Thursday, July 16, 2015

First Dr. Visit with Baby #2

This morning was our first Ultra Sound. We are delivering baby #2 with the same one we went through with Breck, which is Four Corners OBGYN. They are all really awesome, and just super sweet. We got to hear the baby's heart beat and see the little peanut inside my belly. My mom, Sister Tanessa, Hubby and Breck all got to be in attendance. It was so neat to see. It always amazes me that my body can form another human being. What a blessing to be able to create a new life and be able to nurture that baby and help them into this world. It's a beautiful gift God has given us to have that ability. In just 2 short months you can already see the little head and how much the baby has grown. I am so beyond blessed that I get to experience this miracle for a second time and be able to be a mom of two. The tests and everything came back super healthy. I am healthy, the baby is healthy and everything is coming along great! The Dr. I met with today is named Lauren and she was just super sweet. She was very thrilled that we were healthy and she was excited to start this adventure with us! She is super great, and I'm looking forward to the next couple of months with her! 
Here's baby #2! 

Some things about this pregnancy if people are wondering.... We are that super lame couple that keeps everything a secret hahah We are not going to find out the gender. We didn't find out the gender with Breck, and it was such an AMAZING surprise when he was born. The thrill and excitement in the room to see what our baby was when he was born was just so worth it! Not to mention, it gave me more of a reason to push that baby out! I wanted to know what we were having! As for the names, we have both boy and girl names picked out, but again we are going to keep those secret until baby number 2 makes their grand debut! This pregnancy has definitely been the complete opposite of what Breck's was, but I have an amazing hubby and family around me that have been so great! They have helped me and have helped with Breck, and I couldn't ask for a better support system around me. The baby is Due February 22, but going off of my last pregnancy I will most likely be a week late so I'm considering my due date to be March 1st! I think I have covered most of the immediate questions! As stated before, baby and I are healthy and growing just as we should. I am so excited for this baby and for our family of 3 to become 4! So grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed us with another miracle and has entrusted us with another sweet child! Thanks for all the love and support! We are thrilled for next year!!! 

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