating there and it was quite good!
My lil' model all ready to go!

I can't tell you how happy this picture makes me! It was so fun to get to spend a whole evening with this cutie and her daughter and hubs! After dinner we walked around the mall and let the kids kind of roam. They were so cute together!


Our hubbies with our littles! We are some lucky ladies! 

Evelynn and Breck. This pic was taken right before Evelynn fell off the seat and ended up under the table ha too bad we didn't have that on camera lol 

High school besties right here!

the cutest blondies ever!

We had SO much fun together! I was so sad that we had to say goodbye! It was so wonderful to get to spend an evening together with them! I love this girlie and her family!

We had so much fun spending time with the Stone's that we needed another day of fun! We woke up and headed down to the lobby for breakfast. While at breakfast today, EVERYONE from the hotel came over and complimented how cute Breck was and could not get over his adorable hair! The kitchen manager even brought Breck a cute bunny! I felt like my son was a celebrity! They even knew us by his name, not mine or Presten's, just Breck. He was super popular! 

Look at this could he not be loved right?!

Afer breakfast we dropped daddy off at his job training and then headed to Seal Beach to spend the day with Cortney and Evelynn. The morning was a little cooler than we wanted it to be but it didn't stop us from heading to the beach. We didn't go swimming but they have a park right on the beach and the kids loved it! Cortney lives about a mile away from the beach so it was an awesome and cute little walk! 
All ready for our walk!

Breck was a fan of running around barefoot in the sand! I think we need to live on the beach!

Look at this beautiful place!

Had so much fun with this girlie!

After spending the morning and afternoon with Cortney and Evelynn we headed back to Irvine and picked up Presten. After picking him up we headed to the beach for the evening. Trying to get as much beach time as possible! We took Breck to Newport Beach and had SO much fun! This was Breck's first time at the beach and he could not get enough of it! It was a colder and windy day but that didn't stop him one bit! All he wanted was to be in the water! His teeth were chattering he was so cold, so we pulled him out and he freaked out! He was so upset that we had to leave the water haha It was the cutest thing ever! After swimming we ate at a cute pizza joint which was SUPER delic! It was sooooo good! I will def eat there again! 

We had so much fun, and made such wonderful memories! The rest of our cali trip is in the next post! Hope you're enjoying all of our photos!

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