Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bryt Grad Weekend & Bday

The weekend of May 17th 2015 We got to take a family trip to Gunnison, CO! Presten's youngest brother Bryten graduated from High School. He was the last one to graduate! It unfortunately was a quick trip but all the family was able to be there, so it was WAY fun! 
We got to meet Toby for the first time! He has the LONGEST eyelashes and is just a grinner, well for everyone except me haha He didn't want to smile once I pulled the camera out lol 

We left Friday afternoon and got there around 1:00pm and arrived there around 5:00pm. My SIL Kristin and her family were supposed to arrive around the same time, but there was a huge accident over the pass that was supposed to be closed for like 2 hours. They decided not to wait and took a different route but the new route added an extra hour 1/2 onto their trip which was a big bummer. The next morning we found out that the pass was closed all night and didn't open until about 3:00am, so it was a good choice for them to not wait! Once they arrived in Gunnison we all headed out to Mario's to get some dinner! 
While waiting for the food we got a little bored and decided to have some fun with the saltine cracker wrappers. Here is Breck with his wrapper! He thought it was HILARIOUS that it would stick to his face lol 

Tay and I are a little goofy....That's how we roll!

The whole fam! Missing Bryt and Trent. They were still in the Denver area for Bryten's baseball games.

These two are so precious! Breck was excited to wake up and get to play cars with Jordan! They are so cute together and they have the same interests! They both love cars and Jordan was so sweet with Breck. He was constantly sharing his cars and trying to make sure Breck was happy. It was adorable!

The next morning the kids couldn't wait to go outside and play. Breck was SO happy to have his cousins around. He was loving that he had other kids to play with!

Tay was so awesome! She was always stopping to help Layla and Breck and make sure they were ok. She's a great big sister and cousin!

The two little munchkins!

Breck helping daddy! What a great helper haha

For lunch we all went out for some mexican food and then headed over to Punka and Grandma's to visit and for the kids to see them. Grandma got all the kids suckers and they were pretty thrilled about that! 

After hanging out at Punka and Grandma's we headed back to the house and I put Breck down for a nap so he would be enjoyable for the grad party ha While Breck napped Presten and I got ready and once he woke up we headed to the church to start Bryten's Grad Party.

Here is the cake for the graduates! There are 4 of them graduating and they decided to do a combined party! It was super fun and it was great to see all the family come out and support Bryten. 

Aunt Debbie and Grandma with Toby. 

Uncle Steve, Layla and Josh

All the cousins with their food!
Taylin, Jordan and Alex

Layla and Breck

After the grad party we cleaned up and headed home. Got Breck down for a nap and then decided that Bryten needed some birthday fun in his life! The next day (17th, was his birthday and his graduation day) So we decided to fill his car up with balloons and write some sweet notes on his car windows bahah. I filled the car and Kristin wrote the notes, below was our masterpiece
"Bryten for Prom Queen"  "GHS 2015"

"Happy Birthday Bryten"

"Honk For Bryt!"


One thing we didn't think about was rain. It rained that night and washed all the words off the windows so we had to run back out there and redo the windows before Bryten woke up!

"Bryten for Prom Queen"  "GHS 2015"

"Hong for Bryten"

"Go GHS Baseball"

"Happy Birthday Bryten"

We added some balloons to his back antenna! School colors baby!

He was thrilled when he saw his car haha 

He was so thrilled he started throwing all the balloons out on the ground and then decided just to take mom's car to baseball practice! He didn't want to take is beautifully decorated car to practice, I mean what?!

Nick was definitely having a blast with all the balloons! 

He stuffed them under his hoodie, and in his shorts and yup he just had them everywhere bahaha we were dying! 

After Bryten left for practice the boys felt like he needed to drive his own car. So Trenten, Nick, Nevin and Josh took his car to the school and switched it out with moms car but decided to add a little more than just balloons. 
They parked the car in the middle of the parking lot so no one could get out until he moved his car, saran wrapped the outside....

Added some Maxi Pads to the hood (Which they later spent 30-40min trying to scrub off the sticky residue) added cotton balls to the inside dash...

And finished off by Saran Wrapping the top as well. Needless to say Bryten has the best family ever right?! lol 

The boys with their finished product!

Here they are cleaning off the sticky stuff from the maxi pads

That afternoon, after church and cleaning the car, was Bryten's Graduation!!!! Woohoo!!!! I didn't get to see much of the ceremony because Breck would cry and throw a fit every time we sat down. So we spent most of our time outside on the grass. 
Here he is!!!

The graduate and his proud mom!!!

My view outside during the ceremony!

He is lucky that he is so cute!

The Hatch Fam with the Graduate!

They are the cutest siblings ever! Loves these peeps!

After the Graduation everyone headed to the house for a bday/Grad party! The bummer part was that Bryten's baseball games were cancelled on Saturday due to the rain, and postponed until Monday, so he had to leave Sunday night at 6:00pm to head back up to the Denver area for his games the next day. He missed Project Grad which was a bummer, but at least he got to be there for his bday party! 
Bryten, Bob and Alex! We missed you Alli and Ben!

The kids enjoying all the balloons!

The boys got bored inside and decided to head outside to play some catch. 

Tatum and Bryt! Best friends...Best Cousins!

Bryten's Cake!

Aunt Marsha & Breck!

Presten and Josh making sure we have some delicious food to eat!

Breck and Nevin

Uncle Steve, Bryten & Aunt Debbie

Grandma, Bryten & Punka

Grandma, Bryten & Grandpa

Bryten & Aunt Marsha

Cousinly Love!

Nick, Bryten, Tatum & Nevin

Bryten & Tatum

The boys!

All the cousins!!!!
Nick, Trenten, Bryten, Nevin, Presten
Kristin & Tatum


Uncle Bryt with his nieces and nephews...missing Taylin

The fam!

Mom with all her kiddos!

Congratulations Bryten! We are so proud of you and for the accomplishments you have made thus far! We love you and support you and hope for the best! So glad the whole family got to be there for you! I love family get togethers! Can't wait until our next one in June! Happy 18th bday and Happy Graduation! WE LOVE YOU!!!!! 

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