Saturday, July 4, 2015

4th of July 2015

For the 4th of July we got to spend it with all of my siblings and my Mother in Law! Tianna and Jared, came down with Brandon and my little cousins Mack, Lily and Sophie. Beyleigh was supposed to come as well, but she got an opportunity to to a mission trip with her 2 sisters in Thailand and headed there for 2 weeks. She missed out ;)
Getting everyone's 4th of July nails done!

While I was working on everyone's nails, the others were upstairs working on Tie-Dying their shirts!!!

Look at that work!

We were all up past midnight...we are party animals like that!

The 4th of July Tanessa asked the Gilleland's if we could use their pond that day. They so graciously said yes and we spent all morning/day at the pond! 

Molly was ALL about making sure that everyone was wet. After she would go swimming she would get out, come right next to you and just SHAKE!!!! So sweet of her!

Tianna was showing us how you could swing across the water on the rope and land back on the dock...hahah she def didn't make it back to the dock! She fell in with all her clothes on! We got quite the laugh out of that! 

Molly jumped in to save her hahah

Breck and Papi!

Nani, Breck and Honey out on the Paddle board

Breck wasn't too sure about it at first, but once he rode around on it he was a total fan!

Our gorgeous views!

Breck loved the big floatie in the middle. There was a little mesh section where he could play in the water and be all on his own!

My dad lays on the paddle board while Tianna does all the hard work lol

Even Presten got out on the water....yes he was on the paddle board, but he was def in the water! Woo hoo for Presten!

Believe it or not, my mom even jumped in the water! Look at the miracles we are seeing hahaha 

Bran jumping off the top!

Look at that balance!

They are kind of adorable! I will keep them!

Love this man! and I love Tanessa creepin' in the background hahah

Pres and his gorgeous Mom! Love these two!!!

Breck and I out on the paddle board

Whip that hair back and forth! hahah

Shane and Mack

After an amazing day at the pond, and BBQ lunch at the Blake's we made our way into town for the 4th of July Parade on main! My Dad and Brad were in the parade so that was even more fun for everyone!

All the Kiddos!

Here you get to see some awesome bag pipers in their kilts!

Here comes Keller Williams on their bikes!!!

Here's my dad! haha don't you love his get up?!

Sweet bikes!

There's Brad Blake!!!

The gang!!!!!

Nani and her Breckers!


Twue Wove!

Love my munchkin!

The most amazing women ever! Love them all and look up to them so much!!!! Family is the greatest blessing ever!

The boys...obviously having WAY too much fun!


What a super fun day! But wait...there's MORE!!!! 

After the parade we headed to Suzanne's Sewing/Jiffy Lube area to prepare to watch fireworks. When we got there, it was raining, and coming down hard! Breck didn't mind one bit and was running around LOVING getting wet! He just loves the water a little too much lol 

Everyone eating their dinner, and hiding from the rain!

We like to wear our hood with one ear hanging out...that's how cool we are haha he wouldn't let me fix it. Every time I did, he wold put it back behind one ear!

Gack and Breck

He was super upset because he couldn't figure out how to get the necklace off! hahah life is rough when you're little huh?! lol

Jared being romantic and dancing with his wife out in the rain! 

Even though it rained, we still got some fireworks to end the day off right! There weren't a lot because of the rain, but we still got them! Thank goodness!!!

As Uncle Tra-T (Tracy) would say "Bright Light!!!"

Oh man, would would we do with out our Uncle Tra-T?! He makes everything better! hahaha 

Super attractive!

Nope I lied, I think Jared's face is more attractive than Tracy's walrus! lol

Janelle with her boys! Just missing one...Koleman...we missed you!!!!

Thank you everyone for the most wonderful 2015 4th of July! You all rock and are amazing!!! Love our family so much!!!!!! 

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