Friday, July 31, 2015

End of July

With the end of July comes the thought of the end of summer, because school and all that starts up again in August and I hate saying goodbye to summer! We decided that we needed some family time with summer flying by! Our summer has been crazy busy with weddings and baptisms that we haven't really had time for just "us"  One Saturday, we decided to take that time for just us!

Our first stop was the train museum! Breck loves his Choo Choo's and was a total fan of this museum!

Walking Main Street and enjoying the summer nights on main!

Riding Nate's four wheeler during Daddy's softball game

And of course, playing cars with his friend Xander at the softball game

Kris and Tanessa doing the Quan!

Spending the day at the river in durango. We have a nice little beach place off 32nd st. This was of course before the Government decided to drop 3Million tons of toxic waste into the river. How nice of them huh? They basically ruined our river fun for like ever! Thanks EPA!

Janie and Breck!

This is how us moms roll!

We are super sexy, don't you think?!

Jax enjoying the sunbathing!

After a long day of water fun and picnic we stopped by and said hi to Daddy and got ourselves a sucker! I was hoping the sucker would keep him awake until we got home, my hopes were too high! 
He still had the sucker in hand and was passed out!!!!
I wish summer never had to end and we could have days like this ALL the time!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2015


I think I may have created a monster hahah He now LOVES the camera! Every now and then he comes up to me and says, "cheese, peas" which means, get the camera out so I can say cheese and then I can look at it after you take the picture. It's the CUTEST thing ever! I love my little so much! I am so lucky to be able to spend all my days with this stud muffin!

Wednesday July 1, 2015 was our 4yr anniversary! 4 WHOPPING YEARS!!!! Can you believe we've been married for 4 years?! I can't! It's def crazy! To Celebrate Presten planned the whole evening! I felt bad for him because I was feeling terrible, and he's such a champ to love me through it all ha I got my mom and Dad to watch Breck for us and we headed to Tequila's (a really good mexican restaurant here in durango) for dinner. When I got there the food sounded and looked amazing! But once it came out...well the baby wasn't a fan ha so I ate one slice of my quesadilla (out of 10) and that was all I could handle and then ended up not being able to keep it down. Like I said, Presten is one amazing champ of a husband for putting up with me! I love him so much! After dinner we walked around main, stopped at the Strater Hotel and watched a "Gun Show" and just enjoyed each other. 

I couldn't imagine my life without him by my side! I am so glad that we are sealed for all time and eternity and for all the amazing memories we have made together! Looking forward to all the many more memories, years and fun that lie ahead of us! I love you Presten Marshall Dickinson!!!!!!!

July 2nd, My sister, her hubby, brother and my 3 little cousins arrived from Utah for the 4th of July weekend! We were all SUPER excited to be able to see them and I'm SO glad we got to spend the whole weekend with them. If you want to know what fun things we did this weekend, you can check out my 4th of July post which has more pics and details of the weekend! The night they got in Breck was super stoked to see Gack (Mack), Soee (Sophie) and Ily (Lily). They thought it would be fun to dress him up....let's just say pink is NOT Breck's color ha

Breck in the dress....

Daddy and Breck playing with balloons. Breck just LOVES his daddy and balloons!

snuggles while watching some Chuggington Train

This little dude LOVES his fruit! He calls all fruit "nana" which comes from Naranja (spanish for orange)

Obsessed with the camera

How could you not love this face?! I could just squish him and love him all day...oh wait, I already do that!

When Daddy plays softball, Bubba gets to play cars in the dirt! He's a little obsessed!

One of the evenings these adorable blondies headed on over to our house for a couple of hours of fun! Breck was SO happy to have some playmates! They all enjoyed some "corn corn" and a movie together!

After movie and "corn corn" we headed outside for a good 30min of trampoline fun! SO fun to see the kids have so much fun together! These kiddos are the best!

After jumping they headed inside for some "monster" play time with my dad! Little kid screams, squeals and giggles make everything just perfect!

C&J Gravel did an employee/family lunch day. We headed on up there, and the best part was, they let the little kids go and check out their big rigs! Breck thought he was in hog heaven! He couldn't get over the fact that he could see real live "dadu's" (tractors) everywhere! It was so fun to see him SO excited!!!
That's pure joy right there!

Just look at those tires! Talk about AWESOME!

He was even brave enough to climb inside with Papi and check the inside out! 

Unfortunately a huge rain storm came, but it didn't last long, it just made everything muddy ha The boys hid from the rain inside the tractor.

This little guy seriously is the greatest! He has such a funny side to him, and makes Daddy and I laugh all the time. He found these stellar sunglasses in the car and tried them on. He yelled, "Mommy, I funny!" I turned to see, and found this little ham ahahha

Daddy and Breck checking out the bugs on the deck

This same month, one of Tanessa's really good friends Gabe Gilleland left for his 2 year mission to serve in the Dominican Republic. Tanessa was invited to his farewell at the airport, and had been helping me all day in Farmington, so Breck and I tagged along. It's always sad to have to say goodbye to someone for 2 years, but knowing that they are doing the Lord's work and that it's the right thing for them, it makes it help a little lol 

Elise (Gabe's sister) and Tanessa trying not to cry ha

Looking to see what time his flight will be leaving

Breck and Jebb...they will be BEST Friends soon, I can feel it ha

The Gilleland Family!

Gabe with his boys!

Gabe and his besties!

Tanessa and Gabe

They are adorable! I love how awesome Jebb thinks Breck is! It's the greatest!

The weekend of the 18th was my best friend Kim's bridal shower, so we headed up to Utah for the weekend to enjoy some family time and to attend Kim's Bridal Shower!
We made a fun trip down to Riverwoods and had some fun time in the water!

Mother/Son picture time!

He had SO much fun with Nani in the splash pad!

Love his smiles!

After the splash pad we headed to Ross for some shopping, and this was how Breck handled the shopping! The life of a 2yr old!

For dinner we made our way down to Provo to a place called Brasas. It was super fun! It was all outdoor, and they even had Karaoke going on!

Tanessa and Emma got up there and rocked a song! Tianna even convinced all myself, tanessa and emma to get up there and sing Tricky! Needless to say we kind of dominated! Yes we rock! 

Breck's face when Beyee tickles his back...basically put him in a coma ha

Breck playing with the bunny!

While Breck sleeps, I get some sweet Bubba snuggles!

Check out those awesome 4th of July toes! That's right, my hubby is kind of the BEST! He is so artistic and makes my toes look phenomenal! 

Breck has learned how to help Honey and Papi water the plants out front.

This is out we sit and watch Meo & MaQuee!

Daddy and Breck hang out time!

Breck wanted to help daddy clean the windows. Daddy cleaned them outside, and Breck pretended to clean from the inside haha

Presten just LOVES hugs from Tanessa! Can't you tell the pure joy here?!

Breck is a definite fan of Aunt Sweety's garden! Mainly for the Nana's (fruit) She has fresh raspberries! Starfish (Staysha) helped him pick the raspberries, and he downed that bowl! Wouldn't even share!

Look at all those fresh raspberries! 

The second bowl he picked, he felt like he could share with mommy haha

SO GOOD!!!!!

Look at that mess of a face!

The Larios' came all the way from Cali to spend some time with their Colorado family! We were SO happy to have them! The first night they got here we had some AMAZING nachos for dinner and had some angel food cake for dessert. Aunt Suzy was showing us how her whipped cream machine works, and well, there was a little too much pressure built up and Tia Sonia got more whipped cream than she bargained for! hahah it was the BEST moment ever! I so wish we had video taped it! It was too perfect! We all got such a great laugh out of it!!!!

"Corn corn" and chill time with my bubba!

Aren't they just the cutest?! you can tell they are all related! Especially Tanessa and Josh! Tia Sonia and I have decided they have the same chin and almost the same smile! ha

Kristian, Tanessa and Josh! 
Love our cousins!