Friday, July 3, 2015

Surprising Our Family!

All of my siblings came into town this weekend for the 4th of July, and we were able to get my MIL, Presten's mom into town to spend the weekend with us as well. There was no better time for us to surprise everyone! I needed to tell them soon as it was getting harder to hide the belly and my sickness from them, since I live with them, and we needed to do it before anyone became suspicious. 
I told them that I would take care of the plans for Fridays events and my mom would plan Saturday's events. ha Friday morning everyone headed down to Farmington, NM to help my mom and dad clean out a building that they have that is being rented out. I stayed home with Breck and waited for Frances (Presten's mom) to show up. She arrived and we were waiting for Presten to get off work, so her, Breck and I ran some errands while we waited. After running errands, Presten was off work and everyone was back from Farmington, NM we headed to Digs Restaurant, over in Three Springs near the hospital, for dinner. Fridays they have 1/2 price pizza from 3:00pm - 6:00pm. Can I just say they have the MOST AMAZING PIZZA!!!! It was BEYOND delicious! Everyone loved it! There was 13 of us and we got 4 pizzas so they are probably Med size, but they are SOOOO GOOD! If you haven't tried them, you need to head there and try their pizza!

When we got there we got our table and placed our order. Presten grabbed the diaper bag and took Breck to the "bathroom". I pulled my camera out and got ready for our surprise that NO ONE knew was coming!
As soon as I pulled my camera out Tianna wanted some pics...I saw Presten in the window and told him to wait a sec hah we are sneaky lol 
my gorgeous sis and I

Tianna and Jared

Talk about a cute couple!!!

So, we finally got everyone around the table and Presten sent Breck outside. He was wearing a grey and navy blue shirt that said "Big Brother". He went over and sat on a chair next to my dad. Where he was sitting no one could see the shirt, so I told him to stand up. My mom then asks me, "why is he wearing a Big Brother Shirt?" and then the rest I'm sure you can guess ha I got some pics of their epic reactions!

They were kind of freaking out lol 

Needless to say everyones reactions were exactly what we wanted! They were super thrilled, extremely surprised and it could not have gone better!!!

Honey, Breck and Grandma! All 3 thrilled! Breck maybe not so much, but Honey and Grandma def were!!!!

Breck with Sophie


Love our family! So glad we got to share this wonderful experience with everyone! So glad they all got to come out and celebrate with us! I love them so much!!! 

There is a video of the surprise on facebook. Make sure to check that out too if you're interested!

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