Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Rest of April

After returning from our amazing trip to Cali, it was hard to come back to reality ha It's always hard having to come back from a vacation to real world. When we arrived Breck had an easter gift from Grams waiting for him, and loved opening it up to find all the goodies inside! 

After opening the gift we headed upstairs to say hi to Papi, Honey and Aunt Sessa. As you can tell, he loved being able to play with his Aunt Sessa. 

The rest of April was spent with just complete randomness. We didn't really do much and spent our time playing at home and trying to get our life back in order haha
Here's Bubba helping me with the laundry

Breck and I decided to take a hike through the forest on a sunny day! We have some fun mommy/son dates!

Breck and Austin playing with cars before church starts

Breck giving Shane some cuddle love! He loves his cousin Shane!

Play Dates at Makena's!

Love these littles!

They have so much fun together!

Breck and Lydia having some fun cousin time!

Kissing Cousins haha

We've reached a whole new level of eating. We eat with two hands! One hand has a spoon, the other has to have a fork and he alternates. Takes a bite with the right, then the left. haha he is the goofiest kid, and I just LOVE him! 

We have ourselves a strong dude!

Helping dad take the water bottles to the car!

Carried it ALL by himself! Love my little man!

We had a surprise bday party for Cameron. He turned 26 again ;) So we decided that we HAD to throw a fun surprise party! We had pizza and sat around and visited while the kiddos played! I'm so glad we have such amazing friends!

My little Cowboy!

Aunt Sessa knows how to make this lil guy zone! Head massages while watching a movie haha Love these precious moments!

Daddy and Breck having a fun time jumping on the tramp together!

Our big boy drinking out of a big kid water bottle!

When did he get so big?!

this is his new favorite thing to do. Put his blanket on his head and then run around the house. He is just the cutest! 
What a goofball he is! He has blessed my life so much! He makes me the happiest mom! Love my little man! 

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