Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rzr Riding Trip

Saturday June 27th, 2015 we got to join my parents and their riding group on a RZR trip from Silverton, CO to Lake City, CO. It was an all day trip and full of great people and tons of fun! Breck absolutely LOVES riding the RZR and anytime we had to stop he just wanted us to go! It was such a a great day with amazing views! We left the house at 6:45am and met up with everyone around 8:00am. We started our trip at 8:30am and got back to the cars at 6:00pm. Like I said, it was a FULL day of riding!!! 
At the top of Engineer Pass we had some of the most AMAZING views!!! Just look at all the snow that is behind us! It was a little chilly up there, but it made for a gorgeous view!

Breck and his cheesy grins! Love his smiles!

My sexy hubs and I! Sorry for the shadows ha 

Breck is BIG into throwing rocks, and he can't just pick them up and throw them anywhere. He has to throw them into water or he has to throw them over a cliff, and he has to stand on the edge to throw them, so Papi went over and sat down with him so they could throw rocks over the edge together! 

I love being able to see what a GREAT Papi my dad is to Breck! Breck is so lucky, and I'm so lucky that he is passing on all of his knowledge to my little man!

I told you the views were breath taking!

When Papi got up, Breck went and grabbed his Daddy to throw rocks with him. Daddy shares the same love and passion of throwing rocks that Breck has...Breck obviously inherited that from his Daddy.

Check out those sweet goggle marks ha He was NOT a fan of having to wear goggles, but the dust kept getting in his eyes and after he got a bug stuck in his eye the goggles were a must for him ha He finally realized he couldn't ride unless he wore them lol 

Daddy and Breck checking out the waterfall! That water felt amazing! It ended up getting super hot in the afternoon and being able to go down to the water and feel the mist was just awesome!

If you look super close you can see the rest of our group that didn't want to make the trek down to the waterfall haha

Bubba and his Papi!

Presten was SO hot that he took a mini bath in the ICE COLD water! he said it felt amazing though!

My little man throwing rocks as usual!


Checking out the scenery together. Both of them totally chillaxed

We pulled over to wait for the others, Breck really wanted to get going and sat on Papi's lap trying to get him to start the RZR and go! ha

This is how Breck likes to ride...fully relaxed and sleeping!

We brought our very own dog with us! As soon as we stopped, my dad jumped out of the RZR and stretched out on the grass! He LOVES his grass!

He wanted to be like his Papi, so he stuck a piece of grass in his mouth, but didn't like the taste and quickly spit it out haha

Nap time while riding! This kid loves the sound of the RZR and it puts him to sleep. If he is sleeping and the RZR gets shut off he is immediately wide awake ha this kid is the best!

Since there was snow all around us, my dad's inner child just HAD to start a snowball fight haha 

Shane protecting his mom and getting his Uncle Doug with a snowball! He hit him!

Checking out an old mine

Throwing rocks over the edge to a little pond

Bubba and Papi

Honey, Papi and Bubba

My Fam!
I love our riding trips, and I'm so glad Breck loves it so much! He LOVED when my dad would go super fast! He would scream and squeal from pure delight! Whenever a curve came up he would say "oh no!" and then say "go go!" My dad would stop and Breck would say "one, two, tree go!" and then just scream and giggle as we went super fast! It seriously was the CUTEST thing and he just had SO much fun! We all had fun watching him! It's the best! I love seeing the joy that this little guy brings to our lives! I love him lots and am the luckiest that he came to be mine! Love my life and all that people in it that make it so wonderful! I'm so grateful for them and for all the blessings I have!

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