Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wyoming Trip

This month our Niece Taylin was old enough to get baptized! I can't believe she is 8 already! We were super excited to be able to be apart of such a special tim in her life! She got baptized in 
Buffalo, Wy so we got to take a family trip to Wyoming! It's a nice 12 hr drive so we broke up it a little on the way there, and then just drove straight through on the way back. Friday night after Presten got off work we headed to Gunnison, CO and stayed the night with Presten's mom. It was super fun to see her and Breck was happy to have some Grandma time! We were super bummed she couldn't join us, but we were glad we got to spend time with her for at least one night!
Breck is our sleepy traveler! Absolutely love it! 

We pass Blue Lake Reservoir and it is SO full! Check out all that water! 

We were super happy to see this much water in the lake!

Breck and Grandma playing cars

Saturday we woke up at 6:00am and were back on the road! There was so much rain that our first route we were to take was closed due to flooding on the road, so we had to take a detour. The joys of travel!

I turned on Cars 2 for him, and gave him some goldfish...I think he got more of the goldfish in his carseat than in his mouth hahah he had to make sure to get every crumb out of the container lol 

We stopped to get gas and had this gross view before we cleaned the windshield! Look at all those bugs! The pic doesn't do it justice. As we were driving there were SO many bugs that you could hear them hitting the windshield! It sounded like rain! It was SOOOO GROSS!!!!

Just look at that! YUCK!!!

Our roof top carrier was even covered! It was just a nasty bug mess!

I'm one of those people that doesn't really like driving places that don't have a lot of scenery...I may be spoiled and used to driving in Colorado. So this view in Wyoming, of the same road and landscape never changing, was so boring! It made it seem like our driving just took SO much longer! 

We FINALLY made it to Buffalo and to the Hatch's new home! We got to see it for the first time and it's super cute! They have such a sweet back yard, and now that Kristin is coaching/started a softball league in Buffalo, her hubby Josh built this sweet batting cage for her! It's a pretty awesome set up, and as you can guess a lot of time was spent in there! My hubby's family is all about the sports!
Bryt batting and Trent feeding the balls

Kristin sporting her sexy helmet to avoid anymore balls to the face lol 

Breck and Layla!

Cutest little kiddos!

Josh taking a turn in the cage!

That night for dinner all of Josh's family was coming over for dinner to celebrate the baptism! Taylin's cousin was getting baptized with her as well so it was a great time for everyone to celebrate together! For dinner Josh and Kristin made a Cajun Broil with some homemade chips and salsa, guac and fruit! the food was AMAZING and the company was awesome! So fun to have everyone together!

Getting ready with the food!

The gang!

The kids hiding downstairs playing the Wii

The next day was the big baptism day! We all attended church and right after church were the baptisms followed by a luncheon put on by Cade and Amy. Breck had so much fun with his cousins and uncles and the food was DELICIOUS!!!!
Breck and Uncle Trent

He's kind of the baby whisperer ha 

Uncle Presten with little Toby

What a wonderful day and what a great experience we got to share as a family! We are so proud of Tay and for the amazing decision she made to be baptized! She's such a great girl and we are so proud of her and so happy that she belongs to our family! LOVE FAMILY TIME!!!!

The next day was a super rainy day so we spent most of our time at home hanging out together! The littles got to have their very own dance party!

watching Breck and Layla play together was probably one of the funniest things to watch! These two are HILARIOUS!!! They totally feed off of each other and are just the best ever! They were pretend crying here...

Then got up and would giggle. The dance party started off on the table and then moved to the living room. Their dance moves are pretty epic! If you have not seen them dance than you are missing out in life lol 

The two of them playing puzzles

This little guy loves reading!

Snuggles with Toby!

Later that day the rain let up some, so we made our way to Sheridan to play at the park with the kiddos! The park was pretty sweet there and the kids had a blast!!!!
This little machine was super cool! 

After the park we headed to Good Times for lunch and then headed home for naps and for Kristin and boys to get ready for softball practice.  I stayed home and watched the littles while they all went to practice. We had some nice relax time ha 

The next day was Tuesday and Trenten's bday. We asked him what he wanted to do for his bday and his answer, "go the park and throw" so that's what we did ha we headed to the park and the boys played ball while the kids played on the playground. 

These two were kind of boring...all they wanted to do was swing, the WHOLE time hahaha 

Kisses for Daddy!

My boys checking out the river

Family Photo!

The boys throwing

After the park we headed to lunch. I can't remember the name of the place we ate, but it was on main and it was a cute little sandwich shop. The sandwiches were very good and we had to document Breck drinking chocolate milk! This kid LOVES his water and won't drink anything except that. He will drink warm milk, but ONLY warm, and ONLY before nap or bed time. Other than that he wants nothing to do with it. He won't touch juice, soda etc. It's great cuz he's super healthy, so when we got him chocolate milk and he ACTUALLY drank it we were pretty excited! haha

He def was a fan!

Our fun group!

After lunch we headed home and put the kiddos down for their nap. After naps it was time to head to the softball fields for softball practice. We got to go and watch them practice. 

Breck found Tay Tay's scooter and was pretty enthralled with that!

After softball we topped off Trenten's bday with a fire pit to make smore's, some country music, nice summer weather and the batting cage! Who could ask for a better bday?!?
Bubba tried standing on the chair, he learned the hard way that wasn't a good idea ha just look at that face!

Kristin up to bat, while Tay fed the balls

Presten up to bat while Josh fed the machine

Presten hit a ball which flew back and hit the net which in turn fed itself into the machine haha good times!

The boys trying to get the net out of the machine

Toby just happy chillin' in his chair

Jord in toby's bouncer! He's such a goof lol 

Toby and his Mama!

Presten going another round!

Breck and his marshmallow!

our little blondies!

Trent up to bat with Bryt feeding the machine

Bryt up to bat with Trent feeding the machine

Presten in his sexy helmet! 

Why am I wearing a helmet you ask? Well, because I ACTUALLY got in the batting cage as well! Crazy right?! That's the first time I've EVER done that! 

It's dark but I'm in there! ha They turned the speed down to 40MPH for me and I actually surprised myself! I did better than I could have imagined lol Then I got brave and told them to turn it up to what they were all batting at and I hit a few good ones, then I got 2 zingers and after having my arms shake and tingle I was done haha it was way more fun that I could have imagined though! Love that they can still introduce me to fun new things at the age of 26 lol 

Little cheesers! Love these two so much! 

Siblings! What a great group to be a part of! I scored! I got so lucky when I joined this family! They really are the best! 

Jordan couldn't get the sliding glass door open so he climbed up and pushed his feet agains the wall to open the door ha he's a smart one!

Daddy and Tay snuggles!

It was such a fun night full of amazing memories! We were sad that we had to go to sleep, because that meant that we had to leave the next day. 

We left around 5:00am and surprisingly Bubba was all smiles lol

He did pass out quickly though!

Even dad needed a rest...look at that cute sleeping position lol 

It was such an incredible trip! It's a bummer that they have to live 12hrs away, that's just too far away! I'm so glad that we got to up there and have the time that we did. Hopefully in the future we will have more time to make more trips there, and be able to stay longer! Love our family so much! Thanks for the amazing memories and all that you do for us! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

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