Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Family News in June!

You may have already guessed it, but if you haven't......SURPRISE!!!!!
We are so HAPPY to announce that we have a new slugger coming February 2016!!!

So...After getting back from our trip to Wyoming I was feeling a little off. When I say a little, I mean super grumpy, kinda irritable and just sicker than sick! I could not figure out what was going on. I had a hunch and decided to act upon it...I took a test and lo and behold it was POSITIVE!

two lines baby! TWO LINES!!!!!

Last time I was pregnant I kinda just told Presten and didn't make it fun or anything, so this time I thought it would be fun to take pictures of him as I told him. So, when he got home from work I told him I wanted to take some family pics...I'm sneaky like that lol 

I took a pic of him and Breck and as I snapped the photos I told him. His reaction? A big grin with a little laugh. Then he told me, I kinda had a feeling ha This guy doesn't give me BIG surprise reactions, so I just take what I can get from this guy...It's ok, his smile is pretty cute so I'll take it lol 

After taking pictures Presten decided to play some pall with Breck...Which helped give us the idea of our announcement! 

Father's Day weekend my parents were in Utah visiting my siblings, which worked our PERFECT for us! We headed into town and found some super cute baseball gear and headed out to get our pictures on!
Daddy getting Breck's glove on

Isn't this the cutest thing ever?!

He would only wear the glove for like a second so I was lucky I got this pic lol 

For us doing these ourselves and only using a camera, I think we did pretty well! I love how cute the pics came out! I love my little family and I am SO happy that we are adding another cutie to the mix!

He only wore his hat backwards because I asked him too....he'd rather wear it the right way lol 

We are SUPER excited and so glad that we get to share our exciting news with all of you!!!!

June 2015

Breck is 22 months this month...Can you believe that? He's going to be 2 in August! I can't believe that he is getting so big! Below is a list of fun facts about our sweet boy!

Things he LOVES!
1. Mater
2. Lightning McQueen
3. Cars Movie
4. Cars 2 Movie
5. Thomas The Train
6. Tractors
7. Outside
8. Jumping on the Trampoline
9. Going down the slide head first
10. Shoes
11. Agua (his water)
12. His baseball blanket
13. Cookies
14. Gold Fish
15. Cheez Itz 
16. Gold Fish
17. Nutri Grain Bars
18. La Leche (milk, but only for bed/nap time)
19. Throwing balls
20. Reading Books
21. Waving Goodbye
22. Blowing Kisses
23. Giving "Beso's (kisses)" to everyone
24. Sign Language (he has picked it up so quickly and easily and I love that he and I can          
      communicate! Makes it so much easier to be able to know what he wants/needs)
25. Cereal
26. Mac & Cheese
27. Trucks
28. Tires/Wheels

Words he Says:
1. Mommy
2. Ma - Mom
3. Daddy
4. Papi
5. Honey
6. Bran Bra - Uncle Bran Bran
7. Nani - Aunt Tianna
8. Sessa - Aunt Tanessa
9. Ga Ga - Agua
10. Da Du - Tractor
11. Outsi - Outside
12. Shoes
13. Potty
14. Peas - Please
15. hmm hmm - Thank you
16. I ooo - I love you
17. Guy Guys - Bye Guys
18. Bye Bye
19. A Day - Have A Good Day
20. Cookie
21. MaQuee - McQueen
22. Mmmm - Cow
23. Ca - Car
24. Neigh Neigh - Horse
25. He puffs his cheeks up and blows out his mouth to make an elephant noise - elephant
26. Choo Choo - Train
27. Tu Tu - Aunt Mori
28. Goggie - Doggie
29. Beep Beep - Horn
30. Papa
31. Dana
32. Swee - Aunt Sweety (Aunt Suzy)
33. Bubba
34. Yee Haw
35. WooHoo
36. Baze - Blaze
37. ooh ooh aah - Monkey
38. All Gone
39. All Done
40. Oh No
41. Oh Man
42. No No
43. I Wa - I want
44. Ah Me! - Help Me!
45. Ah Baby - Happy Birthday
46. Jee - Janie
47. Graba - Grandma
48. BeeBee - Baby
49. Sane - Shane
50. Corn Corn - Popcorn
51. Fish - Gold Fish
52. Tees - Teeth
53. Ball
54. Gack - Mack
55. I
56. Eyes
57. Toes
58. Meo - Mater
59. Dad Gum
60. I Did - I Did It
61. Two T - Uncle Trenten
62. Sta Fish - Starfish - Staysha
63. Ock - Rock
64. Night Night
65. Mas - More
66. Ride - Rzr
67. Hi
68. Iss Ooo - I'll Miss You
69. Sess Ooo - Bless You
70. Sassu - Leaf

I'm sure there are more, but these are just the ones I can think of. He is really starting to talk a lot and say real words and it is just the CUTEST thing ever!!! I seriously can't believe how lucky I am and what a blessing he is to my life! I would love for him to stay this size forever! Why can't he stay little for like ever?!?

As you can tell, we have great fashion sense and love spending our time outside in a "ladies man" shirt with "cars" underwear, and our sweet "keen" shoes hahah 

Precious moments that I never want to forget.

Blowing kisses!

un beso

Breck riding around on Papi's shoulders after their softball game

This kid is totally going through a growth spurt. He had been sleeping for 2 1/2hrs, I went in, turned the fan off and turned the lights on and he kept on sleeping. Didn't even flinch! So I turned the lights off, fan back on and he slept another 2 1/2hrs hahaha

Blowing dandelions!

Bubba and Daddy playing trucks...nothing makes Breck happier

He likes his bread!

Presten and I were watching a DVD that was made the year he graduated high school (2005) yup he's old ha and found this on the DVD! My hubby was voted Best Smile! Look at that young skinny stud! And the vote was right, he has ONE amazing smile! That's really what sold me when I chased after him lol 

Honey and Breck playing piano

Getting ready to dance! His favorite thing is to get everyone in a circle around him and to dance his little heart out with them!

This month we got to help celebrate Jax Avarell's bday! Here is Breck sporting a Mine Craft head!

Sweet mask dude!

They had bubbles at the party and he was IN LOVE!!!! He thought they were sooo cool and giggled the whole time!

Breck and Eden playing with the bubbles

Snuggles with my adorable baby boy! Watching TV and snuggling is the best thing in the world!

The weekend of June 12th my siblings surprised us and made a trip to durango! It was SO fun to see them! We unfortunately had to leave quickly (we were headed to Wyoming for my niece's baptism so that was really fun) it's just always hard to have to say goodbye to my siblings ha
Look how cute they are! Breck was SOOOO happy to have his Nani in town!

It was customer appreciation for First National Bank, that's where my hubby works and where we bank, so we went and ate a free lunch at the bank and got to watch the Bar D Wranglers play some songs. After lunch and the show we walked main and checked out some stores, and stopped off to get some caramel/chocolate covered apples. They were DELICIOUS!!!!

Tianna wasn't too impressed with Jared getting all snuggly with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Bear!

Breck looks like he could belong to them ha 

Nani taught Breck how to fake cry and fake frown lol She teaches him all his best habits ha

Breck and Bey Bey

I LOVE this pic! on the ride home I wanted a candid pic and got a cute pic of Tianna and Jared, a zoned one of Bran, a crazy one of Bey, and a "who knows what's going on" from Breck hahah I love candid photos lol 

Jared slaving away on his Homework. 

Lounging around the house after a fun filled afternoon

Bran and Bey checking out fb

Tianna taking a nap

Nani and Breck playing piano

Breck and Daddy helped Mommy make chocolate chip cookies for Father's Day on Sunday June 21st

He was very impressed with how the machine worked

After helping me make cookies we had mac and cheese for dinner, because we are that amazing ha and we watched The Little Rascals on TV. Breck was IN LOVE with it! Why wouldn't he be, I mean it's like the best show ever!

The Saturday before Father's Day we had a family date day and headed to the movie theatre and watched Inside Out! We thought it was SO cute and Breck def was a fan!
I love my little family!

After the movie we headed to downtown and walked main. The big car show was going on and we thought that Breck would just LOVE it! Guess what, we were right! He was a big fan!
Look at how chill he is! 
After walking main we ate lunch at Wendy's, got some free frosty's! and then filled up our water jugs, did some grocery shopping and then headed home to put Breck down for a nap.

Here's our cheesy little dude, happy as can be waking up from his nap!

Breck and Daddy snuggling! I love watching these two play! They are just the cutest! Makes my heart happy!

We decided that since Father's Day was going to be very busy and hectic, so we gave daddy his gift the night before. 

Breck had more fun opening the presents and playing with the wrapping paper, than with the gift inside ha

Father's Day was the next day and we had a great time at church. Presten wanted to celebrate his day low key. We had dinner with family, but before dinner we spent the afternoon with a picnic lunch and headed to the park near the river. Breck met a little girl by the river and the two of them had a BLAST playing in the river and throwing rocks. We spent about 2 hours there and when we left Breck was so upset. He acted like he had only been there for 5 mins. haha this dude and his water. He has a definite obsession!

Look at how high the water is!

My sexy hubby!

Kisses with Daddy!

The two of them throwing rocks. These two could happily spend a full day at a pond or any source of water throwing rocks...like father like son!

The next day we got to head to Bayfield and surprise our friend Angie Webber for her bday! She was so sweet and shared her ice cream cake with all of us! 
Happy Bday beautiful!

While at the Webber's house I snuck back to the back and found Gracie and Breck playing with tools together. They were SO cute! 

I love how sweetly Breck gets along with and plays with other kids. warms my heart!

Breck and Sessa pretending to fake cry

A fake cry is always followed with a big cheesy grin!

Sessa and Breck out for a ride! One of his is fav things to do!

My big boy on the bike!

Playing cars in the weeds

Breck looking for a lizard that ran under the rocks

Honey, Breck and Abuela

Breck and Abuela

Bubba loving his new pool

Pure Joy!

Love this little man of mine! Everyone else should be jealous that they don't have this adorable toe head as your own! Yup, I'm super lucky!!!!