Friday, July 31, 2015

End of July

With the end of July comes the thought of the end of summer, because school and all that starts up again in August and I hate saying goodbye to summer! We decided that we needed some family time with summer flying by! Our summer has been crazy busy with weddings and baptisms that we haven't really had time for just "us"  One Saturday, we decided to take that time for just us!

Our first stop was the train museum! Breck loves his Choo Choo's and was a total fan of this museum!

Walking Main Street and enjoying the summer nights on main!

Riding Nate's four wheeler during Daddy's softball game

And of course, playing cars with his friend Xander at the softball game

Kris and Tanessa doing the Quan!

Spending the day at the river in durango. We have a nice little beach place off 32nd st. This was of course before the Government decided to drop 3Million tons of toxic waste into the river. How nice of them huh? They basically ruined our river fun for like ever! Thanks EPA!

Janie and Breck!

This is how us moms roll!

We are super sexy, don't you think?!

Jax enjoying the sunbathing!

After a long day of water fun and picnic we stopped by and said hi to Daddy and got ourselves a sucker! I was hoping the sucker would keep him awake until we got home, my hopes were too high! 
He still had the sucker in hand and was passed out!!!!
I wish summer never had to end and we could have days like this ALL the time!!!

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